The Vegfest Express bulletin - February 2017 edition
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Hi everybody,

We bet you couldn't wait for the first VegfestUK event of the year next month at the Brighton Centre on March 11th 12th 2017 - with a huge celebration of veganism awaiting potentially over 10,000 visitors on what is expected to be a joyous weekend down on the South Coast!

Here we bring you all the latest updates on the event as well as a large number of other upcoming vegan events plus lots of vegan news coming from around the globe - without further ado let's get started!

Vegan heaven awaits at VegfestUK Brighton - March 11th 12th 2017 at Brighton Centre

One of Europe's biggest vegan festivals of the year returns to the iconic Brighton Centre next month, and there are so many exciting features to look forward to for everybody, from seasoned vegans to complete beginners to veganism!

This massive event also consists of a huge amount of vegan food, goodies, shopping, cosmetics, clothing, from 230 stalls and 20 caterers, plus dozens of talks, cookery demos, an Intersectional Vegan Summit on Saturday, a Vegan Comedy Festival on Sunday, a Vegan Film Festival, a Vloggers Corner, music from 2 stages, a Teen Zone, a Mature Zone, kids cookery classes, magic shows and many more!

Advance tickets cost £7 per day and £10 for the whole weekend, plus booking fees. Get your tickets to the event at: 

A limited amount of tickets are also available on the door at £10 for adults and £5 for concessions. Kids under 16 can enter for free as long as they're accompanied by responsible adults.

Join the Facebook event for VegfestUK Brighton 2017 here:

For full details of our featured areas, see the blogs outlined below:

Brand-new Easy Veganism section at VegfestUK Brighton looks at the ABC’s of a vegan way of life for beginners to veganism

For far too long, being vegan has been perceived as too difficult for many, even for some of those who identify as animal lovers. As the Easy Veganism area at the upcoming VegfestUK Brighton on March 11th 12th 2017 at the Brighton Centre will show, this could not be further from the truth.

Hosted by presenter Karin Ridgers of VeggieVision TV and VegfestUK manager Tim Barford, the Easy Veganism area is made of around a dozen half-hour panel discussions which look at common FAQ’s surrounding veganism.

Find out more about this area here:

UK Vegan Comedy Festival is back at VegfestUK Brighton 2017

Sunday March 12th 2017 sees a talented selection of vegan comedians performing live at the UK Vegan Comedy Festival as part of VegfestUK Brighton 2017. Comedy has been a staple of VegfestUK Brighton for 5 years now and the VegfestUK organisers are delighted to see the rise of veganism reflected not only in the materials that await at the comedy festival but also in the sheer number of vegan comedians present at the event. 

Find out more about the comedy festival here:

Intersectional Vegan Summit continues at VegfestUK Brighton 2017 after debut at Olympia

If you’re looking to learn more about intersecting issues of justice from a vegan perspective, and how different systems of oppression such as speciesism, racism, sexism etc influence and intersect with each other, look no further than the Intersectional Vegan Summit taking place on the Saturday March 11th 2017, as part of the huge VegfestUK Brighton 2017.

Find out more about the summit here:

Inspiring documentaries on veganism to be shown at VegfestUK Brighton

A series of educational documentaries on veganism will be shown at the upcoming Vegan Film Festival as part of VegfestUK Brighton, on both March 11th 12th 2017 at the Brighton Centre.

Aiming to educate the public on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, the Vegan Film Festival includes altogether 7 documentaries created by a number of talented filmmakers who are passionate about veganism and who aim to influence as many as possible on the all-round benefits of a lifestyle free of the use of animals altogether.

See full details here:

Amazing chefs to demonstrate how to bring vegan ingredients alive at VegfestUK Brighton

A number of talented chefs will be demonstrating how to get the best out of everyday vegan ingredients and put together some amazing vegan dishes to impress any vegan doubters, in nearly a dozen cookery demos at the upcoming VegfestUK Brighton.

