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Over the past month we have met with the NUS Disabled Students Officer Maddy KirkmanBIS and the Equality Challenge Unit. We believe it is vitally important, in view of the proposed cuts to the DSA, that the agendas surrounding widening participation, inclusion and student choice remain at the forefront of discussion. You can read more about DnA's position and our lobbying by visiting our blog post 'Your Voice - your Choice!'.

Working with

Getting help to those that need it

We at DnA are only too aware of the impact that marginalisation and learning isolation can have; it might stop you from getting to University, or getting that dream job. It can also mean you're locked out of society and rendered homeless. That's why we've been working with the homelessness charity Crisis, delivering a series of workshops on Assistive Technology to service users. We have been exploring free technologies that assist with literacy skills, organisation and memory, with the aim of minimising long term unemployment and confidence issues surrounding neurodiversity and education.

Daniel, a workshop attendee said, "Now when I get a letter I type it up and use MyStudyBar to read it out loud to me. Before I had to ask for help or give it to a friend whose reading was better than me!"

DnA Southampton AT Centre

Launching March 2015! 

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new collaborative project with Spectrum, at Unity 12 in Southampton! We are opening an Assistive Technology Suite, providing training and mentoring for people in the local community, focused around access to independent living, education and employment. These services are open to all... from grandmothers wanting to learn to use Skype to communicate with the rest of their families, to students needing to discover assistive tools to unlock their learning and potential! Come one, come all!

F.lux icon

F.lux is an interesting tool that adjusts your screen's brightness according to the time of day. Staring at a bright screen, especially at night, is hard on your eyes, it can affect your sleep too. F.lux learns where you are and where the sun is in the sky and matches your screen to your eyes. It's also free!

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This is Kiyan, he's a trainer at DnA, and we're exceptionally proud of him. He's only cycling to Iran...on a bright yellow touring bike called Heart of Gold. Along the way he's going to explore different cultural attitudes and provisions towards mental health (and get really muscly legs no doubt!). Watch this space for the next instalment of Kiyan's epic adventure! 
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