Win Over 5kg's Yerba Mate in April

We want you to create a buzz around the new high quality yerba mate that we have imported which we believe is one of the best yerbas on the planet. The prize is big in order to encourage you to share the winnings with family and friends. Some of you may actually have to buy a pack of Pajarito from us in order to enter the competition, so we're making it worth your while ...*read more

Blog: Truly Exemplary Yerba Just Arrived - I found exactly what I had envisioned to find on that trip at Yerba Mate Pajarito, and these are the reasons...*read more
Best of Pajarito Bundle
R475.00  R405.00
On offer during April only, a 15% discount so you can try each of the new loose-leaf yerba mates from Pajarito *see in online shop
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