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May 22, 2019

"The combination of hard work and smart work

is efficient work." 

Robert Half

Mujeres y Allies,

Each year different websites and magazines publish software and app recommendations that are designed to make our lives a little easier to manage, save time, or keep us sane.  If you have been to our ¡Rise to the Top! workshop you know that we encourage using some software to manage Latina’s ever expansive roles and responsibilities--from work to home to passion project.  We have our favorite apps that we use and we can share those with you. But this week’s #3LVCareerHacks is dedicated to helping you think about the different aspects of your work life where one or more apps might be useful.  The best criteria for selecting these tools is if it aligns with how you work and it truly makes your work life easier!

Uno, dos y tres. Let’s do this con ganas.

Tip #1  Use Apps that Organize Your Personal and Professional Life Into Projects

If you are still making lists of things to do on paper--of course that can work for small reminders--you’ll want to adopt platforms that organize your work into projects. Your child’s science project or your team’s next off-site will go better with a project planning app. The big advantage over a “To Do” list is that you can update and refine your tasks as you make progress and you can also enlist members of your team---or others in your family--to make the project a success.  We use Trello and SmartSheet for different types of project planning that range from individual work by a volunteer to a team effort planning a workshop.  Both of these allow you to collaborate on-line making it easy to track progress.

Tip #2  Organize Notes, Receipts, or Business Contacts so You Can Find Them Easily

Does your desk have hundreds of Post It® notes scattered all over?  Do you keep writing notes on different pieces of paper that get tucked away in folders? You may end up spending more time trying to find those notes than you realize.  The average worker in the US spends 2.5 hours each day just looking for information!   Look for apps that can organize your contacts especially if your work involves extended networks.  Use an expense tracking software if you need to submit those for reimbursement. Our favorite app for organizing a wide range of notes is Evernote. It has the most versatility and it can now also record memos, take pictures of receipts or documents and place them inside the app where you can tag them and easily search for them.  It’s also great just to take notes, keep a journal or save articles you collect on line through its web clipping extension. Our VIDA Notebook is built with Evernote.  

Tip #3  Find Apps that Streamline Common Routines

One of the most common tasks in your work day is setting up meetings with colleagues or external contacts.  Just to get on someone’s calendar---if they aren’t sharing their calendar with you on line--takes about four emails: 1) “We need to meet, can you tell me when you are available?” 2) “Here are my available times, do any of these work?”  3) “I can meet Tuesday at 10 am, can you send me a calendar invite?” 4) “Sure thing”. And, you can double this if you are scheduling a group meeting! End the madness by using an online scheduler. Two of our favorites are Doodle and OnceHub. Each of these allows you to publish your available times so that you can ask others to pick a time to meet. It’s one email and--boom--the meeting set on your calendar and theirs!

That’s it. #3LVCareerHacks on the software apps that can help you make it through your day with a little more efficiency and less stress.  

Got a comment for us? Give us a shout at @SavvyLatinaInfo @LatinaVIDA360 or on our Facebook Group. We’d love to hear from you!  If you’ve made one of the CareerHack tips work for you, we may feature you in the next LatinaVIDA360 Career Power Hacks Podcast!

Live Your VIDA with Intention! 


Your LV Familia!


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