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    Healthy People depend on Healthy Food Systems


October 15-18
The International Fundraising Congress
October 21st – 27th
International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3), Marseille, France
October 23rd
The 2nd European Ecotourism Conference
November 4th  - 7th
World Travel Market
November 4
Conference on "Green Infrastructure: Engaging regions, cities and civil society"
November 6
Rural Development: a critical opportunity for people and biodiversity
November 6
European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas; Tourism and Biodiversity in Protected Areas
November 6th – 8th
Making Europe More Organic - Celebrate 10 years of IFOAM EU in Brussels
November 12
Surveillance and regulations in MPAs: how to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of actions
November 13
9th EWA Brussels Conference "Water - Investing Today for the Future"
November 13th-16th
The 4th International Conference on Tourism - 2013 CACTUS
November 15
Conference on Biodiversity & Health, Vienna

November 21st – 22nd
World Forum on Natural Capital
* European Biogeographic Seminar:  The Alpine Seminar will be held on 25 and 26th of November in Graz, Austria.
In case you are interested to participate please contact your Ministry of the Environment, as National delegation can include also 2 representatives from other organisations and NGOs. The delegation should include habitat and species experts as well as policy makers and people with the necessary authority to commit to the proposed actions.

Find more events and event details in our online calendar!



Nitrogen Pollution and the European Environment: Implications for Air Quality Policy
Nitrogen pollution’s wide-ranging impacts include contributions to global warming, acid rain and eutrophication. Scientists have suggested that societal capture of atmospheric nitrogen needs to be reduced to around a quarter of its current volume. This in-depth report summarises scientific studies and research results on nitrogen pollution in the European environment.
Download the article
ECOWEB – Gateway to Eco-Innovations
The ECOWEB portal provides information on more than 3000 European eco-innovations, including technologies, applications, products, processes and other solutions. It's targeting small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that might have the potential to develop some of the eco-innovative ideas and to make them a success in the marketplace. ECOWEB offers an advantage over existing databases of projects because it has been specially customised for SME users, is more user-friendly, and is quick and intuitive.

Environment Encyclopedia & Directory 2014
Examining environment issues throughout the world, this Directory provides an easy-to-use reference source covering a wide variety of environmental affairs that are brought together conveniently in one volume. Order here
Directory of Environment & Climate Change Foundations 2013
This new directory provides a comprehensive guide to foundations, trusts, grant-making NGO's and other similar non-profit institutions involved in funding environment and climate change activity worldwide

La revue l’Alpe fête ses 15 ans ! Le bois dans tous ses états
Avec ce nouveau numéro consacré aux forêts, à leur exploitation et aux nombreux usages du bois, la revue L’Alpe fête ses 15 ans ! Le nouveau numéro est en vente chez les marchands de journaux (du mercredi 18 septembre jusqu’au mercredi 4 décembre 2013), ainsi que toute l’année, en librairies ou par abonnement.

Biosphere Reserves As Model Sites For Sustainable Development
This publication aims at enhancing success and visibility of model areas in order to accelerate the implementation of Sustainable Development worldwide.

WE&T Magazine
Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) is the premier magazine for the water quality field. WE&T provides information on what professionals demand: cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, operations and maintenance, regulatory and legislative impacts, and professional development.

Guide on Cohesion Investments to Green Infrastructures


Director, European Policy & Government Relations, Wildlife Conservation Society, WCS Europe
Junior Specialist in EU Environment Policy, European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers, CECED

Brussels News

UNEP 2013 Champions of the Hearth: Janez Potočnik Recognized for Efforts to Promote Resource Efficiency and Reduce Food Waste in European Union.

European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik has received the United Nations’ 2013 Champions of the Earth award.  The prize – which is the UN system’s highest environmental accolade - is awarded to leaders from government, civil society and the private sector whose actions have had a significant and positive impact on the environment. Mr. Potočnik, 55, received the Policy Leadership award for his commitment to an inclusive Green Economy and boosting resource efficiency including in respect to food wastage across the European Union. The Slovenian national’s leadership has emphasized how rising pressures on water, land, and other resources can trigger a positive shift towards more sustainable, low-carbon economies and lifestyles.  On the same occasion also Carlo Petrini – president of Slow Food was honoured for Efforts to Improve Sustainability of Global Food Supply and Tackle Food Waste. Read more

Have you discovered already the Natura 2000 Communication Platform?
Last month, another interesting report issued; Recovery strategies for nitrogen-sensitive habitats
Translation of a Dutch report on recovery strategies for nitrogen-sensitive habitats in support of the national Programmatic Approach Nitrogen that aims to reduce nitrogen impacts on Natura 2000 sites and habitats. This translation results from an action that was agreed at the Atlantic Natura 2000 seminar held in December 2012. Read more

For the complete overview and most up to date news from Europe, visit our website, the Brussels news section!


