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    Tourism and Protected Areas: Economic benefits and support vs. Conservation and Biodiversity loss


September 21st
World Parks Day

September 16, 23, 30
Volunteer Loudoun -  Volunteer Management Training Series

September 25th -26th
Eurosite Annual Meeting 2013: The importance of networking for nature - then, now & tomorrow
October 1st - 4th
7th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations
October 9th - 13th
EUROPARC Annual Conference 2013: 40 years Working for Nature, in Debrecen, Hungary and Hortobágy National Park
9th-13th October
EUROPARC's 1st International Youth Conference
October  21st - 27th
International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3)

November 6th – 8th
Making Europe More Organic - Celebrate 10 years of IFOAM EU in Brussels

Find more events and event details in our online calendar!



Preparing to adapt
EUCC, the Coastal & Marine Union, has recently published a brochure called "Preparing to Adapt, Sharing coastal experience with the Young Professionals Coastal Community – YPCC”.
More information

EU guidance on integrating climate change and biodiversity into environmental impact assessment environment
More information

The European Grassland Butterfly Indicator: 1990 - 2011
This report presents the European Grassland Butterfly Indicator, based on national Butterfly Monitoring Schemes (BMS) in 19 countries across Europe, most of them in the European Union. 
More information

Environment and human health
This report, produced jointly by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), outlines a number of environmental issues with a direct influence on people's health and well-being and is a follow-up and update to the 2005 EEA/JRC report.  More information


WWF Representative for WWF Pacific Programme Office
More information
Projects Coordinator - Conservation Technology Unit
More information
Independent Review Person - Northumberland National Park Authority
More information

Ranger – Engagement
More information

Project Manager, LIFE Carpathians Connect, FFI Eurasia Programme
More information
Chief - UNEP Brussels Office, P5
More Information

Brussels News

Call for project
proposals on Tourism

Are you interested in developing new international projects dealing with tourism?

We are presenting you here two relevant calls from the European Commission. 

EUROPARC might be a good partner in your projects: please contact
Deadline: 26/09/2013,  Maximum  EU contribution: €340.000 per project

2. Design, Implementation, Promotion and Marketing of Accessible Tourism Itineraries
Deadline: 22/10/2013. Maximum EU contribution per project: €125.000 per project

Other calls for proposals

Parks Canada is looking for an energetic individual to help support youth outreach activities leading up to the November 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress, with a focus on connecting youth with nature.  Please consider submitting a contract bid by October 08, 2013.The Request for Proposals for this contract can be found here. 

Natural disasters & Climate Change Resilience in Sartala, Agch, Dambracha Jamoats of Jirgatol district , Tajikistan (“Trainings, Exhibition on wheel”). Contact for more infromation

For the complete overview and most up to date news from Europe, visit our website, the Brussels news section!


Parc national des Ecrins

Lundi 12 août, le Parc national des Ecrins fêtait ses 40 ans en vallée de Freissinières et l'association  “Musique en Ecrins“ soufflait ses 20 bougies d'existence : une belle fête partagée en musique ! Près de 150 personnes, dont monsieur le maire de Freissinières, ont participé au "parcours partagé" jusqu'à Dormillouse.

Plus d'informations

Federparchi: Servitù militari, Commissione Difesa del Senato accoglie mozione Federparchi-Parco Alta Murgia

Federparchi esprime apprezzamento per la decisione della Commissione Difesa del Senato, il cui presidente, Nicola Latorre, ha annunciato l'annullamento delle esercitazioni militari a fuoco nel territorio del Parco nazionale dell'Alta Murgia, in programma a partire dal prossimo settembre e la ridefinizione delle attività militari in tutta l'area con la presenza, per la prima volta, dell'Ente Parco al tavolo delle decisioni. Sammuri: "Esercitazioni in aree protette: l'Alta Murgia sia modello per il Paese". La soddisfazione del presidente Veronico.

Maggiori informazioni 

EUROPARC members in action! Getting local community involved through unique theme oriented events…

Night of bats in the National Park Krka from Croatia was marked in a very interesting way, including a wide range of activities for the youngsters, from interactive games, to puppet shows and various kid’s workshops. The bat night is marked each year the last weekend of August and it is a great opportunity to pass on information to the public about the way bats live and their needs with presentations, exhibitions and bat walks, often offering the opportunity to listen to bat sounds with the support of ultrasound technology. Organizing these events in protected areas on a specific topic generating attention from the local community to get closer to certain species and learn about the protected area’s biodiversity is greatly supported by EUROPARC and highly recommended to all protected areas. Let’s see more of these interesting activities that our members do!
Send us info on what you are doing!
La Junta inicia el campo de voluntariado ambiental del verano en el Parque Natural Los Alcornocales
La Consejería de Agricultura, Pesca y Medio Ambiente inicia el próximo viernes, 23 de agosto, en el Parque Natural Los Alcornocales (Cádiz), el tercer campo de voluntariado ambiental que ha organizado la Junta en diferentes espacios naturales de Andalucía, con el fin de contribuir a la conservación y mejora de estas zonas protegidas.

