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August 8 -11
All Estonia shall live
- all Europe shall live!

August 18 -23

September 2 -5
Siggen Seminar: Purpose and process of Management Planning for protected areas

September 21st
World Parks Day

September 25-26

Eurosite Annual Meeting 2013: The importance of networking for nature - then, now & tomorrow

October 9 - 13
EUROPARC Annual Conference 2013: 40 years Working for Nature, in Debrecen, Hungary and Hortobágy National Park

Find more events and event details in our online calendar!



LIFE and human coexistence with large carnivores
The latest LIFE Focus publication highlights the role of LIFE Nature funding in helping to conserve Europe’s endangered large carnivores (brown bear, wolf, Eurasian lynx), by addressing actual and potential conflicts with people living in areas where these species are present.
Download here

LIFE creating green
jobs and skills

Another interesting LIFE Focus publication highlights the relevance of LIFE Environment project actions in helping to create durable jobs and develop green skills across the EU.
Download here.

Jump-start your sustainability change strategy with marketing expertise
The new web platform from Frogleaps supports professionals who help implement international agreements on biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development. Frogleaps provides free e-learning courses, tools, blogs and cases.
More Information

STATE OF THE WORLD’S BIRDS Indicators for our changing world
Through a searchable database of more than 350 case studies, the website examines why birds and biodiversity are important, what we know about the changing state of the world’s birds, why birds are declining and what can be done to improve their status More Information



Control Biodiversity Officer:
Protected Areas Performance Management

More Information
Join Slow Food
Communications Team in Italy!

More Information

Cipra France:
Un(E) Charge(E) De Mission Cdd

More Information

Brussels News

Call for proposals ; eco-innovation projects EUR 31.5 million in Commission funding to  bring environmental solutions to market

Businesses throughout Europe have until 5 September 2013 to put in their proposals for bringing novel environmental solutions to the market in the following 5 areas: material recycling, water, sustainable building products, green business, and the food and drink sector. Read More

Call for case studies:
tackling invasive species in Europe's urban areas
Highlighting the major threats that invasive alien species pose to native biodiversity in Europe, in advance of the Conference on invasive species in urban areas, in September 2013, IUCN will compile an overview of case studies that showcase approaches to control, manage and eradicate invasive alien species or to prevent their introduction and establishment in urban environments in Europe. Read More 

EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change:
In April the European Commission -  DG Climate Action, has launched the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change.
Read the summary report of the successful launch of the strategy. 
Proposal for a new EU Environment Action Programme to 2020 

The European Commission has proposed a new Environment Action Programme for the EU.
"Living well, within the limits of our planet", it will guide environment policy up to 2020. The proposal aims to enhance Europe's ecological resilience and transform the EU into an inclusive and sustainable green economy.
Read more.

The tree of the year award

On the occasion of World Environment Day, EUROPARC attended on the 5th of June the award ceremony of the European Tree 2013 international contest in Brussels. An interesting initiative to promote among the wider public the cultural and natural value of our trees. The winning tree of this year is the Plane tree from the Hungarian village of Eger. The event was supported by the European Parliament and organized under the auspices of Mr Janez POTOČNIK, European Commissioner for the Environment and Mr Pavel POC, Member of the European Parliament, who also hosted the event.
Read more
ONLINE SURVEY: Ecosystem services and economics

Interested in finding out how ecosystem services can be(come) useful for protected areas?
Take part in the survey and use 10 minutes of  your time to fill in the
online questionnaire.
The results will be presented  during the workshop “Funding for nature protection”, at our 2013 conference in Debrecen. Thank you  very much for your co-operation.


Etna Park on World heritage: Congratulations to our member, Etna Park ! 

Congratulazioni al Parco dell'Etna !
Giampiero Sammuri, presidente di Federparchi e vice-presidente del Comitato Italiano IUCN (il Parco dell'Etna è socio di Federparchi oltre che dell'IUCN) commenta la notizia: “L’ingresso nella World heritage list dell’Etna è un punto d’orgoglio per l’intero sistema dei parchi italiani.
Si tratta di un riconoscimento alla valenza internazionale di uno dei simboli del nostro Paese, un sito unico, che racchiude in sé caratteristiche naturalistiche, ambientali, paesaggistiche e culturali senza eguali. Merito quindi alla natura e a chi si è speso da sempre per preservare certe ‘qualità’. 
Maggiori informazioni… 

Danube Challenge: Das größte Klassenzimmer Österreichs - Wer wird Gesamtsieger?
1.500 SchülerInnen stellten sich am 20. Juni im Nationalpark Donau-Auen den Herausforderungen der Danube Challenge, um das Flusssystem der Donau kennenzulernen. Die zehn besten Klassen hoffen nun auf den Gesamtsieg – noch bis 26.Impressionen der heurigen Danube Challenge sind auf Facebook zu finden. 

