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I have used porn in the past to escape my loneliness of being single and "not finding anyone I like to date." So, feminine touch is somewhat rare to me. Recently, I started a real relationship with a REAL girlfriend! The problem is ANY touch is just awesome... I can get a boner just from the thrill of holding her hand in the park for an hour. So, take your traditional date of a few hours of holding hands and light cuddling, and this results to some bad aching in my balls ("blue balls"). I'm trying to reboot on hardmode, so sex with her is not an option. Any suggestions or tips to cope with this?


First off, congratulations on your new relationship! It makes sense that you are having an *ahem* hard time dealing with this situation. You sounds pretty committed to making it through hardmode, so I'm going to eschew the path of looking at all the internal aspects of dealing with this issue and instead offer three extremely practical things that may help you out.


1. The rub

Okay so you need to be careful with this one that it doesn't turn into a masturbation session, but basically it's just a testicle massage. Doing this can help to greatly relieve the pain of blue balls. You just gently rub your gents and the immediately surrounding area of your groin. I remember that during my reboot, this was something that helped a ton.


2. Kegels

Now I haven't done this personally for the sake of trying to help with blueballs, but I've heard from multiple people that doing Kegel exercises can help the discomfort. These are basically just exercises where you contract the muscles that let you stop peeing. You can read some more information on Kegels here: http://www.webmd.com/urinary-incontinence-oab/kegel-exercises-treating-male-urinary-incontinence.


3. The "boner killer"

Don't worry, this will not damage your pork sword, it will just help you soften him up when he's giving you a hard time. While this doesn't directly cure blue balls, it may help you out when hanging out with your lady friend. All you need to do when you have an inconvenient boner is to flex your leg and glute muscles hard for 20 seconds or so. Doing this draws blood into your leg muscles and away from your "other leg", thus causing it to deflate. Once you get a feel for it, this can be done sitting down or standing somewhat casually.


Hope this helps!




I've recently stumbled upon a youtube comment. It was written by a person who was trying to explain how masturbation is good for health. And, as one of the arguments, they mentioned that people who masturbate have much less chance of suffering from prostate cancer. Now, I've read several articles on the internet and most of them gave mixed opinions. Have you heard of this info and do you have a comment on it? Many of my relatives lost their lives due to cancer and I'm a bit scared because of this. I'm 40 days into nofap and I'm doing better than ever. Thanks


First off, any potential correlation between the frequency of edjaculation and prostate health is debated. Even if there is any negligible chance of a small increase prostate cancer risk, NoFap or NoFap Academy doesn’t preach for permanent abstinence as a lifestyle. NoFap’s “standard” challenge is to abstain from pornography and masturbation for a period of time, not sex. As for “Hard Mode”, this is only for the duration of your reboot, which ranges from one month to a year - not forever. Even if you want to partake in Hard Mode through to marriage, this is still temporary and not a permanent lifestyle choice.


I highly doubt you are going to get cancer from not polishing the hotdog for a relatively small period of time (when compared to your entire lifetime). Your body can handle it and strives for equilibrium. As many Fapstronauts report, it will “clean out the pipes” itself overnight if there is too much build up. Try not to worry about it so much!




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