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What’s happening at 17pounds Country Estate
during our winter months?

Wood, wood & more firewood. Having split, stacked and chopped our winter supply during spring & summer we are finally feeling the warmth of our labour. It’s a tough gig living in Bullarto at this time of the year but it also brings so many more pleasures. Only last night while driving home along the wildlife corridor, yes we have named and signposted our little section of road, mummy and her joey (baby wombat- {had to google what a baby wombat was called - didn’t know it was the same as the kangaroo family}) what a joy, not quick enough to take a photo so again thanks to Dr Google, I have one here.

So if you are lucky, sit on the veranda of Shillings & Pence Cottage, lights off and wait patiently wait, it was about 8.30pm and I must admit our little section of road was teaming with wildlife & not only wombats.

Our Food Forest unfortunately is not as impressive as our wildlife at the moment. Raspberry canes are being cut back to ground level waiting for the spring growth. This year’s growth of blackberries is being removed as the blackberry fruit grows on the second year canes.
Not hard but when you have numerous rows, time & patience is required. If a new cane is cut then sadly no fruit next year. Most years we will collect more than 50 kilos of blackberry’s, 30 kilos of raspberries and about 10 kilos of currents. The vegetable garden beds have been put to rest with a mass planting of green manure. During Winter it’s a tough gig to grow, so we have a well-earned rest from the veggie patch and enjoy some us time.

With the fires roaring & a big pot of deliciousness in the wood stove
we make the most of our winter months and what we have gathered from the spring garden.

The first days of winter we have already had our first dump of snow.
So wave your magic wand, book in and hopefully you will be covered
in snow during your say at 17pounds Country Estate.

Book direct & be spoilt on your arrival.

Looking forward to welcoming you.

Janine, Alan & Teddy


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