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Events 2015



6th -8th Blue-Green Infrastucture, Hungary ‘CEEweb Academy on Building Blue-Green Infrastructure. Restoring and protecting wetlands and their ecosystem services’ 

12th – 14th European Week of Regions and Cities, Brussels, BE

12th – 14th European Week of Regions and Cities, Brussels, BE
15th-16th  Ecological Restoration in the Mediterranean region: Challenges and Opportunities, Beirut, LB
19th-21st Natura 2000 Monitoring workshop, Barcelona, ES – organised by Eurosite
26th-27th  EUROPARC Conference 2015, Regensburg, Germany


2nd-6th International Water Week Amsterdam (AIWW), Amsterdam, NL
3rd-5th  Final Seminar of LIFE+ project Life to ad(d)mire, Värnamo, SE
16th-17th Friends of National Parks and Protected Areas, Networking Seminar in Koli National Park, Koli, FI
16th-17th Ecosystem services in Europe’s Protected Areas, Trading subsystems for carbon sequestration and other ecosystem services in protected area, Berlin, DE
17th-19th BfN/ENCA European Conference “Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change in Urban Areas and their Rural Surroundings, Bonn, DE


Beginning of December EUROPARC Charter Awards 2015, European Parliament, Brussels, BE.
14th-16th IUCN Regional Conservation Forum for Europe, North & Central Asia, Helsinki, Finland
16th European Tourism Day, Brussels, BE

Find more events and event details on our website.



EUROPARC Infographics

10 Facts you should know about EUROPARC Federation are displayed in a long and short versions. Update on the latest numbers of EUROPARC or use it as a tool to easily introduce us to your partners!

United for Wildlife: free online course for Wildlife Conservation

Learn more about key issues within conservation, gain an awareness of the problems facing us and the world we live in, and discover what you can do to help. This free course is suitable for anyone interested in wildlife and the environment.



IUCN Protected Area Governance and Management 2015

IUCN Protected Area Governance and Management presents a compendium of original text, case studies and examples from across the world, by drawing on the literature, and on the knowledge and experience of those involved in protected areas.

Step-by-step guidance towards Drought Management Plans

Global Water Partnership published this Guidelines to provide a better understanding of how to integrate drought management into RBMPs in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). They focus on seven steps that relate specifically to the environment of Central and Eastern Europe countries.

Journal of the European Wilderness Society



Finance Manager - EUROPARC Federation, Regensburg, Germany

EUROPARC is seeking a Part-time Finance Manager/ Chief Accountant (40%) who is responsible for leading the finance and accounting of the Federation, based on EUROPARC’s mission and values.  The Finance Manager is responsible for the finance and accounting, which includes all activities from document capture to preparation of financial statements and tax returns, as well as the representation of the association in relation to the tax office. The Finance Manager takes over independently the financial management of national and international funding projects and is involved in the membership management. Here you can find more information.

Secondment opportunity - EUROPARC Federation, Brussels, Belgium

We are offering a secondment i.e. a transfer to EUROPARC from a member employer for up to one year. The employee remains under contract with his OWN employer during the time with EUROPARC.
We would provide to interested members a chance to work with us on project development 
and in our lobbying work with European institutions. Here you can find more information.

Temporary Economics officer - IUCN

Temporary Environmental officer- IUCN

Brussels News 

EU Funds for Protected Areas – Interreg MED

A new call for project proposals has just been published in the framework of the new Interreg MED programme. Axis 3 – Natural and Cultural resources - includes priorities for coastal and maritime sustainable tourism and for the management and networking of protected areas. The deadline for project applications for Modular projects is the 9th of November. Check here the regions and countries that can apply.
EUROPARC was at the meeting in Marseille, last week, and we collected valuable information about the application procedures. We might be either a good partner for your project (!) or an intermediate in finding partners across Europe! For more information please contac:

Natura 2000 Fitness Check process

EUROPARC would like to thank all members, partners and friends who made their voice heard for nature: with more than 500.000 replies from all over Europe, this was the largest response rate the Commission has ever received to one of its online consultations!
A high-level conference will take place in Brussels on the 20th of November to present and discuss, with Member States and other stakeholders, the preliminary conclusions emerging from the assessment of evidence and information gathered. You can register here.
Some preliminary statistical information on the consultation are available here.
A full report with final recommendations by the EC will be published in early 2016.

