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July 2014

Greetings from ECG!

We hope that your summer is off to a great start and that you are in full swing, preparing for your Fourth of July Holiday weekend ~ Stay safe!

We have had a bustling month here at ECG.  Among our many projects, we have helped the City of Los Angeles Hospitality Industry with special compensation survey reports to show hourly pay levels within the industry; a “key component” to help establish sound base wages in LA.

Taking care of your employees' needs will promote dedication and loyalty from your staff who are in fact, your greatest asset.  ECG has partnered with one of the most renowned and experienced medical centers in Southern California - Cedars-Sinai.  They have maintained the "gold standard" of excellence in employee assistance programs since 1985.  They establish lasting partnerships with client organizations by providing comprehensive, fully integrated work-life services designed to help employees and their dependents.  Cedars-Sinai's Employee Assistance Program addresses and helps resolve the personal concerns of your employees that run the spectrum of life events, from birth to elder care.  If you are faced with troubled employees, they take action through "Critical Incident Stress Management" (CISM).   For more information on Employee Assistance Programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our "HR Integrity Hotline" is now available to everyone.  This secure confidential hotline provides your employees with yet another venue to bring forth their matters of concerns. 

We are also working hard at developing an exciting new product for our clients – an Employee Engagement Survey - - - Stay tuned for a special announcement within the next coming weeks.

Highlights from our blog:

Prevent heat exhaustion this Summer. It is a manager's responsibility to keep their employees safe from heat exhaustion. With summer already off to a start, we can expect to see high temperatures very soon. As a manager, implement specific strategies to ensure your employees are not being exposed to heat stress while at work. Read more about keeping your employees safe.

The key components of a personnel file. Having a well organized and well maintained personnel file is very important. Personnel files are created for all employees upon hire and contain important and confidential information about the employee. Learn more about maintaining good personnel files.

Training & development: Teambuilding. There's more to work than just deadlines and assignments. Camaraderie amongst employees is essential to creating a positive and comfortable work environment. Learn more about the benefits of teambuilding events.

Performance evaluations. Communication is vital when it comes to your employees' performance. Motivation and appreciation are two important components that lead to better. Learn how to run an effective performance evaluation.

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