Neurodiversity, Grammarly and Goodbyes
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Celebrating Neurodiversity!

We wanted to take the opportunity to explore and celebrate the concept of 'neurodiversity'.

What does it mean & why does it matter?

  • It means we're all super duper awesome in our own unique ways
  • It turns the idea of neurological normalcy on it's head
  • It reframes disabilities as differences that arise from human variation
  • It asks that all learning styles are accommodated, recognised, respected and celebrated!
  • We are ALL neurodiverse, even those without a label- everyone thinks and does things differently, just some in more pronounced ways than others
  • Language is loaded- it takes away deficit, negative understandings and allows people to feel good about the way they learn... Finally!

Exploring just one strand of neurodiversity, our AT Trainer Matt shares an interesting radio show- 'The Art of Walking into Doors'- which looks at the relationship between dyslexia, dyspraxia and art!

DnA is an end-user led social enterprise, where many of the team identify as having 'learning differences', but ultimately we're all neurodiverse, and that's why we believe education must be inclusive and accessible to all. We do our small bit by promoting cool apps, tech, and strategies, hoping to make learning easier and more fun for everybody! 

Click here to see our fantastic 'DSA Find Your Way' guide!
Our trainer Rob loves Grammarly, the FREE contextual proofreading tool! It's an advanced grammar, spelling, and punctuation tool that's integrated into your Chrome web browser! Each suggested correction comes with a short explanation, so you'll learn the rules and your grammar/ spelling will improve through trial and error! Check our Rob's full review on our resources page!
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Bye Bye Beki! One of our wonderful Services Co-ordinators is moving on to pastures new. We're sad to see our lovely lady depart (the office will be a lot less glamorous!). Such a positive and caring person, that added so much to the team and the students lucky enough to speak to her! Good luck and keep shining! xxx
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