Más informaciones
Monatsprojekte der UN-Dekade Biologische Vielfalt – Ihre Stimme ist gefragt!

Seit Juni 2012 zeichnet die Geschäftsstelle wöchentlich von der Jury ausgewählte UN-Dekade-Projekte aus, die vorbildlich zur Erhaltung der biologischen Vielfalt beitragen. Nun sind Sie am Zug und können auswählen, welche dieser Projekte Ihnen am besten gefallen! Ab sofort können alle online ihre Stimme abgeben, um monatlich ihren persönlichen Favoriten zum „UN-Dekade-Projekt des Monats“ zu wählen. Jeden Monat können Sie mitentscheiden, welches der unten vorgestellten Projekte mit dieser Extra-Auszeichnung gewürdigt wird. Mehr Infos

ONLINE SURVEY: Ecosystem services and economics

Interested in finding out how ecosystem services can be(come) useful for protected areas?
Take part in the survey and use 10 minutes of  your time to fill in the
online questionnaire.
The results will be presented  during the workshop “Funding for nature protection”, at our 2013 conference in Debrecen. 

Thank you  very much for your co-operation.

Sad news from the Netherlands...

At the age of 61, the director of Weerribben-Wieden National Park, Albert Moens, deceased after a brave fight with the cancer. Mr Moens Albert was appointed as director of the National Park in late 2009 and his work filled with incredible enthusiasm and commitment he had tirelessly put into the work over the years for the Park. It is a great loss for the National Park and the whole EUROPARC network, he will be greatly missed.

Our deepest condolences to Albert’s family, friends and coworkers. 
Dear Readers

“Summertime and the living is easy” wrote George Gershwin. The summer season is slowly passing, goodbyes and new beginnings taking place; summer is one of the busiest seasons for our Protected Areas, dealing with many activities and visitors. Each summer has a story, each Protected Area has its own summer story. This month we put our special focus on tourism activities. In many countries tourism plays a major role in the establishment of protected areas and an area's tourism potential is an important factor in the selection process. Read also about what others do, get inspired and involved in topics that benefit your Protected Area and your community. This eNews is to benefit you, our members, if you have any suggestions or material you would like to share with us, please do so.
Don’t forget to follow our regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.
Download and send our monthly eCards,
share your love of Europe’s nature!

Hope you enjoy reading.

Your EUROPARC team

Next month... In the upcoming eNews we will focus on food, nutrition and local production. The month of harvest is also acknowledged in that context by the United Nations, and on October 16 we are celebrating the World Food Day. This is a great opportunity for Protected Areas to share their best practices and experiences on green agriculture and local production, as emphasized in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. Send us your updates to no later than September 23.

Join the EUROPARC Conference

Don’t miss your chance to attend
the biggest EUROPARC networking
event of the year! 

Multicultural diversity, international exchange, perfect setting for people of many different backgrounds... Don´t miss this year’s conference! A number of great key note speakers will be giving their input;
  • Director general of the IUCIN, Ms Julia Marton-Lefèvre will be talking about the Role of Protected Areas in Providing Nature Based Solutions to Global Challenges
  • Professor Dr. Lucka Kajfez Bogataj from the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, who together with Al Gore, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for the efforts of building up and disseminating greater knowledge about man-made climate change, will be talking about the past 40 years of change and the planet's view
  • Professor Emeritus Dr. Varga Zoltán from the University of Debrecen will be giving us an overview of Pannonian habitats: insights into conservation management for European protected areas
  • Peter Ogden from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales will be taking a look on "the 40 years later" and if Europe’s most prized natural areas are being managed successfully to meet tomorrow’s challenges
Throughout the whole conference, we’ll be focusing on integrated management of protected areas, covering a wide range of topics; from working to improve and monitoring biodiversity, management plans, agriculture and wilderness to tourism, communication, resolving conflict and LIFE funding projects. Take your calendars and note down: Hortobágy National Park Directorate, 9-13 October Debrecen, Hungary! For more information and registration, please visit the official EUROPARC Conference 2013 website!