Coexistence between people and large carnivores

The return of large carnivores in several parts of Europe is a topic of high relevance for many of our protected areas, as the recent events in the Vanoise NP (F) have shown. EUROPARC invites interested members to join the international workshop of the European Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Larnivores that will take place in Rovaniemi – Finland on the 8th of October. The workshop will be a great opportunity to share ideas, examples of good practice and scientific research on the socio-economic aspects of coexistence with large carnivores. In addition, the unique situation in sparsely populated reindeer herding areas where all four large carnivores are present will be discussed. To register please contact:
You can learn more about the EU Large Carnivores Platform here.


EU Biodiversity Strategy – mid term review

The European Union is currently working to determine progresses made in the implementation of the Biodiversity Strategy towards the 2020 targets. EUROPARC President ,Ignace Shops will take part in a Public Hearing at the European Parliament – ENVI Committee on the 12th of October to present EUROPARC views. So far it seems that some progresses have been made to improve the status of Habitats and Species, in the restoration of ecosystems and for the creation of green infrastructures, on fisheries and towards the global biodiversity recovery. Instead the targets on the contribution of agriculture and forestry to biodiversity are not being met. The EC will publish an official report in October.

New Project Applications

Project approved for the 2nd phase

The project „Central Europe EcoTourism: tools for nature protection (CEET)“, in which EUROPARC is a partner along with organizations from Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, was one of the 92 projects, out of 611 applications, approved for the 2nd phase of the INTERREG Central Europe.
CEET project seeks to elaborate an integrated approach that include environmental, social and economic aspects, in order to design and test sustainable and environmental friendly tourism formulas in Protected Areas.  CEET will therefore develop tools by applying the principles and methods of sustainability and participation of the “European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas” (ECST). The final result will be known in 2016.


Following the outputs of the 2013 EUROPARC Youth Conference and youth inputs provided this year during the International YOUTH+ Camp, EUROPARC committed to develop a European wide programme for Youth in Protected Areas.

EUROPARC submitted an ERASMUS project application to the EC in partnership with parks from Slovenia, Scotland, Germany and the Netherlands.
The objective is to develop a new programme in Protected Areas for youth aged between 18-25, to strengthen their skills in leadership, communication and advocacy. The results will be known by the end of 2015.

Other news from members

BELGIUM: Royal Couple visited Hoge Kempen National Park

On the 10th of September 2015, the Belgian King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited our President Ignace Schops at the Hoge Kempen National Park.
The Royal Couple supports the work done by the EUROPARC Federation throughout Europe.


GERMANY: A mobile APP for the “Ancient Beech Forests of Germany”

A special World-Heritage App on the “Ancient Beech Forests of Germany” was launched in mid 2015, and it is now available in all common app-stores.
Besides informing the users about the relevance and the aims of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the APP provides all useful information on specific characteristics of the five German component parts of the “Ancient Beech Forests of Germany”. Each of these areas can be discovered on selected routes available to the app users.  Download the APP here (English and German versions available).

SPAIN: New site and Mobile APP for Ecotourists
From now on, tourists from all over the world have another tool to better discover some of the most impressive Spanish protected areas. It is a free multiplatform app (available in English and Spanish) for the promotion of Ecotourism destinations in Spain. 
All destinations and businesses part of the platform voluntarily comply with the environmental and social requirements established in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, of the EUROPARC Federation. 
Learn more about it here.



