The Vegfest Express bulletin - July 2015 edition
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What a thrilling July we've got! The beginning of the month marked our 2nd anniversary as a limited company, and today coincides with our Big Launch of a trio of good news – namely the website for Brighton 2016 going live, advance tickets for London now on sale, and the opening of the voting for the Awards this year. With Scotland 2015, Bristol 2016 and some new advertising packages for the Vegfest Express on the horizon, we expect the remainder of 2015 to be a rollercoaster ride!

VegfestUK Brighton 2016 website now live for bookings!

Bookings for stalls, adverts and sponsorship for next year's VegfestUK Brighton is now open at the show website:

There's space for 200 stalls and 18 caterers over 2 storeys of exhibition space. For full exhibitors info, click on 'Exhibitors Info' on the right hand column of our event website, or follow the links below:

About the show
Our marketing reach 
Floor plan 
Stall prices 
Booking form

Price rises for VegfestUK Brighton and Bristol 2016

Reluctantly, VegfestUK is raising some of its prices for Brighton and Bristol 2016.   Good news is that we are promising not to raise prices for Brighton and Bristol again for at least 3 years.

See reasons for price rises here

Voting for VegfestUK Awards 2015 now live!

The 15 categories for this year's VegfestUK Awards (with 10 nominees in each category) are now revealed! Voting begins today and ends on Saturday September 26th at midnight. Results will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at VegfestUK London, on Saturday October 10th at 5pm in the Main Auditorium on Level 3 of Olympia Central.

See full categories, nominees and voting form here

Advance tickets for VegfestUK London 2015 now on sale!

We bet loads of you have put the dates October 10th 11th 2015 for VegfestUK London in your dairy and are craving to buy advance tickets to the event from when we announced the event back in January. With plenty of news regarding our special guests, sponsors and stallholders since then, hunger for tickets to this 3rd year show at Olympia has gone up plenty of notches! Wait no longer – advance tickets are now on sale!

See full story and ticket link here

People's Vegan Activists Summit at VegfestUK London features a number of distinguished guest speakers

This inaugural activists summit aims to discuss and debate effective forms of vegan advocacy and outreach, and since its announcement back in February, VegfestUK have received loads of fantastic feedback with many looking forward to some influential speakers present at this summit. Certainly there's been plenty of excitement generated by the unveiling of the following speakers on the Vegfest Express lately: plus more to be blogged about!

The summit also features a number of bite-sized workshops on how to get the vegan message out into your community – for full details, visit this link here on the VegfestUK London website.  

Single-Issue Campaigns – taking the Animal Rights movement forwards/backwards? Join us at the Big Debate at VegfestUK London!

Do SIC's simply imply that it’s fine to shift one form of animal exploitation to other forms? Are they simply attempts by national animal groups to generate donations from their supporters, or are they a good thing, highlighting extreme cases of cruelty to animals, changing the nation’s conscience and in some cases help fund vegan outreach? 

Find out at the Big Debate – for details see blog here 

The Abolitionists Approach 16 page flyer is out now!

A 16 page leaflet focused on the essence of the Abolitionists Approach to Animal Rights has just been released.  Big thanks to Professor Gary L. Francione and his team for writing and creating this leaflet. The Professor will be presenting the Approach in person at our VegfestUK London event on Sunday October 11th 2015. 

See full flyer in the Vegfest Express blog right here

Say hi to gifted cartoonist Vegan Sidekick at VegfestUK London

After a successful debut at VegfestUK Bristol 2015, the renowned and supremely gifted vegan cartoonist Vegan Sidekick is coming back to VegfestUK at Olympia, London, on October 10th 11th. 

Find out more at the Vegfest Express here


Duet of New Vegan Events in Scotland fuelling growth of vegan market further

A couple of brand-new vegan festivals in Scotland are set to fuel the already rapidly growing vegan market in the UK.

With a combined total of nearly 200 exhibitors and around 12,000 visitors expected at the Edinburgh Vegan Festival on August 8th and Vegfest Scotland in Glasgow on December 5th 6th, vegan businesses and independent traders in particular are set to benefit hugely from the massive exposure of their vegan produce to swaths of people seeking the best of the vegan lifestyle, including both consumers and also professionals from the Natural Products and Hospitality trade.

Read more in our latest blog here

Mature Zone for Seniors at future Vegfests

Vegfest are incorporating a Mature Zone at each of our next 3 shows at London, Scotland and Brighton, where people can enjoy vegan refreshments alongside an attractive array of vegan cakes, and listen in to presentations on topics such as ethical savings and living wills and other matters, primed for those in their advanced years. 

Find out more at the Vegfest Express here


20-20 - a Normal Vegan Vision

As you may know, ‘20/20’ means ‘normal vision’ Which means that 2020 is the year of ‘normal vision’ So let’s make it the year of ‘normal vegan vision’ let’s make 2020 a ‘normal vegan vision’. By this, we mean that we try and aim for ‘vegan’ to be normal amongst as many people as possible by 2020.

See our full vision and plans here

Pig Floyd performs outside Grillstock Festival in Bristol in a peaceful vegan rock n roll protest

Visitors to Grillstock, the well-known BBQ based festival in Bristol, were greeted with the unusual sight (and sound) of a pink fluffy pig playing electric guitar whilst his human colleagues handed out vegan flyers and held go vegan signs aloft. Grillstock essentially celebrates good music,  good times and a lot of BBQ’d pigs and cows and is a sell-out show in 3 cities in the UK, and growing. So why the pink fluffy electric guitar playing pig?