 /  Neuigkeiten   /   Nouvelle / 
The changing of the seasons and passing of time, is something we in the protected areas world are very familiar with. So as summer turns to autumn, the time has come around again for our community to gather at our annual general meeting of the EUROPARC Federation. It with that in mind that we draw your attention to the papers for the forthcoming general assembly at 2pm, Lovarda Building , Debrecen, Hungary on Thursday 10th October. We very much encourage all members to attend and have your say in the important issues facing our network. Find all the papers for the General Assembly in the members library on our website! 

Double certification goes to Slovenia and Italy!
Combining the 2 EUROPARC Programmes:
Transboundary and the Charter

The first EUROPARC Transboundary Area is going for the Charter! The already close cooperation between Triglav National Park (SLO) and Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulie (I) will be deepened even more with the joint application for the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.
Need a good example of a management plan?
Our Charter Park Cotswolds AONB, after a thorough consultation process just published their new management plan 2013-2018. The plan is designed as a guide for local authorities, statutory agencies and other bodies such as businesses and individuals working within the AONB taking into account the importance of sustainable tourism.

Transboundary Protected Areas
developing common projects across-borders! 

At the beginning of August, Junior Rangers of the EUROPARC Transboundary Areas Thayatal/Podyjí, Bayerischer Wald/Šumava and Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland got an opportunity to experience international cooperation in the bi-lingual Youth Camp in Podyjí National Park. Great initiative!
Reports of the verification visits from the two cross-border protected areas who (re-)applied for the EUROPARC Transboundary Certificate arrived in the office. Who will get the accolade? Come to the Conference in Hungary and find out for yourself!

Protected Areas and Volunteering

As part of the project Volunteer Management in European Parks, several learning exchanges for volunteer coordinators and volunteers are currently taking place between different parks in Europe. Again, volunteering in Protected Areas confirms to be able to provide great learning experience and a chance to discover some of the most beautiful corners of Europe. Read more stories!  If your protected area is interested in volunteering programmes, please join the workshop “Volunteering in Protected Areas: benefits for nature, benefits for people” at the EUROPARC Conference 2013.
For more information, contact Federico Minozzi

Communication is the single biggest challenge and opportunity facing N2000 and protected areas
At this year’s EUROPARC Annual Conference, as a part of the Workshop 10 “Communication comes naturally –or does it?”, we will analyse communication skills needed and tools we can use to communicate effectively considering how we plan and execute our communication with stakeholders.
A special guest speaker for this workshop, Ms Laura Istrate from ProPark, will present the currently running N2000 LIFE project: Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network, and talk about “How to improve our messages” as a part of the project. Find out more information and register for the workshop here.
As a part of the programme, the Communication Competence Assessment was recently completed, exciting results are about to be published soon.  More than 100 personnel from Natura 2000 sites in Romania participated in this self - assessment capacity survey.
From 2  –7 September,  the EUROPARC Federation took up the generous offer of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation to host the fourth Siggen Seminar and side meetings week at the beautiful estate of Gut Siggen.

EUROPARC were given free use of the Foundation’s seminar centre, the Siggen Estate on the German coast of the Baltic Sea. This one week in a year greatly benefits the EUROPARC Federation and its members and helps to take the organisation’s mission forward.  The week was split in three parts: The first two days were dedicated to the seminar on Purpose and process of Management Planning for protected areas, the other days EUROPARC working groups and staff meetings took place. In addition, this year EUROPARC Siggen participants got the unique opportunity for a late night talk with Prof. Dr. Hans Köpp, listening to his experience with the founder of EUROPARC, Alfred Toepfer himself and the early days of the Federation. More information on the Siggen week soon on our website! 

Members and Network 

/ Mitglieder und Netzwerk  /   Membres et Réseau / 

Photo by: Radek Drahny, Conference on Mountain Protected Areas in a Changing World, Krkonose,  May 2013, The old and new president of the Czech sectionEUROPARC Czech Section
has new leadership!

Congratulations to the new president of the Czech section, Jakub Kaspar. Mr. Kaspar works as a Deputy Director, head of the Department of External Relations of the Krkonose Mts. National Park Administration. Therefore, the section secretariat will also move to the Krkonose Mts. National Park.  The duties of the new secretary will be handled by Ms. Jirina Reguliova
Connect to the Czech section and follow their updates on their new Facebook Page!

