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With a huge smile that is always camera ready, it is no wonder that he is the son of a photographer. However, he reserves that smile for the camera. He is more likely to say, “No” than “Hello,” but he gives hugs freely when asked. The firstborn son of Javier and Amanda Crump, Zavier “Zay” Crump is a joyful little boy who loves his parents and his baby brother, Malik. Only a few months ago, Zay would barely say a word, but the fervent prayers of the believers went forth on his behalf, and his vocabulary has increased exponentially!! We have already seen God do a great work in him and He will certainly continue to pour into the life of this awesome young warrior. We praise the Lord for our June member of the month!


Black faith leaders push back after elimination of

Sunday voting in one Georgia county


The Rev. Zachary Holmes spent part of last weekend assembling people to head to the polls ahead of Tuesday's primaries, but the church parking lot was a lot less crowded than it normally would have been.

That's because it was Saturday, not Sunday.

Previously, Holmes had conducted voting efforts on Sundays after church, as early voting on that day was popular for Black churchgoers. But, amid an ongoing fight over voting access in Georgia and nationwide, the Spalding County election board in April voted to eliminate the option. It is one of seven Georgia counties that had Sunday early voting in the 2020 election but will not have the option available for the midterms.

The original article can be found at:

-Automotive Repair Services
-Metro Automotive
-Dea. Thomas Robertson
-8280 Tara Blvd | Jonesboro, GA 30236
-Phone: 770.472.5454 | Cell: 770.294.1649

-Moms Babies Business LLC
-Trunae Green

-Business Consulting
-First Class Business Consulting
-Thomas Green 404.394.3051

-Graphic Design
-Design, Multi-Media, Illustration and Signage
-Alfred Lands 404.964.4639
-Creative Design Solutions
-P.O. Box 401 | Morrow, GA 30260

-Hair Braiding
-Shakiera Brooks 678.358.8377 

-Hair Styles
-Annetta "Nettie Bee" Willis 678.973.7092
-Lawn Care Services
-Lawn Service Residential/Commercial
-Reginald Burke 404.590.1615
-Reginald Burke Lawn Services
-Legal Services
-Rev. Rosemary Lands 404.759.9857
-Independent Associate 
-Small Business, Group Benefits & CDLP Specialist

-Express Drugs
-Joe Bakhtiari, Owner 404.688.2211
-212 Edgewood Ave, NE Atlanta,GA 30303
-Open 8am to 6pm M-F/9am to 4pm Saturday
-Free delivery Monday thru Friday
-Professional Writing Services
-Annetta "Nettie Bee" Willis 678.973.7092
-Truly Pure Sanitizing, LLC
-Bishop Rosemary Lands 404.759.9857

-Transportation Services
-LIFE Transportation LLC
-Shakiera Brooks 678.813.2060
-"Put a Little LIFE in Your Travel"

-J Crump Original
-Javier Crump 678.554.8014


Kindergarten Graduates 

Dasia Brooks Graduate of Family Life Academy of Excellence. She loves to dance and play the clarinet. Dasia is gifted and follows in the footsteps of her very talented mother, Min. Shakiera Brooks. Her career goal is to become a professional gymnast.

Tory Green Graduate of Family Life Academy of Excellence. Tory enjoys playing drums and saxophone. He also has a goal to be a builder as one of his main careers. 

Dana Holland Graduate of Creekside Christian. Dana's goal is to become a nurse, following in the footsteps of her mother, Moira Holland: currently in pre-nursing program, and her grandmother, Deidra Favors who is a retired nurse after 41 years.


5th Grade Graduates
Darien Brooks, Jr. Graduate of Family Life Academy of Excellence. He is currently on an accelerated academic path and will begin a high school curriculum in the fall. His favorite subject is math. Math is a natural gift for him, as his parents, Rev. Darien and Min. Shakiera Brooks, Sr., are both math majors. Darien’s goal is to work for NASA.
Alexandra "Missie" Sharkey Graduate of Family Life Academy of Excellence. Missie’s goal is to become an aerospace engineer with NASA and create blueprints for advanced rocket systems. 