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (UK) - Local youngsters step up to improve boggy Broad Haven path

Nine local young people have helped improve a popular stretch of path through Haroldston Woods near Broad Haven, with the help of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Ranger Hayley Barrett. The group known as ‘Team 150’ installed more than 30 stepping logs in the space of two weeks over two sections of the route. National Park Ranger Hayley Barrett said: "The team has worked fantastically hard to improve the path, which will be of huge benefit to the local community. “The path is a popular route for dog walkers and links up with the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail to form a pleasant circular walk.” The youngsters are all from Milford Haven, Haverfordwest and the surrounding area and completed the work as part of a 12-week programme with the Prince’s Trust.
Read more
C’est la fête annuelle pour les Parcs naturels régionaux de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur !

La manifestation se déroule tous les week-ends, jusqu'au 27 octobre, dans les 9 Parcs naturels régionaux de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (dont trois en création). Au programme: des circuits découverte et des randonnées, des animations, des spectacles… et bien d’autres surprises ! Découvrez les temps forts de la Fête des Parcs
ici .
Dear Readers

This month with put our special focus on food, nutrition and local products in our protected areas. As Voltaire said: Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity, as well as fulfilling this necessity, we need to make sure our food has been well produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. This month’s edition will provide you with some of the great examples of how our protected areas support local food production. Get inspired and involved in topics that benefit your Protected Area and your community. We also bring you the latest news from the EU and our partner organisation. This eNews is to benefit you, our members, if you have any suggestions or material you would like to share with us, please do so. Don’t forget to follow our regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.
Download and send our monthly eCards, share your love of Europe’s nature!

Hope you enjoy reading.

Your EUROPARC team

Next month…
In the next eNews we will focus on the benefits of children connecting with nature, celebrating the Universal Children’s Day (UNICEF) on November 20. If you are conducting any researches or have interesting data you would like to share and/or run programmes for children in your Protected Areas and  would like to share your points of view of children’s connection with the nature, please send us your updates to no later than October 28.

EUROPARC Conference 2013
Our biggest event of 2013 took place in Hortobagy National Park, our Hungarian colleagues provided an experience to remember for all our guests. We would like to thank our colleagues from the Hortobagy National park directorate for the great support and help.  If you have missed any of the reports that have been discussed on our biggest EUROPARC meeting, the General Assembly, please connect to your members’ library and have a look at some of the important papers that have been discussed at this year’s Assembly. The EUROPARC council and President, Mr. Thomas Hansson released a communiqué on the decisions that have taken place this October in Debrecen, Hungary. Read more. 

This year’s conference was a perfect setting for people of many different backgrounds, the surplus of multicultural diversity and international exchange included participants from more than 36 countries, reaching a number of almost 300 participants in total. The uniqueness of this conference also included a parallel conference for the Youth participants, which was a great success and will lead to even bigger ideas and projects in the future. More information on both of the conferences will soon be published, stay connected to our Social Media pages (Facebook and Twitter) and our news section of the website for more information and photos! If you have any pictures or conference impressions, please post on the EUROPARC Facebook page


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Congratulations to the 10 years of the
Transboundary Programme!

This year’s conference was a whole box of surprises. Our Transboundary areas were also in the spotlight -  three areas from 7 countries in total were awarded with the Transboundary Awards; two re-evaluations (Maas-Schwalm-Nette Nature Park D/NL and Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park FIN/NO/RUS) and one new evaluation Hainaut cross-border Nature Park (B/F). The Transboundary working group has also been active in putting together a work plan for the upcoming year and various tasks and responsibilities being assigned. Read more

What are the real benefits of
volunteering for protected areas?

