A memorandum from the editorial office of The Letters Page
a memo from the editorial office of The Letters Page
Content Summary:
  • This is Issue Five
  • Optimisation
  • A quiet word about Issue Six
Dear Ellen,

Greetings to you at the end of another busy working week. We hope you've made it home safely, or, if not home, then to the Friday social venue of your choice. I'm at home myself right now, fulfilling parental duties and thus unable to be in attendance at the launch of this fifth issue of The Letters Page. But the enthusiastic students from the editorial office are at this moment down at the Nottingham Writers' Studio, attempting to still the whoops and hubbub of a boisterous literary crowd for just long enough to press the big red launch button. If you're reading this, they must have succeeded. Good work, students!

Issue Five - the protest issue - has letters from Naomi Alderman, Karen McLeod, Melissa Harrison, Evelyn Conlon, Andrey Kurkov, and more. I'm pretty excited about it. You can download it for free, but first you should take a moment to consider your plans for reading it. We've optimised three different versions for you:

Planning to print a copy and read it at your leisure, or post a copy to a friend?


Planning to read it on your desktop, laptop, or tablet computer?


Planning to read it on your phone or other mobile reading device?


(Quick note on the print edition: it prints at A4 size, double-sided, and you will then need to fold it in half, lengthways, and perhaps staple it in the middle. This format is particularly suited to reading on a crowded commuter train, we find; it also fits very well into a postbox.)

We hope you enjoy reading. Do let us know.


Jon McGregor,
The Editor.

p.s. Submissions are now open for Issue Six, by the way. Details here, but in summary: there's no theme, and there are very few restrictions. We want work of literary greatness, in the post, which is small enough for us to publish. Address below.

p.p.s. As always, if you forward this to a friend using the link below we will have very warm feelings towards you. 

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