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The New Year, The Entrepreneurial Strategist & Davos
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Dear Colleagues,

I hope you enjoyed a restorative break over the holidays with your loved ones. Ours was indeed delightful! But, “back to porridge” as my Irish family would say.

The Latest News

New column in Inc. Magazine: The Entrepreneurial Strategist

Inc.I’ve always enjoyed Inc. Magazine’s focus on the new, the startling and the practical for entrepreneurs and small business owners, so it was a pleasure to be invited to contribute to a regular column there. Two entries have been published so far.

MBA 3.0 – with New, Entrepreneurial Ambitions

As the financial services sector has imploded as a potential employer for newly minted MBA’s, schools and their students are discovering a newfound passion for entrepreneurship. A recent survey found a 58% drop in the intentions of financial services firms to hire those with the degree. Tech companies and startups are starting to look pretty good by comparison. Read the full article here.

A Start-of-Year Cleanup List

We all have them – those “when I get around to it” tasks that always seem to get shoved under the carpet. There are four I picked out that might deserve some extra attention as the new year gets underway.
  1. Fire your ‘demon’ customers – go through and cull that customer list and get rid of the expensive, the time-wasters and the excessively needy.
  2. Offload work that only you can do. OK, so you’re a control freak and nobody on the planet can do what you can do quite the same way, but are you really making the best use of your time?
  3. Get your … um…act together. Have you really done all that is necessary so that if something unthinkable happens you haven’t left a mess for those who remain? 
  4. Review your awards and freebies. Most of us have dozens of points, miles, coupons and other goodies lying fallow because we haven’t gone through them. Give yourself a New Year’s present and do something with them.
Read the full article here.
In an invited column in India’s Economic Times, I was asked to weigh in on what I thought the future of work would hold. I basically argued that we need to get beyond looking for a “job” and instead take an entrepreneurial approach to our work, since the two are no longer tightly linked. We’re all entrepreneurs now!

The Wall Street JournalIn this video, three of us who won distinguished achievement awards at the Thinkers50 event in November are featured talking about one of my favorite subjects: Transient or Temporary Advantages.

In the Works

By the time you read this, I’ll be traveling back from Davos for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. I’m involved with some fascinating parts of the program. I am moderating a session presented only for CEO’s entitled “CEO Series: Organizational Agility and Learning in a Complex World” which looks at how organizations learn to sense issues in their environments, learn about them, and respond. Another really exciting panel concerns digital retail and its impact on retailing and associated ecosystems. I’m having a dinner with energy company CEO’s entitled “Black Swans: Energy Leadership in an Era of Disruptive Change” – it will concern how leaders in energy can best meet truly unexpected and disruptive events. More on these in next month’s newsletter.

Toward the end of the month, I’m heading to Maryland for a lively session with the Maryland Association of CPA’s. Here’s more information.

Best wishes for a brilliant start to 2014!

All the best,


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