Find out more about our chefs at:

Brand-new showcase of vegan Youtubers video work at VegfestUK Brighton

Youtube has become a really dynamic and interactive platform for promoting veganism and discussions on vegan matters, and this is highlighted in a large quantity of bite-size and quality Youtube videos produced by a number of high-calibre vloggers in recent years. Visitors to VegfestUK Brighton coming up on March 11th 12th 2017 at the Brighton Centre have a chance to sample some of these amazing videos in the brand-new Vloggers Corner, with topics ranging from nutrition, health, athleticism, to animal rights, activism, travel and many others, which are suitable for both beginners to veganism and families with kids, as well as seasoned vegans and passionate vegan activists. Some of the video producers will also be presenting their work in person too.

Find out more about the vlogs to be showcased at:

Mature Zone returns to VegfestUK Brighton with all aspects of veganism in later life

Feeling the effects of overcrowding? Why not sit back and enjoy a cuppa in our Mature Zone?

In the Mature Zone, which is once again kindly curated by Vegetarian for Life (VfL) at the upcoming VegfestUK Brighton this year, you can nab a free copy of VfL's new magazine, enjoy an attractive array of vegan bakes, and listen in to presentations on topics such as creative simple meals, optimal ageing - and even whether past life experiences affect your dietary choices!

Find out more about the Mature Zone here:

Take advantage of numerous special offers from stallholders at VegfestUK Brighton 2017

Shopaholics behold! At the upcoming VegfestUK Brighton 2017, there are going to be around 230 stalls with plenty of them doing one-off special offers only at the event. The plethora of price reduction from usual RRP’s, “Buy one get one free”s and “Buy two get one free”s at these stalls provides a perfect opportunity for visitors to stock up on their favourite vegan produce. With free samples also available at some of the stalls, you can try before you buy too! Whether you’re looking for fake “meats”, chocolates, yogurts, clothing, or drinks, footwear, skincare, bodycare, housecare... VegfestUK Brighton have got everything covered for all shopaholics!

See full list of special offers here:

Hang out with like-minded vegan teens at the Teen Zone

If you're 11-19 years old and you’re looking to connect with like-minded compassionate young people, the Teen Zone is the place to be at VegfestUK Brighton!

Hosted by the dynamic, vibrant and rapidly growing Teen VGN team, the Teen Zone is open from 11:00am - 4:00pm on both Saturday March 11th and Sunday March 12th. It is located on the ground floor at the Brighton Centre, along the corridor connecting the main area with the syndicate wing.

See more about the Teen Zone here:

Uplifting performances from 2 stages in store at VegfestUK Brighton 2017

Music and VegfestUK events have always gone hand in hand and the upcoming VegfestUK Brighton sees the musical component gone up a notch to include not only 1 stage but 2 stages altogether. There is the Main Stage on the third floor and the Buskers Stage between the main entrance and the main exit. 

Gracing these 2 stages are a number of high-calibre musicians with their own unique styles of music entertaining our large hoards of visitors over the whole weekend. Big welcome to our debutants at VegfestUK at Brighton: Edd Keane, Jo Larcombe, Shacal, Chloe Ray, Gad Zukes, Pete Hicks and Genevieve Lamborn. They will be churning out captivating tunes alongside VegfestUK regulars such as Ian Haywood, De Fuego, Mitchell and Vincent, Captains Beard and Mobius Loop, ensuring an amazing festival atmosphere for all.

Find out more about the musicians here:

Vegan cookery classes for the little ones at VegfestUK Brighton 2017

Kids entertainer and Vegducater, Captain James Tea Cook, will be hosting the Kids Area and Cookery Classes on Saturday and Sunday

Captain ‘High 5' James Tea Cook, Ship's Cook & Rainbow Pirate of the Carob Bean says

"The theme of the Vegfest Kids area be getting yer kiddywinks to be eating more vegetables, at least 5 portions of veg a day choosing one from each colour of the rainbow. So as well as the VegfestUK smoothie bike we be having cookery workshops where we makes Rainbow sushi, pancakes, fruit kebabs, polenta pizzas and omega 3 cannon balls and the kitchen science where we finds electricity in bananas, we also has a few Pirate Fairground games. The games include Rainbow Ring Toss, 5 Veg in Bucket, Rainbow VeggieTin Can Alley, a Treasure Hunt, Rainbow Twister and a bit of Vegetable themed pirate dancing magic and story telling."