High School Graduates 

Madalya Hardnett Graduate of Newnan High School attending Clayton State University in the Fall. She will be majoring in accounting with an expected graduation day of May 2026.

Faith Lopez Graduate of Penn Foster Online High School attending college in the Fall. Her schools of choice are Spelman, Clark Atlanta University, and Texas Southern University. She will be majoring in nursing with a minor in business with an expected graduation date of May 2026. 

Brandon Franklin Graduate of Faith Christian Academy. His desire is to get his Commercial Driver’s License to become an over the road truck driver and one day own his own trucking company. 


🍎We are excited to celebrate our amazing FLAOE teachers! We appreciate all they pour into our students & we thank them for their love, time and talents! 

Min. Shakiera A. Brooks 
Ms. Aminta Velasco
Ms. Consuelo Brown
Mrs. Annetta “NettieBee” Crump-Willis
Mr. Monty Crump
Mrs. Trunae Green

🍎 Our awesome founders & teachers:
 Bishop A. T. Lands & Rev. Rosemary Lands

🍎 Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

2022 WOW Summer Camp

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our 2022 WOW Summer Camp this year. LIFE Inc. has provided an enriching and life changing summer experience for children between the ages 5-13 for the past 20 years.  Each summer we provide a safe and wholesome environment for youth, who would otherwise be at home with little to no supervision, while instilling lifelong principles that enable the children to operate in integrity throughout their childhood and even into adulthood. We do so through activities including math, science, literacy tutorials, singing, dancing, art and crafts, character building, spiritual enrichment, guest speakers, and field trips.  We have countless examples of participants whose entire family’s lives have been changed as a result of attending the W.O.W Summer Camp.  We pride ourselves on having a lasting effect on the children, their families, and the community as a whole and our desire is to continue to provide this life changing experience to as many children as possible.  

Register for The 2022 WOW Summer Camp Here

3 Ways to Reach Non-Religious People in Your


How many spiritual explorers are dropping in on your church?

We’re referring to those never-seen-before faces, who perhaps sit in the back row. They didn’t grow up around the Bible and didn’t carry one coming in. These kinds of seekers have no idea what Moses, Ruth, or Elijah accomplished. 

And they’re likely to panic because they feel intimidated, embarrassed, or even excluded when asked to turn to a particular passage in a Bible of which they have no knowledge. 
But data tells us most people without a religious background aren’t showing up in our churches. This is a problem.

According to recent findings by Lifeway Research, 94% of today’s churchgoers grew up with a connection to the church. Let that sink in: Almost everyone listening to your sermons grew up going to church. We’re not reaching very far.

This means only 6% of churchgoing adults say they didn’t attend church as a child. Why aren’t we talking more about them—and the scores of other unchurched who are yet to be reached?

The original article can be found at:

 The Tragic and Triumphant Truth

As the sizzling days of summer draw near and vacations abound, we are met with both the tragic truth of 1 million COVID deaths and the triumphant truth of revoked mask mandates nationwide. For the believer, single or otherwise, the good news is that we are covered by the blood of the Son, Jesus Christ, regardless of where we travel. The timely topic of pertinent truths was the subject of one of this month's SAS sessions held on Mondays via Zoom.

      The evening began with an engaging Would You Rather quiz.  Dea-Elect Thomas Green explained to those in attendance the tragic and triumphant truth that the devil wants to steal our joy, kill our ambition, and destroy our relationship with God. However, at the end, everything will work out for our good because we love God and are obedient to His purpose for our lives. He ended the evening by pointing out, if we learn and live the word, we will experience victory in our lives. 

To see some highlights from the evening, go to our Facebook and Instagram pages here:


Faith, Fun and Friends!


