New year, new strategies! Dyslexia Awareness Week!
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Good Habits + Good Wellbeing =
👌 Good Vibes!

So it's the start of the new academic year, which can be a bit of a shock to the system after the long summer break (hope it was a good one!). So let's form some good habits, and start as we mean to go on! 

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💼📇Staying organised is always good for the soul, to help you feel in control and on top of things! How about using Evernote to keep all your notes together and Google Calendar to keep track of your timetable? Head to our resources page and click the 'organisation' tag for more tools and ideas!

💆😇Maintaining a sense of Calm when life gets a bit more hectic is important! Here are some tips to support your sense of wellbeing or you can simply head over to our resources and select the tags mindfulness or wellbeing for some tools to keep you centred! 

📝💻Notetaking is a pretty essential part of uni life! Maybe give Dance Mat Typing a go (a touch typing tool), to get those notes down quickly and accurately! Or perhaps you want a cloud based note taking and storage system- maybe try Google Docs with Google Drive

📚📖Swotting up for the next assignment might involve a lot of could use a scanner app to capture pages from the 'reference only' book in the library. Or you could use a text-to-speech programme (eg. Claro Read) to listen to it instead, or adjust the colours of the background/text in webpages using Care your Eyes.
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Many more ideas on our resources page- just head over and select the tag you need to reveal tons of tools & study strategies. Otherwise drop us a line, we've got many more tricks up our sleeves...!

Dyslexia Awareness Week

As an end-user led social enterprise, plenty of us DnA'ers are Dyslexic! That's what makes our organisation different (...and special!)- we also experience many of the same challenges our students do! So without further ado, we wanted to share some of our own experiences of dyslexia, (ps. you can check our Facebook page throughout the week for more stories!):
See original imageWhen I started school, I was identified as Dyslexic for my writing and reading. Yet I thought of dyslexia as entirely about literacy; It wasn’t until my early 20's that I started to link my dyslexia to my organisation problems. It was, in a way, my 2nd identification of dyslexia! See original image Read on here!
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See original imageI’ve got challenges, but then again, so does everyone else. They’re not barriers to me because I’ve figured out how to work around them. Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses- people approach things differently, and that’s what makes us diverse.See original image
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