Dear Readers
Before getting into the contents of this newsletter, we are very pleased to introduce you a new member of our staff: Barbara Pais, our Communications Officer. 
She has joined EUROPARC in August and she is already working at very high speed, deeply involved in the communication side of several projects and managing the communication for our wide network. If you haven’t yet been in touch with her, do not hesitate to contact her directly: she speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish, and understands well Italian - Together with Barbara, another new member of staff has just joined the Federation: Evelyn Meyer. She speaks English and German and works part-time with us, mainly assisting Barbara in her communication tasks.
We hope you will manage to dedicate a bit of time to quietly read the following news, which include an interesting calendar of upcoming events across Europe; developments of current projects; new project opportunities for protected areas; EU policy updates and news from within our network and Sections.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Regensburg for the EUROPARC Conference in October
Your EUROPARC team


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Save your place at EUROPARC Conference 2015 "Protected Areas in a Changing World"
26-27th October, Regensburg, Germany 

You can either react to change, embrace change or create change. The natural world is in a constant state of change and as Protected Area managers we embrace that, examine, study it, explain it to others. Yet, as Protected Area managers, the seemingly constant change in our organisations, in the political, policy, social and economic aspects of our work life we are in an endless state of reacting. 

But can we create positive change in ourselves, in our organisations that can alter the direction of change in the natural world? "Protected Areas in a Changing World", will consider some of the environmental, political, economic, social and organisational factors which influence Protected Areas and how they function. We will too look for some practical responses highlighted by keynote speakers, and exemplified through peer learning in workshops. Sharing ideas, experience and practise will enable Protected Area managers to find solutions to the challenges they face through networking with colleagues from across Europe.
EUROPARC Conference is a great opportunity to network, exchange experiences, present innovations on management of Protected Areas, and to find out the latest updates on EU environmental policies and on the work EUROPARC has been developing.
This year there is also an opportunity to highlight your project/idea/Park. Be active, and join our marketplace or organize a side meeting! In preparation for our Conference and General Assembly, please don’t forget to renew your membership.
Registrations are open until the 9th October, detailed information is available on our website.

Junior Rangers: In Action for Nature

Did you ever tried to describe a park through its smells? 
That was one of the challenges we faced with the Junior Rangers who came from all over Europe to the 2015 International Camp in Nuuksio National Park (FI) this summer. 

Thanks to the great support of the Park team, JRs have discovered the biodiversity of this northern corner of Europe, contributed to mires restoration, became actors and produced short documentaries, restored paths, positioned floating nests for endangered birds, enjoyed saunas and swimming in cold lakes, exchanged experiences and played traditional Finnish games, visited the Haltia Nature Centre and the beautiful island of Suomenlinna… and much much more. 

At the end, even if we didn’t succeed in seeing the mysterious flying squirrel, the camp has been a great success showing, once again, the value of the youth environmental education programs that so many Protected Areas across Europe are delivering.

A new generation is growing and EUROPARC is proud to work along with you all, to further improve the quality of youth environmental programs and to support PAs and Rangers/Mentors in delivering them. For news and updates on Junior Rangers and Youth programs, follow us on Facebook and on our website.

Youth in Europe ready to “Take the lead for Nature” International EUROPARC Youth+ Camp 2015

A highly committed group of youth declared to be the voice of nature from and to young people. The Aigüestortes Declaration, prepared by the 23 participants from 10 European countries, was made in Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, Catalonia, Spain. On the 1st EUROPARC International Youth+ Camp, new skills on Communication, Advocacy and Leadership were developed and put to good use in a series of activities and workshops.
"Youth are not just our future leaders; they can provide a great support for nature conservation in protected areas today. We only have to give them a chance“, said Ignace Schops, EUROPARC President.
EUROPARC is working to enhance the confidence, competence and commitment of youth to enable them to be ambassadors for their protected areas, and support Rangers in the management of the Junior Ranger programme.  A new Youth + programme for protected areas is in development.
Read the complete story here and check the pictures here.

Charter Evaluation Committee met in Regensburg

For the first time, we host at our headquarters the annual meeting of the Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas Evaluation Committee.
It took place on the 8
th-9th of December and the directorate and evaluation committee had the chance to discuss the Charter, its actual status and future developments.

It was a successful meeting during which 20 applications have been successfully evaluat
ed. Applications came from different countries, including a new applicant from Estonia! The awardees will be announced during the ceremony of December, in Brussels. More details will be given in due time at the charter enews and at the website.

