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What's in your toolbox?


Diversity and Ability (DnA)'s collective end-user experience contributes to an unrivalled knowledge base of strategies, tech and tools! Our team are continually trialling new apps, tools and  techniques, and we like to share our insights either on our website on the resources page, via our newsletter, in one-to-one support sessions or in workshops.

We judge tools in terms of accessibility, useability, affordability and functionality, and only recommend them if they are worthy additions to our toolbox of tricks! We've collated a variety of different apps and programmes for different needs, that we think are worth a shout out. Here's an idea of what's on there:

Google Keep is a cloud based organisational tool that seamlessly works across different plaforms and devices. You can create to-do lists, make notes, archive information, all using audio, images, text...
Coggle logo
Coggle is a fantastic free mindmapping tool that not only looks great, it's easy to use, shareable, really colourful and can help with anything from notetaking to organisation
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