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January 2016

We hope that you had a lovely Holiday Season,
and wish you and your family all the very best for 2016!

Many new labor laws are coming into effect in 2016; California’s Fair Pay Act; ADA accommodation language and California’s Minimum Wage. The new minimum wage for California is $10.00 per hour, effective January 1st, 2016, which also affects the exempt staff’s minimum pay. Make sure you are in compliance, and be sure your employee handbook is updated to reflect all of these new changes. If you need any help, please know we’ll be just a phone call or email away!


Client highlight:

Early 2011, ECG was referred to SCA who at the time needed some human resources assistance. We quickly evaluated the function and began working with the Company’s Chief Financial Officer to establish a sound HR function, ready for their company growth. We provided SCA with a full HR set-up, including all required HR compliant and best practices forms, position descriptions, I-9 tracking systems etc. We then crafted a management training program specific to SCA, coaching their junior management team for growth and success.

Today, we continue to work with SCA as their off-site HR consultants. We are proud to work with such a caring employer who values their employees and recognizes the contributions they bring to the overall company success.


Founded in 1979 by Tim and Paula Davis and originally named Southern California Appraisal Company the company changed its name to SCA Appraisal Company in 1995 based on increasing their service area throughout the entire state of California. 1997 saw the SCA’s first assignments outside the state of California when they increased their coverage to include the neighboring states of Nevada and Arizona. SCA Appraisal Company has been providing their insurance clients over three decades with the highest quality appraisal services from the finest people in the industry.


SCA now locally and regionally employs over 120 professionals to handle operations, call center services, financial services, marketing and sales. SCA’s strategic partners comprise franchise owners and claim handling networks throughout the country. The SCA team makes all the difference and it shows through the high level of customer service and satisfaction enjoyed by our clientele.

SCA Corporate Office
3817 Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, California 91507
Phone: 800-572-8010
Website: www.sca-appraisal.com


Highlights from our blog:

Understanding Unemployment Insurance and the EDD. Unemployment Insurance is paid both by the employee and the employer. It's the law. Unemployment insurance helps workers who have lost their job and aren’t able to work, bring home a steady income. Employees who meet the eligibility requirements can greatly benefit from this program. Learn more.

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employers are required to make "reasonable accommodations" for persons with disabilities. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees with disabilities. Companies need to make special arrangements for their workers who may be physically or mentally unable to perform certain tasks. Learn more.

Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace. There is no law that requires employers to have an alcohol or a drug policy; but it is most certainly an HR Best Practice. Having an alcohol and drug free policy is not required in the workplace, however putting such policies into effect can most definitely create a more productive and safe working environment. Read more.

HR Best Practice: If it's not written down, it didn't happen. If you do not document your conversations with employees, it's as if that conversation never happened. Important discussions and meetings with your employees should be fully documented and written down. Verbal agreements are not considered sound proof in the event of litigation. Learn more.

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