Photo by: Gertrud Hein, ParcInterp certification of staff in the Eifel National ParkInterpretation is a very important tool for Protected Areas... You may be interested in the implementation study released by ParcInterp
In 2008, EUROPARC Germany begun the ParcInterp programme in cooperation with the German Ranger Association and the German Association for Natural and Environmental Education (ANU). The aim of ParcInterp was to develop quality criteria for heritage interpretation in German protected areas, aligned to the UNESCO requirements of education for sustainable development. The result was presented at the EUROPARC Federation Conference 2011 in Germany. Recently, a ParcInterp implementation study was submitted as a MSc thesis to the University of the Highlands and Islands (Scotland). Besides noting the necessity of increased funding and staff, it states a need for improved communication and it suggests the training of interpretive agents to promote the critical role of protected area management in non-formal learning for sustainability. Requests to extend ParcInterp and the outcomes of the study to other European countries are currently being reviewed by the partner organisations. The ParcInterp implementation study can be downloaded for free at:
Parks, People, Planet – Inspiring Solutions at the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress.  Have you booked 
your ticket to Australia yet? 
official website website goes live!
Another step towards advancing inspiring solutions for today’s conservation and development challenges has been taken with the launch of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 website. The website, which will continue to develop as the Congress progresses towards its November 12, 2014 opening in Sydney, Australia, details the Congress programme, streams and themes and how you can get involved, along with background information on IUCN, past Congresses, and our hosts and partners, Parks Australia and the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. We'd be keen to know of members who are planning to travel to this important world parks event. A special meeting will be held at the EUROPARC conference to discuss the European input. Read More

Our partner organisation in the United States,
National Park System, turns 97! 
On August 25, the National Park Service turned 97 years old. Ninety-seven may sound old, but they are young at heart! And, very excitedly celebrated their birthday with everyone who shared their youthful exuberance through a number of festivities that took place coast to coast. Read More.

The future of EUROPARC and Eurosite will be discussed by Eurosite members this September in Poland
This year's Eurosite Annual Meeting will be held in Międzyzdroje, Poland on 25 and 26 September 2013. More information, including a draft programme and the registration form, can be found here. Our president Mr. Thomas Hansson will be attending the meeting. 

This spring natures shoed her powers with massive floods across Europe including many protected areas 
Faced with difficult challenges in managing river flooding, decision makers frequently opt for technical solutions, relying heavily on ‘grey’ infrastructure such as dykes.  Read More

Interested in what is happening in the bird world?
BirdLife and the European Bird Census Council join wildlife comeback study
BirdLife International and the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) have joined a desk study to document the comeback of a number of bird species in Europe. Read More

Inspiring Solutions: New private protected area study underway
A new research project funded by the Linden Trust is collecting evidence about the extent and variety of private protected areas (PPAs) around the world. The project, which is collaborating closely with IUCN-WCPA, will be building up a series of national and themed case studies, working with in-country partners. Anyone with information to share or questions about the project should contact: Sue Stolton.

Slow Food: If biodiversity disappears, what will happen
to our food?  
Biodiversity is our insurance policy for the future, allowing plants and animals to adapt to climatic changes, attacks by parasites and disease, or the unexpected. A system that is biologically varied is endowed with the antibodies to counter dangerous organisms and restore its own equilibrium. A system based on a limited number of varieties, on the other hand, is very fragile. The small-scale farmers, shepherds, fishers that know and respect the fragile balance of nature are the earth’s last true custodians. If biodiversity disappears, together with wild flora and fauna,many domesticated plants and animal breeds will also disappear. Read more

Fourth edition of People's Landscapes, 
UNISCAPE's international photo competition
for students 
The aim of the contest is to encourage students to observe landscapes through the eyes of people in order to express how each one of us sees and perceives our landscapes by capturing the soul and the transitory identity of places, in particular of the degraded and everyday landscapes. The deadline for submitting entries is the 30 of September 2013 by sending the images and the participation form to this e-mail:         More information

Green Stimulus Peatland Restoration Project (GSPRP)
In December last year Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) received funding of £1.7 million for a 2 ½ year project to restore peatlands, with the aim of storing and sequestering carbon. The project is part of a Scottish Government Initiative to reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Restoring peat-forming habitats that were drained or damaged helps ensure the peatlands remain long-term sinks rather than sources of greenhouse gases. The project will contribute to the objectives of Scotland's National Peatland Plan, currently being developed by SNH, Scottish Government, its Agencies and a wide group of stakeholders.  Read more


Charter Award Ceremony 
in Brussels this year!
6th November 2013

To celebrate 40 years Working for Nature, EUROPARC is delighted to invite you this year to a special event on Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity in Protected Areas. The one-day-event will include a European Charter Network Meeting in the morning with workshops and plenary sessions, and the Charter Award Ceremony in the afternoon at the European Parliament. * This event is free of charge, but for security reasons registration is compulsory! Registrations will open officially on the 9th of September. More information coming soon!  
Check the programme of the event!