Find out more about the Kids Cookery Classes here:

AMAZING array of caterers at VegfestUK Brighton to serve up a sumptuous vegan food feast

If anyone wants to see how amazing it is to be vegan, look no further than the sumptuous vegan food on offer at the upcoming VegfestUK Brighton vegan festival on March 11th 12th 2017 at the Brighton Centre.

Featuring altogether 20 globally inspired caterers with a huge variety of vegan food, the festival is set to get everyone purring with its food repertoire and demonstrate resoundingly that eating vegan does not mean depriving ourselves at all, but rather, spoiling ourselves thoroughly.

The full selection of caterers is here:

Robin S, Danny Rampling, Rozalla and Dub Pistols headline 15th annual vegan festival on Bristol Harbourside

Now in its 15th year, VegfestUK Bristol is set to celebrate with a massive House Party on Saturday May 20th 2017. Billed as the “Show Me Love” party, and headlined with a live set from Robin S, along with DJ Danny Rampling, and Rozalla (Everybody’s Free), the event harks back to the heady days of rave music from the early 90’s….and then on Sunday, Dub Pistols headline alongside South African reggae acts ZionRuts and local Bristol-based hip-hop crew The Scribes.

Find out more about the Bristol headliners here:

Dramatic Rise in Plant Milk and Dairy Free Market, Shaky Future for Cow’s Milk Products

Sales of dairy continue to fall whilst the popularity and sales of plant milks (non-dairy alternative to milk drinks) continue to dramatically rise. For the food industry and retailers, it’s important to note that on google trends ‘Dairy free’ barely registers as a search trend whereas ‘vegan’ is mostly running roughly double that of ‘vegetarian’ and ‘gluten free’ search terms. Even if the all Dairy Free consumers aren’t yet vegan clearly it would appear they associate their habit with aspirational vegan choices.

See full story here:

VegfestUK Trade (, the UK’s first dedicated vegan Trade and Media show at Olympia on October 20th 2017, goes live for bookings and registration on March 27th 2017. This first in a series of trade-related press releases looks at the dramatic rise of plant-based milk sales in the UK, coupled with the sharp decline in dairy sales. 

The Future of Milk – Dairy Milk vs Plant Milk

Health: With Dairy Milk Sales Falling, Dairy Free Market Exploding we ask Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston about The Future of the Milk Drinks Industry

Leading London nutritionist, presenter and author Yvonne Bishop-Weston says, “The world’s reliance on cow’s milk seems somewhat illogical through modern eyes. In the past, a bit of diarrhoea and bloating was a small price to pay when dealing with the serious health concerns of malnutrition and rickets. Ironically, we still have malnutrition but it’s now usually more likely a lack of vitamins, minerals, essential fats, antioxidants and fibre rather than a basic lack of calories that concerns nutritional therapists.”

See full story here:

VegfestUK Trade (, the UK’s first dedicated vegan Trade and Media show at Olympia on October 20th 2017, goes live for bookings and registration on March 27th 2017. This second in a series of trade-related press releases looks at The Future of the Milk Drinks Industry.

Over 400 individuals / groups supported VegfestUK’s Thunderclap for UK Vegan Festivals Guide 2017

VegfestUK launched a Thunderclap at the end of January 2017 to get as many people as possible in the UK Vegan Community to share widely their new UK Vegan Festivals Guide for 2017 which showcases most of the vegan festivals happening across the country this calendar year. The Thundeclap campaign ended on Valentines Day February 14th 2017 and the results are great with over 737,000 people reached across the social media networks of over 400 supporters combined. Big thanks for all your support!

