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Disruptive Technologies

Let's Shake Things Up!

From Uber to Deliveroo, we've seen some pretty innovative tech hitting the market recently, shaking it up, reinventing the possibilities. This is the same for the world of assistive technology, with plenty of affordable apps and software filling gaps, where previously products have been pricey or didn't exist at all. Tech is becoming more and more integrated into university life, with apps becoming go to study aids in lecture halls and on campus. 

Here are some of our favourite disruptive technolgies (in no particular order!):
Siri : Built into all iOS products, this powerful voice recogntion software can compete with other purpose built speech-to-text programs 
Google Keep : Add notes, lists, photos, reminders and audio, this can be used as a multipurpose organisational tool, accessible anywhere, anytime.
Audio Notetaker : Encouraging independent and proactive notetaking in lectures, where students are actively using tech to support their learning 
Brain in Hand : This app enables the individual to be an active agent in creating their own solutions to overcoming barriers
Pause : A sleek and beautifully designed mindfulness app, allowing the user to find pockets of calm throughout their day without having to commit too much time
Kahoot : A fun multimodal interactive way of learning- students can work together, pool knowledge, accessing games and quizzes accross various platforms
What are your favourite disruptive techs?
Give us a shout- we'd love to know what you are using!

DnA News in Brief

We have two new members joining our Services Coordination team- you'll meet them soon. In the meantime, WELCOME Maya and Lucy, we're excited to have you on board!

We are forever expanding our outreach, supporting more students, in more areas! Our Study Skills and Mentoring services are now available in many more towns near you! Drop us a line to find out more.

We continue to provide core skills & technology integrated courses for service users at Crisis Homelessness Shelter, as well and mental health and wellbeing sessions.

Together with The Open University, Mental Health Foundation and Student Minds, DnA is involved in a really exciting project that, *all going well*, will be supported by the DRILL Project! Centred around independent living and learning, we're working on something that will support disabled students with applications and admin, impacting on access, participation and retention in education and beyond. Wish us luck and watch this space!

DnA have been partcipating in a Social Enterprise accelerator programme- SPARK - to catalyse growth and social impact! Funded by the European Regional Development Fund & Interreg.

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