Mehr Informationen

Dear Readers

We have entered in one of the busiest seasons for our Protected Areas. It is the perfect time to visit, cherish and learn how to protect them. As the great F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees… life was beginning over again with the summer.”
This month we will tell you all about our upcoming events, update you on the news from Europe, take a deeper look into the Volunteering in Protected Areas.  That and of course much, much more. With this edition of eNews we are also introducing our new design, still covering your favourite topics. This eNews is to benefit you, our members, if you have any suggestions or material you would like to share with us, please do so. We hope you are also enjoying our series of monthly eCards.

Don’t forget to follow our immediate news and regular updates of what is happening across Europe on our
Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Your EUROPARC team

Coming next month...
In the upcoming eNews we will focus on youth and how young people connect to nature, biodiversity and protected areas. If you run a Junior Ranger programme or other activities and education events for young people in your protected area, share your work and experience with us, send us an update to no later than July 25.

Join the EUROPARC Conference

Don’t miss your chance to attend
the biggest EUROPARC networking
event of the year! 

Less than 4 months to go and the EUROPARC network will meet in Debrecen, Hungary, for its annual conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of EUROPARC Federation and of our host, Hortobágy National Park.  Check all the details about the programme and workshops, covering a range of issues around integrated management of protected areas on the official EUROPARC Conference 2013 website.


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Charter eNews June is out!   
The high season already started in most protected areas around Europe. Last month we published our quarterly Charter eNews.  Hopefully the examples from our Charter areas inspire you to continue the path of sustainable tourism development in your region.  Read the complete Charter eNews...

EUROPARC's Transboundary Areas discuss project ideas at their
annual meeting - TransParcNet 2013
„It is like a happy family reunion“, say the members of TransParcNet, EUROPARC’s network of cross-border protected areas, when they come together for their annual meeting. This year more than 30 people followed the invitation of the Nature Park Maas-Schwalm-Nette to meet in their protected area at the Dutch-German border. Read More… In June the verification visits took place. Hainaut cross-border Nature Park and Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park are now waiting for the results. 

Parks in Europe: discover how they work! 
Junior Rangers from all over Europe will meet this month in the Wildniscamp of the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany to discover how Parks in Europe work and have a look at different fields of work that are necessary to run a park successfully. Find their first impression, photos and reports in the upcoming edition of eNews and follow the Junior Rangers on their adventure on our Facebook Page

My Park. My Passion. My Story. continues…   
European Day of Parks is not just a day in May.
It is a great opportunity for all our Protected Areas to share the unique message of the importance of Europe’s green jewels to the whole world. We received and are still receiving numerous inspiring artworks in this year’s campaign. Kids, visitors, staff got creative and shared a lot of material with us. Take a look at what they did! If you still haven’t, send us the material you used and the details about your events, we are happy to publish it, each protected area is unique and special!  The selection of this year’s winner is still on going, we are looking forward to announcing the winner soon! 

Changes at the EUROPARC Headquarters

Following the departure of Julia Schönhärl to pastures new, we are delighted to welcome back Dea Mijakovac as our new communications and marketing officer. Dea was with us an intern in 2011/2012 in the communications department and so is already familiar with EUROPARC communications.  She will bring her own style and new ideas to EUROPARC. Dea is from Croatia holds a Masters Degree in Marketing and except of English she is also fluent in Spanish, Italian and is currently learning German.
Please feel free to contact her at:

EUROPARC and Eurosite  
Another positive meeting of the Joint Organisational Development Committee (ODC), representing members of the two networks held its third meeting in Amsterdam on 5 June.The aim of the ODC is to continue to develop recommendations based on the previously agreed and underpinning concepts; management for nature, resilience of systems and benefits to people. Read the complete report in our members library...

Looking to the future:
it's in our hands!

EUROPARC is looking for young ambassadors for protected areas and therefore hosts the 1st International Youth Conference. The Conference takes place from 9th to 13th October 2013 in Debrecen / Hungary and runs in parallel with the main EUROPARC 2013 conference. For more information please contact: Petra Schultheiss at the EUROPARC Headquarters!

Learn more on management planning in protected areas at our annual EUROPARC Siggen Seminar! 

Did you know that being a EUROPARC member gives you free access to the Siggen seminar? This year the seminar will take place from September 2-4, 2013 and explore what makes a management plan for a Protected Area and N2000 site effective, publicly acceptable and targeted at achieving the right things. The number of places is limited. Apply now!

Members and Network 

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 National Park Service Signs Agreement with Adventure
 Cycling Association to Promote Bicycling Network
 through National Parks  


“Nationwide bicycle routes connect Americans to their national parks in an environmentally friendly manner,” said the Director of National Park Service, Jonathan Jarvis . “Our partnership with the bicycling community presents an opportunity for us to foster connections between national parks and cyclists of all ages.” Read More

 Announcing the International Young
 Conservationist Award

The International Young Conservationist Award recognises outstanding contributions made by young people, under the age of 35, to the conservation of protected areas and provides recipients with opportunities to promote their work and to develop networks to support their efforts. Read More

Evaluating "Our Land"
- an experience to treasure!