Find out more about the Thunderclap and the guide here:

Essex to play host to its first vegan festival on March 4th at Colchester Charter Hall

Exciting and brand-new vegan festival coming to the world of Essex on Saturday March 4th at Colchester Charter Hall, with a number of great features making this event Essex’s biggest ever vegan festival! There will be 100 fantastic stalls, 8 world food caterers, inspirational cookery demos and informative talks running throughout the day! What a way to introduce yourselves to the wonders of veganism, and what an event to look forward to for those in Essex and beyond!​

Find out more about the festival here:

Evesham Vegan Fair returns on March 4th 2017 at Evesham Town Hall

Midlands Vegan Campaigns are organising another vegan fair in Evesham on Saturday March 4th 2017 at the Evesham Town Hall, where lots of goodies await for everyone and everybody gets a chance to sample the delights of veganism from a delightful range of stalls, talks and cookery demos.

Find out more about this event here:

South West Vegan Festival - March 5th 2017 at Motion Bristol

The first Farplace Vegan Festival in Bristol will be held at the stunning Motion venue on Sunday March 5th 2017. There will be a wide range of stalls, talks and films across 2 floors and 5 spaces in the heart of Bristol.

City Centre Bristol location beside Temple Meads Station
Organised by and all profits to Farplace Animal Rescue
A new addition to the vegan calendar of Bristol

Find out more here:

St Helens Vegan Fair - March 18th 2017 at Phoenix Apparel

St Helens will play host to its second vintage fair which is 100% vegan, on March 18th 2017 at the Phoenix Apparel.

This will be the second year of this fair after the huge success of last year's event. The organisers wanted their vintage event to be something different and the reaction to their new vintage concept of making the event 100% Vegan has been phenomenal.

Find out more about the event here -

Vegan and Yoga Fest brought to Kingston Guildhall by Yogific on March 25th 2017

Exciting yoga and vegan fest coming up on March 25th 2017 at Kingston Guildhall, where you can learn about the connections between veganism and yoga, and participate in Yoga sessions, enjoy yummy vegan and raw vegan food, shop for vegan products and attend talks.

This festival is a celebration of two things that are changing the world for better – Yoga and Veganism. Kingston is home to many talented Yoga teachers and Yoga schools. Get an opportunity to meet them under one roof.

Find out more about the event here -​

Live a Better Life Fair is back at St George's Hall on March 25th 2017

The well established Live a Better Life Fair – a massive event in Liverpool raising awareness of a vegan, organic, fairtrde, cruelty-free lifestyle – is back on March 25th 2017 at the magnificent St George’s Hall in Liverpool, courtesy of the wonderful Ethics and Health Foundation.

Entering its 5th year, the LABL Fair plays host to 120 stalls offering everything from delicious vegan food and drink to natural beauty and handmade gifts! These stalls come on top of a vegan bar, cookery demonstrations, talks and workshops and more TBA.

Find out more about the event here -

Oxford to host its first vegan festival on March 25th 2017 at Kassam Stadium

The first-ever Oxford Vegan Festival takes place on Saturday 25th March 2017 at Kassam Stadium Conference and Events Centre, courtesy of Farplace Animal Rescue.

The event features over 100 stalls packed with awesome vegan produce ranging from vegan “meats”, “cheeses”, “milks”, chocolates, cakes, hot food, bakeries, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, bodycare, plus loads more for everyone to savour...

Find out more about the event here -

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Festival is back at Aberystwyth on March 25th 2017

The Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Festival is back at the Morlan Centre in Aberystwyth, Wales, on Saturday March 25th 2017, with a huge variety of vegan food to convince everybody that vegan does not mean dull at all. The food is complemented by a small number of education stands with information on veganism, and kids will love getting their faces painted too at the face-painting stand.

The food variety is so tempting and admission to the event is only £1 (with children free to enter) – which is a bargain...

