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May 15, 2019

"The wise rest at least as hard as they work.

- Mokokoma Mokhonoana Author, Confessions of Misfit

Mujeres y Allies,  

Is it “normal” for you to be working 10, 12 or 14 hour days? Are you constantly on the go? Do you have so many projects that work takes over your weekend, too?  And are you the designated problem solver, ambassador, or event planner for your family? As much as you may love all the different roles you play in your work life,  it’s also possible you are over committed and over engaged. Not only is this unsustainable, it’s also putting you at risk of burnout. This is a real issue now more than ever.  In fact, 57% of tech workers reported in a recent Blind App survey feeling burnout.  The real consequence for your health is you may feel unable to focus, unable to find meaning in your life, and yes, depressed.  In this week’s #3LVCareerHacks we list for you three important steps to prevent burnout and encourage you to seek support for this very real challenge.

Uno, dos, y tres. Let’s do this con ganas!

Tip #1  Take Back Control of Your Work Life

People tend to experience burnout when they are constantly reacting to “mind numbing” tasks or doing work that has no real value. Some of these tasks are expected in toxic work environments. Others are self imposed.  Producing weekly reports that no one reads or responding to every call, text, or message as if they all have equal priority is exhausting. Take stock of the work flow you have and reset expectations of how you are managing your day.  Don’t take on new work without negotiating what existing work will be let go or delegated. Review assignments or tasks that maybe your boss hasn’t completely thought through and renegotiate the work or the timeline to complete the task.

Tip #2  Set Up Your “Me” Time Every Day

The new mantra for busy lives is to “manage your energy”.  Take a look at your calendar on Sunday nights and book time just for you each day of the week ahead. If you have others making appointments with you based on your availability on line, this can insure you carve out time just to take a breath, catch up, recharge, or organize your approach to the rest of the day.  That one hour you carve out can give you sense of control essential to your mental health.

Tip #3  Manage Your FOMO

FOMO--Fear of Missing Out--is that anxiety you feel that you’re missing out on all the right social events that your BFFs are attending or that you are not networking with all the key people at professional events.  It’s a general anxiety that your life just isn’t measuring up to where you think it needs to be now.  If you experience FOMO, you may start doing more things just to make sure you are “on track” or question what else there is to do. Stop! Doing more or filling your calendar with stuff to do is not the answer.  The real path to feeling fulfilled is about your mindset--a sense of gratitude that your life can bring you joy each day if you take a moment to notice what’s good, what’s working, and celebrating YOU--just the way you are.     

That’s it. #3LVCareerHacks on preventing burnout so you can take care of YOU.  

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Live Your VIDA with Intention! 


Your LV Familia!


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