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April 2016

We had the pleasure of working with “Le Petit Paris” last month, providing them with Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Training for their bartenders, servers and managers. ECG offers TiPS Training, recognized globally as a leader in responsible beverage service training. Since our TiPS trainer Eric Arndt (a premier certified TiPS trainer) was in town from Northern California, we took advantage of his presence in the Los Angeles area to bring our ECG team together. Unfortunately our Senior Consultant Anita Goldin was unable to make it….

A small ECG social event at one of our clients’ brought us together to connect and continue building our team. I must say; if you’re looking for an employee relations venue, Le Petit Paris is a top notch choice! A wonderful and elegant environment with delicious appetizers, a central location downtown Los Angeles and outstanding service - Le Petit Paris is the place to go! On a more personal note, I would like to thank the entire ECG team for all their hard work! Thank you for joining us at Le Petit Paris. It was very much appreciated!



Client highlight


We would like to highlight this month, or dear client “Growatt”. We have been associated with Mr. Quan and his staff since 2013, when they entered the U.S. market. We provided them with a full HR set up, including all the mandatory insurances; workers compensation, liability and EPLI; all of their HR forms, new hire orientation and the important Employee Handbook. Since then we have been assisting Growatt with anything HR related; be it employee relations, labor & employment guidance, training, etc. It is an honor to work with Mr. Quan and his team!

About Growatt

Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established in May 2010, a professional and vigorous new energy company focusing on photovoltaic inverters. We entered the U.S. market in 2013, and until now, we have reached over 1GW installations worldwide. We have since become renowned as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective photovoltaic inverters with high efficiency. Growatt currently has branch offices in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Tanjin.

About our team

With an R&D team of more than 100 engineers, 40% of which have been deeply engaged in the photovoltaic industry for 10 years, Growatt’s mission is to increase the inverter availability and efficiency, working continuously towards innovation to make Growatt inverter easier to install and operate, and be more cost-effective for solar plant constructions.

For more information on Growatt, please contact Mr. Dahn Walker, Director of Sales


Highlights from our blog:

Interview skills training. Asking certain questions during the interviewing process can get you into trouble! Some candidates might file a discrimination or EEO claim against you, resulting in fines. When interviewing an applicant, it’s important to be aware of what questions are appropriate and which ones may come off as discriminatory or offensive, or just plain illegal. Learn more.


Your competitive edge: Wage plans. Because of the current Fair Pay Act, it is a good idea to have a wage plan, covering all of the positions within your company. The Fair Pay Act prevents wage discrimination based on protected categories for employees who work in similar positions; particularly “gender”. Learn more.

Employee onboarding. Give your new hires the tools and information they need to be successful in their new environment. New employees should be properly introduced to their new position and to the company. By providing them with useful information and resources, you ensure that they’re settled in much more quickly and efficiently. Read more.


Management coaching. Be a manager, go to jail! Managers are just as liable as ownership when it comes to employment law. The law does not differentiate between a manager and the company owner; therefore, the behavior of a manager must be impeccable, as in the eyes of the law, the manager is an extension of ownership. Learn more.

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