Dragon, Trello and The General Election!
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The Dragon Story

It's national-share-a-story month, the annual celebration of the power of story telling, and the theme this year is DRAGONS!

We thought it would be fitting to share a story about using Dragon (text-to-speech software by Nuance). Although it doesn't fly or breathe fire, we think it's pretty magical. It allows the user to dictate what they want to write- by speaking to the computer the words appear (as if by magic) on the screen!

This is Amy's story:

Before working with DnA I was working as a PA for a student who was in a wheelchair and physically unable to type. When I came to work he would dictate to me and I would type for him (I was a human dragon!) ... Anyway, one day after 2 years of working for him, I came to work knowing he had an essay due soon, so was prepared to type it for him... Instead he asked me to put this headset on him (I initially thought he wanted to play 'Call of Duty' or some sort of virtual procrastinating game!)...Trying to re-focus his attentions, I told him he had an essay to do, but he then he showed me this amazing software which typed what he said!! I was so happy for him, and he explained that using Dragon made him feel really good to be doing something the same as an able bodied person, and he really cherished this independence! 

He's about to graduate this year :-)

If you like making lists, you're going to LOVE Trello! It's a really intuitive and visual organisational tool that works like a virtual 'to do' list. Tasks in the list are represented on cards which can be reorganised and dragged and dropped into other lists, allowing you to quickly and easily organise and oversee progress on projects. You can also assign tasks to collaborators, add notes, files and add reminders! There's nothing sweeter than moving that really boring task card into the 'DONE' column! You can give it a go for free!

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The General Election & Disability Policy

With the General Election fast approaching on Thursday 7th May, it's nearly crunch time! 11 million disabled people living in the UK have been disproportiantely affected by the Coalition Government's austerity programme. By the 2015 elections 28 billion pounds in welfare benefits and social care will have been cut, leaving many disabled people facing severe poverty and exclusion from our society.  Inclusion London have interviewed MPs from the three leading political parties, sharing their views on disability related policies and agendas. We encourage you to vote with this in mind. 
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Our own Chief Executive and co-founder Atif Choudhury has been nominated for an Entrepreneur of Excellence Award!

There's still time...Remember to cast your vote here

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