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March 27, 2019

"Learning is not attained by chance,

it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.

Abigail Adams

Mujeres y Allies,

We have often said that your career playbook needs to include strategies to build key connections because “your network is your net worth.”  The more connected we are to key people throughout our careers the greater the likelihood you’ll hear about opportunities, get help for finding resources or get noticed for your successes.  Now there’s another reason to keep networking: to keep learning. In this month’s Harvard Business Review, a great spotlight article features the importance of forming a Personal Learning Cloud: the people and resources that empower you to be a lifelong learner.  The writers suggest that successful business leaders and entrepreneurs are scaling the learning curve on new industries or anticipating industry disruptors because they tap into their “network intelligence.” This week’s #3LVCareerHacks is about building and using your Personal Learning Cloud for success.

Uno, dos, y tres. Let’s do this con ganas!

Tip #1  Make Your Personal Learning Cloud Diverse

Take a look at your connections on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook and challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and connect or follow people in different industries, regions, ethnicities or generations.  The pace of change in business is in hyperdrive! What you are experiencing in your industry may be impacted by what’s happening in other sectors. Listening to different voices in the field will spark ideas and create an awareness of big trends that will strengthen your own critical thinking skills. As you read new ideas, ask how might that apply to my career today?

Tip #2  Tap the Wisdom of Your Cloud

Got an issue to solve? Trying to make a big decision on strategy? Go for the 15 minute informational interview.  Most professionals make time for answering questions from others over coffee or on the phone or on social media. But make sure you are prepared to use those 15 minutes or 280 characters wisely.  If you are about to post a question or make a call, make sure you have done some homework so that your question is really informed. This is how you show respect for someone’s time and demonstrate your own readiness for success.

Tip #3  Contribute to Your Personal Learning Cloud

People are drawn to interesting and knowledgeable people. Use your social media feed, your personal board of advisors or your LVCircle to share or talk about an idea, a resource, or something that challenged your thinking.  You can only participate in this personal learning cloud if you carve out time to read, listen to podcasts or participate in professional seminars or webinars that challenge you to learn. Consider a reading list  designed by business leaders’ recommendations.  Use MeetUp to attend events that center on your hobbies or your career goals to keep hearing about what’s new and yes, have some fun!     

That’s it. #3LVCareerHacks on building and using your Personal Learning Cloud.

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Live Your VIDA with Intention!


Your LV Familia!

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