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Alakazam That Exam !

with DnA's 12 Favourite Revision Apps

It's that time of year when the dreaded 'E' word is on everyone's lips. Some people love them (reveal yourselves you mythical beings!), and many people loathe them, for obvious reasons (let's not get into a debate about standardised testing right now...). Preparing for them can be stressful, so we've taken the liberty of compiling our 12 favourite apps to help you with different aspects of revision! We've selected two in each strategy category, with different interfaces and functionality, so you can try them out and choose the one that suits you! ps. nearly all of them are free & lots more ideas are on our resources page

Oh and you can download our revision apps poster here!

StudyBlue & Quizlet

A great way to test your knowledge, see where the gaps are, create your own or find pre-made decks, share with your friends, use images, words sounds...

Trello & Todoist

It's an added stress trying to remember all the things you need to do to prepare, on top of all the knowledge you've actually got to retain for the exam! Make life easier for yourself and make task lists that you can refer to at any point, add to, tick things off, assign dates to...

Evernote & Onenote

As the names might suggest these ones are great for keeping revision notes nice and organised! You can use these cloud-based apps to access your work any time, anywhere! Collect, store, tag and search for exactly what you need by topic or keyword ... Never to lose that vital sheet of paper again! 

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Mindmeister & iThoughts

Map your time, topics and themes! A visual way to organise what you need to learn, how ideas link together, what to include in each essay...

Google calendar & Cal Calendar

Who, what, when?! Keep on top of your revision schedule with these easy to use calendars. Set reminders, block out hours/ days for different topics, use different colours, share with a study buddy...

Mindshift & Calm

Don't panic! Stress and anxiety are perfectly normal in the lead up to exams, but if you're struggling to cope with the pressure, take a look at these useful tips from Student Minds or perhaps try one of these mindfulness apps. 
Good luck! Get in touch if you have any questions and remember, we all learn differently- play to your strengths! DnA xxx
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