Per celebrare i suoi 40 anni di impegno per la Natura, EUROPARC, in collaborazione con la Regione Marche, ha il piacere di invitarvi il 6 Novembre a Bruxelles, per un evento speciale su Turismo Sostenibile e Biodiversità nelle Aree Protette. Vi invitiamo ad iscrivervi qui il prima possibile, i posti sono limitati. La partecipazione all’evento è gratuita, ma per ragioni di sicurezza l’iscrizione è obbligatoria.

Celebrando ‘40 años trabajando por la naturaleza’, la federación EUROPARC en colaboración con la región Marche, tiene el honor de invitarle el día 6 de noviembre 2013 a Bruselas para festejar un evento especial de turismo sostenible y biodiversidad en áreas protegidas.Por favor inscríbase aquí lo más pronto posible, los sitios son limitados. Este evento es gratis, pero por razones de seguridad, inscribirse es obligatorio.

Pour fêter ses 40 ans d’Engagement pour la Nature, EUROPARC, en collaboration avec la Région Marche, a le plaisir de vous inviter le 6 Novembre à Bruxelles, pour un évènement exceptionnel sur Tourisme Durable et Espaces Protégés. Veuillez vous inscrire ici, les places sont limitées. La participation à l’événement est gratuite, mais pour des raisons de sécurité l’inscription est obligatoire.


/  Feullitons  / Reportage  /

Tourism and Protected Areas:
 Economic benefits and support vs. Conservation and Biodiversity loss

In many countries tourism plays a major role in the establishment of protected areas and an area's tourism potential is an important factor in the selection process. No matter what sort of protection an area enjoys, the danger that tourism will harm the natural and aesthetic value of the area is always present. Tourism activity in a national park or any other protected area can serve as a self-financing mechanism and therefore as a tool of conservation. This will, however, only be possible if the level, type and management of tourism are appropriate and, in particular, the "carrying capacity" of the area is respected. Tourism is a dynamic industry, and strategies must be flexible and able to respond to changing situations. The process undertaken to develop strategies, codes of conduct or other actions is more important than finding a correct answer. There are no definitive answers. Only the desire to strive towards sustainability.  

Looking for more information
on Tourism in Protected Areas? 

Get inspired -  see what you can do! 

EUROPARC Federation taking the Charter forward (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism)
Since the first seven protected areas signed the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Area in 2001, the European Charter Network has grown significantly. The European Charter Network now counts with some 107 protected areas from thirteen European countries involving a growing number of local tourism businesses as Charter partners, local and regional government authorities, NGOs and many more. At the heart of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas is a partnership between a park and all those with a stake in the development of tourism in and around that park. Whilst the Charter contains elements of a quality label, the process is more important. Parks need to demonstrate they are on the road to sustainable tourism through the production of a strategy and the implementation of a five year action plan. The Charter is not a typical quality or eco-label but a process-oriented methodology that can be used and applied by all kinds of protected areas. The Charters focus is on initiating and assisting a process of sustainable tourism planning which will lead to sustainable development step by step. 
As well as the EUROPARC Federation there are currently a wealth of people and several projects working to keep the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism current and to develop it further..
  • EUROPARC Consulting has been doing a great job, being responsible for the administrative side of the Charter.
  • EUROPARC Sustainable Tourism working group are providing expertise on projects and Charter activities.
  • Evaluation Committee and verifiers are responsible for the process of awarding Charter areas.
  • EUROPARC Sections all work to take the Charter forward in their countries or regions.
In the early 2000, EUROPARC Federation invested two years and significant resources to create a document designed to guide sustainable tourism in European parks, entitled “Loving Them to Death”? Sustainable Tourism in Europe’s Nature and National Parks. Many great reports and publications came out afterwards when setting up the Charter and taking it forward through a number of projects. In 2011-12 EUROPARC coordinated three projects involving the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism: STEPPAParks & Benefits and Sustainable Tourism Destinations. All of them have now come to an end. The outcomes and amazing results of these projects can be found in the EUROPARC library.
For more information on how Charter parks manage their tourism activities, partnerships with local stakeholders and what is happening in the Charter network, please visit the ECST official website
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