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May 29, 2019

"The brick walls are there for a reason.

The brick walls are not there to keep us out.

The brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something.

- Randy Pausch

Mujeres y Allies!  

The latest figures from the US Department of Labor suggest the unemployment rate for Latinos ages 20-24 is 8.2% and for those ages 25-34 is 4.9%.  There are many reasons for the difference in the jobless rate between these two age groups. It’s about the education you have, how you describe your work experiences and how you approach the job search. There are real gender differences in job seeking, too. New data suggests women apply for 20% fewer jobs than men, though they are more likely to be hired once they do apply.  The successful job hunt is a combination of personal factors and the job hunting tactical strategies we use. This week’s #3LVCareerHacks is about how to approach the next job hunt with success.

Uno, dos, y tres.  Let’s do this con ganas!

Tip #1  Learn How to Distinguish Key Qualifications for a Job-- They’re Not All the Same

One HBR study found that one factor where men and women differ is how men view the qualifications for a job.  When asked why they didn’t apply for a job 8.5% of men versus 15% of women said they were “following guidelines about who should apply”.  Clearly if you are interested in a job that requires a license or specific degree, there is no way around that criteria. But the advice of some hiring managers is to go ahead and apply if you meet 80% of general qualifications for the job.  A job description is used to paint a picture of the type of person that should apply and you can make a case for your hire during the interview process if you are missing one or two criteria.  Net/Net: Not all qualifications are the same and take time to carefully discern who the ideal candidate may be to determine your eligibility.

Tip #2  Make Sure YOU Translate How Your Experiences Make You the Ideal Candidate

Many of us have unique experiences that extend beyond our formal education that are truly valuable to any employer.  We helped run a small family business, we lead a volunteer organization in our community, we managed the family household caring for younger siblings or we overcame a unique challenge.  Make sure you think about how you will translate these experiences for the job you are seeking. A hiring manager may not see the connection with your volunteer efforts or your triumphs over hardships and the work you will need to do. That person may not relate to those experiences or they are just so busy that they can’t see those links. This effort is your responsibility and it must be tailored to each job interview or cover letter/email you send with your application.

Tip #3  Don’t Ignore Your Online Profile--But Get Out and Connect In Person!

We’ve often talked about the importance of your online brand and presence. Indeed, most major employers rely upon a hiring process that starts with submitting your resume on-line.  But how do most people get their job? Networking. Getting out in front of others who may be hiring managers or who know someone who knows someone who’s hiring. The data suggests 85% of people get their job through networking. This is why attending conferences, networking events, career fairs, or joining a professional association is so key.  You can always browse the EventBrite site to see if there’s an event near you to attend or look through MeetUp to see if there are groups you can join that share your interests. Even joining a group that centers on your hobby--playing soccer, hiking, or sailing--is a way to connect with others, too! Andale! Get out there and let others know how wonderful you are!

That’s it. #3LVCareerHacks on planning your next job search.  

Got a comment for us? Give us a shout at @SavvyLatinaInfo @LatinaVIDA360 or on our Facebook Group. We’d love to hear from you!  If you’ve made one of the CareerHack tips work for you, we may feature you in the next LatinaVIDA360 Career Power Hacks Podcast!

Live Your VIDA with Intention! 


Your LV Familia!


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