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September 2014

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Since fall is just around the corner, now might be a good time to look at your HR practices and conduct an HR Self-Audit.  The need for HR compliance audits increases year over year as governments add more laws and regulations governing the employment relationship, all while modifying the old ones. An HR self-audit is intended to uncover those company management practices and policies that risk breaking those laws. In many companies, HR policies have been added ad hoc over time in response to specific company needs or crises'. As a result, they may conflict with each other, or possibly conflict with newer laws and regulations.
What to Focus on during your HR Self Audit

Make sure you touch upon all areas of HR, including a review of your company’s existing employee handbook and your Company policies and procedures. Most lawsuits can be traced to four distinct stages of the employment relationship: Hiring practices, termination practices, wage and hour practices and, most recently, meal breaks.  Your HR audit should target these areas, as well as State, Federal and Homeland Security regulations. Take a look at your I-9’s, and make sure they are all up to date with no administrative errors. ECG can assist you in providing your Company with the necessary services to become and remain in compliance with the ever changing labor laws.

Highlights from our blog:

Termination for poor performance should never be a surprise. As an employer, you should always follow the correct procedures when terminating an employee in order to avoid possible legal action, as this can become a costly situation for your company. Learn more about termination procedures.

The value of an arbitration agreement. Arbitration agreements are better solutions than going to court; or receiving a class action lawsuit. For many employers, arbitration agreements have become the preferred method as they result in simpler and easier methods for handling conflict. Learn more about arbitration agreements.

Strengthen employee relations with an employee newsletter. Increase company communication by sharing important information. Ensure your employees are always informed and educated about what is going on within the organization. Read about the importance of employee newsletters.

Financial seminars. Show your employees that you care about their financial futures by providing them with the knowledge and insight on how to manage their money and invest in your company’s 401(k) plan. Teach them how to budget and plan for their future – for them and their dependents; they will appreciate it very much! Learn about financial seminars for your employees.

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