EUROPARC at the Council of Europe

The EUROPARC Director attended the Group of Experts on Protected Areas and Ecological Networks in Strasbourg, in September. EUROPARC has enjoyed participatory status as an INGO for many years under the framework of the Council of Europe regulations. We have supported the Council work in the Bern Convention, on the Diploma for Protected Areas, the Emerald Network and the PA Group of Experts. 

This meeting saw representatives from as far field as Norway and Uzbekistan, an update of the emerald network, and some very interesting presentations on ecological networks and biogeographical seminars were made.  Countries who are looking to align their systems with N2000 gave some very interesting perspectives.
EUROPARC affirmed its ongoing commitments and support to the work of the Council of Europe, and continues to liaise closely with the secretariat staff. We committed to highlight more of the Council of Europe work on our website, in order to better inform and support our members.  So, for those who want to learn more about the Bern Convention, the Emerald Network and how it relates to the work inside the EU 28, watch out for more news, that are coming soon. In the meantime, you will find information at the Council of Europe’s website, some useful documents here and the latest updates at their Facebook page.

EUROPARC at the “New European common qualifications of Heritage Interpretation in tourism sector” Conference 

EUROPARC President, Ignace Schops, participated at the “New European common qualifications of Heritage Interpretation in tourism sector” conference, organized by Diesis coop and supported by EARTH (the European Alliance for 
Responsible Tourism and Hospitality), on the 17th of September 2015, in Brussels.
Ignace highlighted the importance of tourism in Protected Areas, in a presentation entitled "Interpreting Natural Heritage". The conference was realised in the framework of the European project “Interpreting our European Heritage”.

EUROPARC Project and programme updates 

DBU project - New training programme for PAs professionals in Romania

The first 30 officially certified Protected Area Specialists will be trained this autumn to become Efficient managers of Romanian protected areas. Two training programmes are taking place at Rugăneşti, Harghita county, between 7 September – 17 October 2015, for the 30 graduates of the online training programme for Protected Area Specialist.
The courses were organised on the first learning platform exclusive for Protected Areas, launched in June 2015 by ProPark 
Foundation for Protected Areas from Romania.

The vocational training programme is organised under the project ”Capacity Building Plans for Efficient Protected Area Management in Eastern Europe”, implemented by ProPark, within the partnership of EUROPARC Federation, and it is commissioned by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN). 


Thank you for your participation in VDN's survey

Park associations and assigned administrations of 24 European countries joined the project “Europe’s Nature, Regional and Landscape Parks” by taking part in a survey which was launched this summer by the Association of German Nature Parks (VDN).
By giving information on the work and management of their parks, the participating associations, together with national and regional authorities, laid the foundation for an improved 
cross border knowledge exchange and a better understanding of the value of Nature, Regional and Landscape Parks at European level. EUROPARC is involved in this three-year project, funded by BfN (Bundesamt für Naturschutz, Germany), providing expertise, advice and support through its network and communication platforms.
In 2016, VDN will organise study tours to selected European countries to gather more detailed information and examples. The next project steps will be discussed in November this year. For more information check the project’s website.

Life EME: Communication Award for best practices in Natura 2000
EUROPARC opened call for the best communication practices on Natura2000 sites, and great case studies came from across Europe. The Award winner will be revealed at EUROPARC Conference 2015 and the case studies will be soon available on our website.
Under the Life Project “Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network”, ProPark Romenia and EUROPARC are developing useful tools to improve the communication skills of Natura 2000 managers. After 2 successful training seminars, a comprehensive Manual and an inspiring toolkit are being designed and will be presented at EUROPARC Conference. 
Save the Date for the TransParcNet Meeting 20167th – 10th June, Bad Schandau, Germany

“Tourists across borders: Transboundary approaches to visitor management in protected areas” is the topic of the TransParcNet meeting 2016. The team at Saxon Bohemian Switzerland is well on the way preparing the TPN meeting which will be held from 7th to 10th of June in Bad Schandau (Germany). Some important information are already available on our website.

Curious about TransParcNet meetings? Read the 2015 TransParcNet Meeting report, already available here.

