Fall 2019
Dear Friends and Family,

As we celebrate International Literacy Day and move into fall, we also celebrate changemakers and the words of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Hope is not something that you have. Hope is something you create, with your actions."

We honor hope through action in our series of literacy films, which continue to grow! The first chapter in our TEACH series - They Say I'm Your Teacher - will premiere at the UN Association Film Festival in October, while Maestra travels to both Haiti and Brazil this month for educational screenings. More information below...

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- Catherine & The Literacy Project Team
Project Updates
The Literacy Project Film Trilogy
Multilingual Versions and Transnational Partnerships
In collaboration with grassroots social justice and education organizations in various countries, we have completed versions of MAESTRA in five languages. Many of these collaborations were sparked by educators who saw MAESTRA at the Literacy Museum in Havana.
We now have 2-minute trailers in Haitian Kreyol and Portuguese and the full-length versions will launch in September! A big thanks to Lilian Lombera who coordinated this work and subtitled both the Kreyol and Portuguese versions. Both of these versions will be available for free with open links by end of the month.
Haitian Kreyol
In collaboration with Kreyol language education partners in Haiti and the diaspora, especially Founder/Director of Inisyativ MIT-Ayiti / MIT-Haiti Initiative Michel DeGraff, we have created subtitle and voiceover versions of MAESTRA for use in Haiti and in Kreyol language education programs across the diaspora.

MAESTRA will travel to Haiti for 10 days of screenings and educational events from Sept 5 - 15. The film will be presented in person by Consuelo Doris Diaz, President of the Cuban Association of Haitian Descendants, who will travel to Haiti for the screenings. 

Special public screening at 4pm on September 8th, International Literacy Day, at BANJ in Port-au-Prince: 514 Route de Delmas, Delmas 66  
The Portuguese version of MAESTRA will premiere on Sept 26th at the Artefatos da Cultura Negra Congresso Internacional / Artefacts of Black Culture International Congress held at the Universidade Regional do Cariri - URCA in the northeastern state of Ceara, Brazil. We are also working with Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement / Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) to make the Portuguese subtitled version available to their literacy and education programs.
More Multi-lingual Versions
Greek: A Greek version premiered in Athens on April 18.

German: A German subtitled version launched at the Havana Literacy Museum in May.

Vietnamese & Japanese: We have pending requests for Japanese and Vietnamese language versions and are determining how to move forward with those requests.  
First Chapter Premiering in October
TEACH is a series of short films exploring literacy and illiteracy in the USA and how it has been used as a citizenship and empowerment tool by social justice movements in the US, including the Black Freedom Struggle, North and South. 

The first chapter in the series, "They Say I'm Your Teacher", explores the Citizenship Schools of the 1950s led by Septima Clark and Bernice Robinson, and is created together with Lucy Massie Phenix using the film archives from her groundbreaking 1985 film "You Got To Move" about the work of Highlander Center.
They Say I'm Your Teacher will premiere at the UN Association Film Festival - UNAFF 2019: Scales of Justice -  held October 17 - 29 in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Our documentary about the 1980 Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade is currently on hold, but we hope to pick it back up in late 2020. Write to us for more information.
Moving Forward
We continue to raise funds to support our work documenting social justice literacy across the Americas. Follow us on social media, share with friends, and please consider making a donation to support our work.
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