Happy New Year!

Starting 2018 with Purpose

Getting back to it all after the Christmas break can be a shock to the system, so we thought we'd share some of our favourite apps that will help you get back into the groove... with more focus and less distractions!

Fabulous is an award winning app that helps you build healthy, positive habits into your day to day life. Available on Android or iOS.

Mindjet is a great organisational tool that allows you to map out your tasks and time, turning ideas into solid plans in a fun and fluid way. 
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Based on the Pomodoro technique, Strict Workflow enforces a 25min distraction free block of work with a 5min break- hello productivity! Available from the Chrome Store.

Unplug with Offtime! Strike a digital balance, taking better control of your connectivity. Meaning less distractions, better focus & more peace. Available on Android or iOS
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