In October 2012 EUROPARC Consulting extremely pleased to accept a contract to evaluate the progress of the project "Our Land – Experiences to Treasure" so far. The task involved assessing the project delivery to date and making recommendations to ensure its continued success. The Final Report for the project has since been completed and passed on to the project partners. It is, then, about time for us to tell you all about our “Our Land” experience; what we did, what we learned and what we achieved…
Read More

Slow Food Story screening now in Italy

“They say we are what we eat, but the way we eat is destroying the planet. Fortunately, some people are fighting back,” says Azio Citi, introducing Carlo Petrini in the new documentary Slow Food Story. 
Read More 

Linking agriculture and biodiversity 
can help feed the planet 

Agricultural biodiversity is the basis of our life on Earth. It is also the basis of healthy and resilient ecosystems. Yet it is under threat. Conserving biodiversity makes nutritional, ecological and economic sense. Targeted development projects can leverage these benefits to reduce hunger and poverty.  Read More

Efficient Managers
for Efficient Natura 2000 Network   

EUROPARC this year is partnering with ProPark for another great project mainly financed by the European Union DG Environment´s LIFE+ Communication programme. The aim of the project is to increase the management capacity and support for Natura 2000 sites in Romania by developing site managers´ communication skills and supporting the integration of biodiversity concerns in territorial planning processes in and around Natura 2000 sites. The work with the communication toolkit for Natura 2000 managers is progressing. In addition we are developing the quality communications training course based on the excellent input from our "Think Tank" advisors: Ed Gillespie, Sean Kirby, Hails Sandra, Janice Burley,  Frits Hesselink, Laura Istrate and Carol Ritchie. 
Read more about the project…

Natura 2000: A new communication platform 

A communication platform for the new Bio-geographical Process was finally launched in June. It offers access to available management knowledge, relevant contacts, a forum for discussion, as well as relevant events, documents and news. The platform provides also an easy access to all of the reports from the seminar processes. This communication platform supports Natura 2000 site managers, policymakers, civil society organizations and land managers in their efforts to achieve favourable conservation status of Europe’s most precious habitats.
More Information

Agreement reached for the CAP
At the end of June an agreement was reached between the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the EU towards the final approval of the CAP reform. Unfortunately, with a reduction to 5% of the ecological focus areas. The reform still needs to be approved by  the European Parliament and the Council by the end of this year. After that National and Regional Governments will develop their local programmes, with the possibility to improve the European decisions. Read More 

Charter Award Ceremony in Brussels this year!

This year EUROPARC celebrates 40 years “Working for Nature”. To commemorate this achievement, a special Charter Awards ceremony will take place. This year’s Charter Awards will be  celebrated in the European Parliament in Brussels on November 6th. The day will include a charter networking event with specific Charter thematic workshops and culminating in the awards. Due to the security requirements of the parliament, registration for the Charter awards will be requiered. More Information on how to register coming soon!  For more information please contact Federico Minozzi


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Volunteering in Protected Areas

Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce many positive personal outcomes such as a feeling of self-worth and respect.  Not only is that, volunteering also renowned for skill development, socialization, and most important, volunteering is fun!  EUROPARC greatly encourages volunteering activities in our Protected Areas. But, why to choose to volunteer for nature?  Protected areas need their local communities and especially youth to get more involved in their daily activities. Volunteering is a great way to start that essential connection with nature that is slowly fading from our lives. 


EU-GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Project

 - Volunteer management in European Parks

This GRUNDTVIG project started in November 2010 and will come to an end this October. Ten members of EUROPARC Federation, governmental departments, NGOs and businesses - work together on the subject of volunteer management in our shared natural heritage, the national parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves. Short video interviews with project partners have just been issued, showing their insights and consideration about the outcomes of the project, the benefits and the experience gained through the project. Watch the videos on our Youtube Channel

Free placements for international learning exchange (one to three weeks)!  

Within the EU-Project, there are some placements left for interested volunteer coordinators or experienced volunteers who want to get more insights on the volunteer management abroad. Please contact Richard Blackman from EUROPARC Atlantic Isles for more information. Read More...
Attend the Volunteering Workshop at the EUROPARC Conference!

Focused on “Volunteering in protected areas: benefits for nature, benefits for people”, the workshop will have two presentations: one from RSPB on Volunteering and Farmer alliance in UK, and one from the Foreste Casentinesi National Park (IT) on their volunteering programme. The workshop day will follow a day practical volunteering experience and an excursion in the Hortobagy National Park. Register here!

10th Anniversary of “Volunteers in Parks”  Programme in Germany 

Since 2003, EUROPARC Germany has built up and steadily developed further the professional volunteer management in Germany’s protected areas. Modeled on the US-American volunteers in parks programme, the German Section from the start focused on establishing professional volunteer management as an integral part of the management of protected areas in general. Read More...

What can I do as a volunteer? 
A great example of using personal skills to the volunteering purposes from the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. Read More...

Discover other interesting volunteering projects! 

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