Find out more about the event here -

Behind Closed Doors Exhibition - A Call for Vegan Artists

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is an animal rights exhibition dedicated to advocating for animals through Art and is inviting YOU to get involved. If you use Art, whether that be painting, sculpture, poetry or installation, the organisers welcome you to submit your work into the exhibition today!

The show will be held on March 27th 2017 in a central London venue; The Strand, only a 3-minute walk from Embankment tube station. Your work will be featured along with some of the most well known Vegan Artists such as Sue Coe, Roland Straller and Anticarnist. An opening event day will be filled with workshops talks and performance pieces including ones by Vegan Geezer, Earthling Ed and Banana warrior princess! 

Find out more about the event here -

What Now After Veganuary?

Did you join Veganuary this past month? Or perhaps you didn’t follow the official Veganuary site and programme but did use January as a test drive in adopting a plant-based vegan lifestyle?

Plant-based triathlete Dave Sheahan says, "If you took action, I congratulate you as any positive progressive change in your life deserves recognition and acknowledgement. It delights me to see the growing numbers taking up the Veganuary challenge every year. Education and growing awareness are key in bringing about a change in people´s eating habits. This is why there was such an incredible growth in veganism in 2016 and I am certain the growth will be doubled in 2017. There is great momentum now behind the plant-based movement."

Read this blog here on Dave Sheahan's suggestions for follow-up steps to Veganuary:

Lush fed thousands of delegates from all over the world with 100% Vegan Catering at #LushSummit Tobacco Docks London

The 2 day Lush Cosmetics Summit in February 2017 showed just how far vegan catering has come. A few years ago it would have been unthinkable for such a mainstream global corporation with stores not just in high streets and shopping malls in the UK but all over the world to have the confidence to ban all non-plant based foods at Lush’s global summit.

Read this blog here to find out more:

Interview with vegan activist Lucie Manning

We all want to be kind, nice, good people. But what does that look like in practice? Compassion and kindness is something easy to talk about, but can be hard to enact – and even harder to communicate to others.

In this guest blog, Francesca Baker chats to vegan activist Lucie Manning (who shares her lifestyle via her Instagram Compassionate Living) to find out more:

The VegWays

We sell vegan, organic Italian wine, exclusively sourced for a premium vineyard in Italy.

Italian wine has a strong heritage of being the best in the world. A history of viticulture that dates back to the Roman Empire and a climate that's practically designed for growing wine grapes such as the fruity Croatina and rich Barbera.

theVegWays are passionate about wine and passionate about veganism. That's why we've partnered with the esteemed wine experts, the Rossi family, and their Tenuta Fornace vineyard. With two centuries of expertise in making ethical and sustainable wines, we're proud to be their exclusive partners in the UK market. We're bring high quality, vegan, and organic wines to you in a bag-in-box format. 

Visit their website


Watts Kork Ltd distributes and commercializes high quality fashion accessories in the UK market made from Natural Cork directly from the Portuguese Oak Trees.

Watts Kork are cooperating with Nature, by carvesting the bark from the Trees, which naturally grows back within 9 years, and using it to make unique bags, wallets, jewellery. Watts Kork share the Planet with all creatures in harmony, and it is possible to receive, transform, return and care!

Feel the good vibes and fantastic soft touch of Natural Cork! 

Visit their website

Foods for Life

Brainchild of vegan cookbook author Tony Bishop-Weston, whose recent collection of healthy plant-based recipes sold out in record time.

VeggieVision - The only UK based Internet TV Station

Thinking of going vegan or just want some healthier options?
Vegan and need some inspiration?
VeggieVision TV is there for you!

VeggieVision TV is packed with fun, interesting and hilarious clips from all over the world – addressing the fact that here in the UK there are no vegan TV programmes.

Please check out for vegan cookery - their growing number of film clips show you tasty vegan recipes step by step.

And to give you more they have VeggieVision Cashback ( where can save and earn £’s – AND for those who want to meet likeminded people they have VeggieVisionDating (  too.

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