Among many workshops, this year’s conference hosted Volunteering in Protected Areas. The main topics included an interactive session on how should Natura 2000 and protected area managers invest in the management and training of staff and volunteers so that all benefit. Therby, discovering what are the real benefits of volunteering for protected areas, staff, volunteers themselves. Further, the workshop discussed what management tools exist in order to create a better win-win-situation in terms of volunteering in protected areas. Guests from RSPB and National Park Foreste Casentinesi shared their experiences. Again, volunteering in Protected Areas is confirming to provide great learning experience and a chance to discover some of the most beautiful corners of Europe. Read the stories at: If your protected area is interested on volunteering programmes, contact Federico Minozzi

Our Health and Protected Areas Working Group needs your help now to advance the work!
We all agree that physical activity and contact with nature is essential for good health. ‘Green exercise’ can make a significant and sustained contribution to physical and mental health and well-being. However, we need to build the evidence base to demonstrate public health benefits. We are therefore looking for several case studies to show the work that protected areas are doing in the area of health and to demonstrate the significant contribution they make to human health and well-being. The case studies, which should illustrate the development of Policy, Evidence or the Delivery of a project programme, will be used to promote the work and profile of protected areas in this area, and we hope also internationally. They will also form part of a tool kit that the working group is planning. If you are working in this area we would love to hear from you!
Download here a template that gives you more information on the sort of examples that we are looking for. Although the template is in English, we would be pleased to hear from you in any language! Please send your case studies to Richard Blackman of the EUROPARC Atlantic Isles Section at  or contact him if you would like further information.
In Brasov experts work to find innovative solutions for the responsible management of natural resources based on an integrated strategic planning

ProPark the Foundation for Protected Areas, in collaboration with MILVUS Group Association, will prepare a set of complex guidelines to include all relevant information for the responsible management of the following natural resources: water and fisheries, forests, fauna of interest for hunting, agricultural resources. The guidelines will contribute to improving the territorial planning process in Romania by including some biodiversity elements and by guiding the main economic sectors that use natural resources to actively contribute to the preparation of regional plans to reflect biodiversity elements, including the Natura 2000 network objectives.
Read More
Charter Award Ceremony in Brussels this year!  
6th November 2013

To celebrate “40 Years Working for Nature”, EUROPARC is delighted to invite you this year to a special event on Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity in Protected Areas.

The one-day-event will include a European Charter Network Meeting in the morning with workshops and plenary sessions, and the Charter Award Ceremony in the afternoon at the European Parliament. * This event is free of charge, but for security reasons registration is compulsory! 

Register here for the event!

Members and Network 

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Interested in Wilderness Area Management? 
A great example just published from our Finnish member

Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services, the manager of Finland’s protected area network, has recently published a report that outlines the preparatory work for and compilation of the Hammastunturi Wilderness Area management and land use plan from late 2010 to the end of 2012. The report also discusses the way in which the Voluntary Akwé: Kon Guidelines adopted by the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity have been applied in drawing up the plan, in addition to reviewing the results of the application of the Guidelines and offering development suggestions for drawing up future management and land use plans. The pilot project was carried out in cooperation with the Finnish Saami Parliament. The Saami are an indigenous people living in the northernmost part of Finland. Read more or download the publication.

Put nature at the heart
of sustainable development goals!
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight international development goals, to be met by 2015, that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000. They include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and ensuring environmental sustainability. IUCN's Director General, Julia Marton-Lefèvre, called for nature to be put at the heart of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda. Ms Marton-Lefèvre, was also one of the key note speakers at our Conference last week. Read more

Unprecedented rate of change in climate demands action!

Climate change is happening faster, more intensely and, in many cases, at an unprecedented rate of change, according to the Fifth Assessment Working Group 1 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This demands action. How are protected areas fighting this problem? Share your stories with us on Read More

Terra Madre Day 2013 - saving endangered foods!

