Hello Everyone!
The Emy’s Promise 2nd Annual Bowl-a-Thon was a great success!  We had 140 people come out and support us compared to 100 last year and raised double the amount of money! A Silent Auction was a brilliant addition to the event, featuring baskets and restaurants donated by community partners and featuring a golf day at the prestigious Adios Golf Club and also a free weekend rental of an Audi A3 Cabriolet.  Congratulations to the very happy winners!  We already have next year’s date of February 21, 2016, so mark your calendars for a fun day!


With our fundraising efforts from last year we were able to assist Kenisha Anthony at FSU for 2 semesters allowing her to complete her junior year at FSU without worry. Thanks to your generosity, Kenisha’s education didn’t have to end with an associate’s degree – she is close to completing her B.A. in Social Work at FSU. She wants to continue with an MSW and a JD.  Congratulations, Kenisha.
Also, Kenisha was awarded the Youth Advocate of the Year award on December 11, 2014 by the non-profit organization, Florida’s Children First, for all her work advocating for children in the foster care system. 
Our other recipient, Kayla, one of 7 children, would also like to advocate for children in her situation by becoming a family law attorney.  In order to go forward, Kayla must take her LSAT’s before applying to law school. She is a full time student and works part time to pay all of her expenses. Again,thanks to your generosity we were able to help pay for her LSAT prep course and she can go confidently into the LSAT test.
Now,we are poised to help even more girls. We are in the process of identifying the need in our community and ready to help a new group of graduating senior girls looking forward to the opportunities ahead.

Children in the foster care system often find themselves without consistent mentors in their lives.  They may be bounced around from foster home to foster home, be taken away from and live separately from siblings, and have no stable adult to offer caring advice during the formative years.  Children in foster care are at greater risk than their peers for poor societal outcomes because of this.  However, by giving scholarships for university or technical training to young women who thought they could not go to college because of the huge financial barrier and no family to support them, we can try to level the playing field for them just a little bit, by providing the opportunity for further education.  In many cases they will be the first in their family to go to college and therefore break the poverty cycle.  This is an end worth pursuing.
This foundation was created to honor the memory and the spirit of our daughter, Emily Rachel.  By reaching out to girls whose family situation may be in a state of upheaval through no fault of their own, we feel we are doing exactly that.
This is true of both Kenisha and Kayla.  And working together, we can accomplish a great deal.
Thank you to all our volunteers, bowlers and cheerleaders for your generosity and support.

Fran, Steven and the Emy’s Promise team.