🕐  2nd and 4th Mondays from 9PM - 10PM

📲 Zoom: Meeting Number: 678-304-7560

 📧 Email: for the Zoom password.

We hope to see you there! 

Celebrating Men’s Health Month in June

It is a fact that men are less likely to seek regular medical care than their female counterparts. As a result men suffer from medical conditions at a higher rate, many of which are preventable! Use this June to encourage the men in your life to take charge of their health, not only for themselves, but for their families and communities.  

Reading Spot

As we still bask in the new year, this is a great time to designate your "reading spot"! Now I know you are probably wondering, 'what is a reading spot'? Simply put, it's a place you have created to get cozy behind a book. It is the spot you have created just for reading. This month I am sharing 4 Tips on creating the perfect reading spot!

1. Your reading spot should be in a quiet place. This may be a place in your home, such as a corner in a room, the closet, or even the garage. It can also be a place outdoors. Find what works for you!

2. Once you have chosen the space, make it cozy. You want your area to feel warm and inviting. Adding a few throw pillows, a throw blanket, and a nice rug can help create that comfortable space. You can even add a comfortable chair or bean bag. Choose what works best for you. 

3. Next, put your favorite books and current reads in that space. It will help remind you that it is your reading spot, and you'll always know where to find your recent books.

4. Lastly, grab your favorite drink, head to your reading spot, and start reading!

Do you have a reading spot? And if not, did you find these tips helpful? Let me know! Please email me at As always, Happy Reading!


Catch us every 1st Saturday of the

month for CAP (Couples Are Partners). 

It’s a Date Night, June 4, 2022, 6:00 PM.

Follow us on all social media platforms @couplesarepartners for dates, times, and locations!

Sign Up for the CAP Session Here
"THIS, you can take with you out of Las Vegas!" 

Connect with our Marriage Retreat this August from the 18th through the 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The Birthday Blessing Ministry (BBM) of Family Life MBC serves as a way to engage each church member through small groups centered around their birth month.

There are 4 BBMs: 
Genesis (January, February, March)
Sold Out Servants (April, May, June)
Jesus Anointed Soldiers (July, August, September)
Omega Warriors (October, November, December)


All of our Birthday Blessing Ministry groups continue to do a bang up job helping all members become fully engaged in ministry life.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the ACR using the link below:


The single command that Jesus gave his followers before igniting a movement was “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised…” He was telling them to wait for and then move with the Spirit. In 2022, we’ll discover a growing awareness of the Spirit’s work and leadership while also realizing that we will always be more effective if we move with the Holy Spirit.

For more information go to

The church must be aware of the strategies of the true enemy. It is crucial for the church to understand what God has revealed about the enemy (1 Peter 4:1-18; Jude 17-18). Paul was not necessarily referring to any particular revelation but to the repeated teaching of the Lord (Mark 13:22), the other apostles (2 Peter 3:1-18), and himself (Acts 20:29; 2 Thes. 2:1-12). Paul gives instructions concerning false teachers and teachings which can sap the vitality of Christ's church. The source is demonic, the teachers are morally corrupt, and the teachings deprive us of things God has given in order to bless us. The situation is degenerating. Many people have abandoned the faith (1 Tim. 1:19) seeing it as too restrictive, to follow after the false teaching of deceiving spirits and demons. Sin is seldom due to innocent mistakes. It is more often due to the conscious strategies of the enemy (Eph. 6:12). The teachings (didaskaliais) of demons are false doctrines taught by pulpit pimps and celebrity wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, whose views are instigated by demons.

The enemy does not directly confront any of us the first time with error. Instead, he works through hypocritical liars. They speak words that sound good to us, but in the end, they are poison. This is Satan's standard operating procedure (2 Cor. 11:13-15). He selects likely representatives and renders their consciences beyond feeling (Eph. 4:19), seared as with a hot iron ($$$). In this condition, they are ready to do Satan's bidding.

1 Timothy 4:1-2 Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead.  

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