“Steps in setting up wood biomass production chains in protected areas”

In the framework of the LIFE project BioEuParks, the Slovenian Forestry Institute launched a comprehensive manual about how to establish a wood biomass chain, which intends to help parks administrations on their decision-making process. It introduces different options for the supply chain implementation, based on the experiences of the BioEuParks partners, and identifies the data and information needed before taking the final decision. 

To consider the parks as main actors in a biomass supply chain means to invest in a process based on the respect for nature, and the preservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity as starting points. At the same time, this choice implies a new way of looking at the role of parks; not only as a body in charge of managing natural and protected areas, but also a key actor with the ability to trigger a new way of local development matching nature conservation, and social and economic growth.

Download the guide here and check the project's website.

Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process: Wetland restoration seminar, 3-5 November - Boreal Region

For those interested and concerned by wetlands and mires management and restoration, there is a great seminar being organized in Sweden as part of the LIFE to ad(d)mire project: 3-5 November in Varnamo. The event is recognised in the framework of the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process that the European Commission has launched to support Member States and key stakeholders in the effective management of the Natura 2000 network. EUROPARC, together with ECNC, Eurosite, ELO and CEEWeb, is actively involved in the process and invites protected areas from the region, and from all over Europe, to join this event: a good chance to improve mires restoration and to follow up on discussions started in the Boreal Region in 2012.

Program details and registrations accessible here.  

Check also the Natura 2000 Communication Platform to learn more about the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process and collect information on upcoming events and management experiences.

  Sections and Network

/ Mitglieder und Netzwerk  /   Membres et Réseau / 

Internship Programme

One of aims of the Central and Eastern Europe EUROPARC section (CEE) is to strengthen a cooperation in the region with a special focus on an efficient nature conservation management. The most effective way how to exchange an experience is to visit each other and see different approaches in the field.

The CEE definitely supports such an activity, i.e. short-term internships of managers among our member organizations. We invite you to use the opportunity, so we share the list of contact persons responsible for internship in each participating member organization. In case of your interest, get in touch with the contact person listed below and gain information about local conditions.

We hope you will take advantage of this offer and get more awareness about different attitudes in our CEE countries and Protected Areas!

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism at Expo Milano 2015

On the 9th September, Federparchi – EUROPARC Italy and the Italian Ministry of the Environment organized a seminar at EXPO Milano about the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECST) entitled “The Charter as a tool and certification for nature conservation, land management and dialogue between Parks, local businesses and tour operators”.

During the seminar, a member from EUROPARC Council introduced the ECST vision for 2020, and members from the Spanish and French Sections shared their experiences on the second and third phases, respectively.

Read the complete story and download the presentations here.


Junior Ranger Programme Awarded

The German Junior Ranger Programme was awarded Decade-Projekt from the UN Decade for Sustainable Development, on the “25 Years of National Parks in the former Democratic Republic of Germany” celebration, which took place in September with the presence of the German Minister for the Environment.
EUROPARC Germany got this award for their programme with youth, which is embedded in the EUROPARC Junior RangeProgramme, working on a European scale.
More information about the award can be found 
here (in German).

EUROPARC Federation congratulates the German Section for their inspiring work with youth. During the last decade, dozens of youngsters were enrolled in nature conservation, and some former Junior Rangers, who had participated at our international Camps in the past, are now Volunteer Rangers from Bavarian Forest National Park.

New website for German National Parks

The "Wissen National Parks" is a new website that provides all information about National Parks in Germany, and was launched with the support of the German EUROPARC Section.
The platform (that could be translated as "Background knowledge for National Parks") answers the most common questions about national parks in Germany. Information such as use, wilderness or visiting can be accessed quickly and easily. More Information at:

“Master of Natural Protected Areas”

EUROPARC Spain in collaboration with Fernando Gonzalez Bernaldez Foundation for natural areas (FUNGOBE) announced the 16th edition of the Master of Natural Protected Areas, organised jointly by the Autonoma University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid and Alcalá University. The Master is addressed either to staff of protected areas who wish to develop and update their knowledge, as well as for young graduates interested on pursuing a career in nature conservation and land management. The course is organized in two terms and a field trip.
The course begins in February and ends in December 2016. Applications are opened until the 31th October 2015. More information (in Spanish) is available here.

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