Now in its fifth year, Terra Madre Day - Slow Food’s annual worldwide celebration of local food held on December 10 – will take place in communities across the globe. We invite everybody, whether you are a member or not, to join this international day of celebration.  For one day, whoever and wherever you are, you can put local food in the spotlight through a myriad of different activities: From community picnics and food festivals, to film evenings, rallies and farmers’ markets, or even a simple dinner with friends. Read More

Ecosystem and Protected Areas? An economic case for restoring rivers and their ecosystem services
Restoring the natural conditions of rivers and streams by intentionally adding forest deadwood boosts key ecosystem services, new research suggests. By calculating the value of these services, the researchers were able to show that increasing the amount of deadwood in rivers and streams in a Basque Country reservoir basin was economically profitable and that returns on investment could be realised within 20 years. Read more
EUROPARC Consulting

Eat local, think global…  

Earlier this year, EUROPARC Consulting began work on the exciting COOL Tourism Project to develop and promote the tourism offer in rural areas in the Cross-Channel region of France and England. The original idea for a rural tourism project was jointly conceived by Visit Kent and Pas de Calais Tourism because the rural areas in the partnership area boast beautiful countryside with cultural heritage, natural resources and excellent food.
Read More

Can protected areas
be good drivers for pro-environmental behaviour?

An overview of research into ‘nudge’ theory and practices has recently been presented. While there is much evidence to show how humans make decisions, translating these psychological and economic insights into viable policy instruments that encourage behavioural change remains challenging, the authors conclude.
Read More

Si è conclusa la 12a Conferenza mondiale dei geo parchi - Eccellente l'organizzazione del nel Parco nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni

Si è svolto nel Parco nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni la 12° Conferenza dei geo parchi europei. Oltre 400 fra delegati, autorità, scienziati, rappresentanti UNESCO e di molti governi, oltre a tutti i presidenti dei geo parchi del mondo, si sono ritrovati nei giorni scorsi per discutere di geo turismo, di come i geo parchi possono dare impulso alle ricerche scientifiche sui cambiamenti climatici e su come essi possano diventare uno stimolo per aumentare la conoscenza della popolazione sui temi dei rischi geologici, della sostenibilità e dell'uso razionale delle risorse. Maggiori informazioni

When Junior Rangers grow up, their education could continue in; Masters in Conservation Leadership - Applications and scholarship support for October 2014

This course is a full-time, one year Masters, aimed at graduates of leadership potential with at least three to five years of experience relevant to biodiversity conservation. A key aim of the course is to build the capacity of conservation leaders from tropical countries. As a result, the first two cohorts have attracted post-experience students from around the world. All applications for October entry and scholarships must be received by the 3 December 2013. Further details of the course and scholarships can be found

The next round of the Klagenfurt MSC study programme "Management of Protected Areas" starts in February!

Applications can be submitted until 30 October 2013. Offering:  lectures by some 40 internationally recognised experts,  personal contacts with lectureres and members of an international advisory board, access to most recent developments, high-end information and materials as well as latest technologies and tools, eight training modules (altogether 66 days of presence within a period of two years time to be hold at the University  of Klagenfurt or in protected areas within Europe) that can be organised parallely to a job,  substantial support for applied seminar works and master thesis
. More information


Call for the Anders Wall Award now open!
Nominate an individual who has made a special contribution to the rural environment within the European Union. The landowner of the selected project will receive a prize of €15,000. Fill in the application form 

2014 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards open for Entries
This year, which is the tenth under WTTC’s stewardship, sees the addition of two new categories and some small changes to the existing categories.
More Information


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Tourism and Protected Areas:

Food, nutrition and local production – Healthy People depend on Healthy Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition
About the World Food Day 
World Food Day was established by FAO's Member Countries at the Organization's Twentieth General Conference in November 1979. The date chosen - 16 October - is the anniversary of FAO's founding in 1945.
Why celebrate the World Food Day
A food system is made up of the environment, people, institutions and processes by which agricultural products are produced, processed and brought to consumers.

Every aspect of the food system has an effect on the final availability and accessibility of diverse, nutritious foods – and therefore on consumers’ ability to choose healthy diets. What is more, policies and interventions on food systems are rarely designed with nutrition as their primary objective.

Addressing malnutrition requires integrated action and complementary interventions in agriculture and the food system, in natural resource management, in public health and education, and in broader policy domains.

What would a sustainable food system look like? Is it possible to get from here to there? What would need to change to move us in that direction? World Food Day 2013 is an opportunity to explore these and other questions, and help bring about the future we want.

Read More on the World Food day here.

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