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Newsletter #19                                                                                   March 18, 2015
Bonjour mes amies et amis
Winter is almost over! I know it can’t come too soon for many of us. If you haven’t been able to get away, I hope some good books have taken you other places. We’ve had family visiting in Florida with us and it was wonderful, but now it’s time to get back to work. Sneaking in a few hours of writing after everyone went to bed didn’t quite do the trick.
I’m spending a lot of time, on the keyboard and in my mind, back in Antibes as I work on the next Love In Provence story. As you can imagine, I’m counting the days until I am actually there in person in June. I have this header photo pinned in front of me so I can picture Kat biking around and getting on with her life there.  It took me quite a while to bring her back from Molly’s bedside in Toronto!
I snapped that photo from the top of Fort Carré, the 500-year-old fort that overlooks Port Vauban harbor in Antibes and across the Baie des Anges to Nice in the other direction. Beyond the town, you can see the hilly, wooded area that is Cap d’Antibes. That’s where the property is located that Katherine and Philippe are restoring. Of course, Simone’s home is there too, next to them. Can you picture it?


And just to bring you a lttle more into my Antibes frame of mind … here’s a shot of one of the main entrances into the old town/la vieille ville.

Now spend a few minutes at one of the local beaches. The first is Kat and Philippe’s (and my) favourite, Plage de la Gravette and the second is Plage Salis, with its breathtaking view.


While I’m talking about Antibes, I wanted to pass along some sad news that has turned into good news. Back in the autumn I mentioned that Heidi’s English Book Shop was closing its doors, and the charismatic owner, Heidi Lee, was retiring after twenty years of dedication to ensuring there were English books available on the Côte d’Azur. This is Heidi with Susie Dean, who helped run the shop for years, along with Susie’s adorable dog, Tiggy … the official greeter.

In a recent email, Heidi told me that another of her able co-workers, Fenella Holt, has opened the new Antibes Books at 13, rue Georges Clemenceau. Yay! The tradition continues! I hope to have an interview with Fenella soon on my blog.
 I’m having fun writing Kat’s ongoing story, but am feeling a little behind the proverbial 8-ball at the moment. Along with working on book #3 (title ideas are beginning to form … I’ll be coming to you all for help later on), there are also blog posts and guest posts to write. I just put together a photo essay on Eze for the upcoming LLm ezine and I’m working on another one for The Good Life France.
Oh! That reminds me! The second issue of The Good Life France Ezine is out and it is simply magnifique … yet again! Here’s the link to it. It’s hard to believe it is FREE/GRATIS! I like to keep these ezines on my iPad. They are gems!
Lyon is featured this month and you will recognize many of the places mentioned from Kat and Philippe’s weekend there in Promises To Keep. My husband and I stopped for an espresso in Place des Terreaux when we were in Lyon … and so did Katherine and Philippe!

Thanks to everyone who entered the February contest and congratulations to Rosemary Strange and L. Lam who were the winners of a $25 Amazon gift card each and a donation to V-day in their name. It was super to see so many of you support such a worthy cause.
Spring is coming! Le printemps arrive! To celebrate, I’m giving away one ebook each of First French Essais and Words In A French Life by Kristin Espinasse of the fabulous French Word- A-Day website.
I’ve followed Kristin for years and am a huge fan of her website and her delightful books. If you haven’t visited her site before, I’m betting you will be as intrigued as I am by the experiences she shares so candidly with her readers. Learn French vocabulary and enjoy how life evolves with her family, her beloved garden and dogs on the vineyard they continue to establish in the Var region of the south of France.
For your chance to win, simply send a quick message to and answer this question. “If you could visit one town in the Love In Provence stories, which would you choose?” If you have a preference for which book you would like to win, please mention that too. They are both great. Bonne chance!
Easter and Passover are almost here … I know I keep saying this but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO??? ... and that means there will be white, purple and green asparagus appearing in local markets.  They are synonymous with spring in Provence. Of course there will be asparagus festivals. It’s the French way … and we love that!

 White asparagus is the most eagerly awaited. Vulnerable, it needs protection from the sun as it grows and is best lightly boiled or roasted until it is tender.  My French friends assure me it is never eaten alone, but always married with a sauce (the classics are hollandaise in the north, vinaigrette in the south). And it is devoured in abundance before it disappears in June.
Here’s an article and some recipes for les asperges from another favourite website, Bonjour Paris.

I think after this winter that was so unkind to many people, we are all looking forward to the first signs of spring. I hope this letter finds winter well on its way out from your corner of the world. Thanks again to all of you for your enthusiastic support. It’s always a lovely surprise to receive your messages and reviews and I appreciate every single one.
And now back to writing book #3!



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