Find out here at the Vegfest Express

Watch Out – TeenVGN Summer Camp Set to Get Bigger and Better

In the lead-up to the UK’s first ever vegan summer camp for teenagers, organisers TeenVGN have announced that future camps will be even bigger and better. With this year’s event a complete sell-out within only 34 hours, TeenVGN Summer Camp is set to be a truly unique and inspiring event for teenagers from 11-17. It’s so different from anything else around and is open to everyone, whether you’re vegan, veggie, a meat reducer, a health seeker, or a camping lover who’s just vegan-curious...

See blog here for full details

Changes at VegfestUK from July 2015

July 1st 2015 marked the 12th anniversary of VegfestUK which first started out under the guise of 'Bristol Vegan Fayre', and it's only two years ago that VegfestUK became a Limited Company. In that time we have grown massively, and especially in the last two years with the addition of a show at London and now in Scotland, as well as our Bristol and Brighton shows. From July 2015 onwards, there're a number of significant changes within the VegfestUK structure to tell you about...

See blog here for full details

Tim Barford, manager of VegfestUK, elected as trustee of the Vegan Society

On June 27th 2015, Tim Barford was elected as a Trustee for the Vegan Society. He stood for election to the Council during the recent voting process, and the result were announced at the Vegan Society 2015 AGM in Birmingham. Tim joins the council along with 13 others to form a full council for the first time for a while. 

See blog here for full details

Sunny Bournemouth played host to buzzing Vegan Fair on June 28th 2015

Bournemouth is one of these lovely cities made for the glorious summer weather with its beautiful beachline sitting pretty beneath the horizon. And with the sun brimming on the famous seaside on the South Coast on the weekend of June 27th 28th 2015, plus the Bournemouth Vegan Fair taking place on the Sunday, how could we resist heading down there for both a getaway from the office for some quality down-time, on top of vegan get-togethers with our pals and meeting some new friends in the vegan scene, in addition to promoting all upcoming vegan events there?

See blog here for full details


Provamel is a European pioneer in delicious organic plant-based foods. Our products are GMO-free, naturally lactose free, naturally free from animal fats, artifical flavourings, colours, pesticides and preservatives.

The pure ingredients and their great taste are the real heroes in our products! The Provamel range fits perfectly in a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and offers you the chance to discover a broad taste panorama and a plantscape of exciting products!

This year Provamel has added some new products to its ever-growing range of organic food products.

Spring saw the launch of an extended coconut range and we kick off fall with 2 new organic drinks in the chiller.

At VegfestUK London, you can discover their new organic Rice-Coconut-Pineapple drink. It’s a refreshing pick-me-up and a true flavour bomb without added sugars! Another new coconut-inspired product is their organic Coconut-Soya-Chocolate dessert! Try out a spoonful of pure tropical deliciousness: summery coconut, an intense chocolate flavour and creamy soya. The latest addition to their tasty family are the chilled drinks with a fresh taste. Their chilled organic Soya Calcium drink is both refreshing and rich in nutritious high-quality protein. The chilled organic Rice Coconut drink is a winner as well: tropical coconut and delicious European rice in an unsweetened blend!

Moo Free Chocolates

Moo Free is an award-winning, family owned leading manufacturer of vegan confectionery products that actually taste like milk chocolate. To achieve this they have replaced cow’s milk with rice milk to create a delicious, milk chocolate taste that doesn’t require a single cow! As well as being 100% vegan all of their products are dairy free (obviously), lactose-free, gluten-free and wheat free. Available in Waitrose, Sainbury's, Ocado, many independent stores and Holland & Barrett.

Bute Island Foods

Bute Island have created the incredible Sheese - the very tasty, very realistic vegan alternative to cheese. They began life in 1988 and almost 25 years later there are now 9 exciting flavours of hard dairy-free cheese and 5 flavours of 100% non-dairy cream cheese - plus all of their styles are 100% Kosher and Pareve. Delicious on pizza, in cheese sauces and on toast and in sandwiches, these Sheeses are not to be missed out on. Check out their new melty versions and also their Vegandeli vegan mock meat range at 

Nakd Wholefoods

Nakd snack bars are made from fruits & nuts lovingly 'smooshed' together to make a delicious healthy snack. With no added sugars or syrups, they are wheat, dairy and gluten free and 1 of your 5-a-day. Visit them and try their Nakd Protein Crunch bars with four flavours: Apple, Banana, Cocoa and Strawberry - these are amazing! Plus, their range of yummy TREK protein flapjacks made with gluten-free oats, varieties such as Cocoa Coconut and Morning Berry are sure to delight. 

Suma Wholefoods

Since 1977 Suma has evolved to become the UK's leading supplier of natural and organic food and drink. Today, they remain a workers' cooperative passionate about offering ethical food. They are a radical and progressive vegetarian business managed and owned by its dedicated workforce. They supply a huge range of fairly traded, ethical and organic products, which reflect their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality. Their product range is carefully selected to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles, balancing customer needs with the needs of our planet.

JĀSÖN Natural Care 

JĀSÖN Natural Care are the leading natural family brand in the UK. They've been around since 1959, offering natural care to families for three generations. Products are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and the whole range is BUAV certified. The range is made following the JASON Code of Honour: select safe, wholesome, natural ingredients; rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy; never test on animals; constantly innovate and improve. 

Essential Trading Co-operative

Essential Trading is a Bristol based worker co-operative, established in 1971. They wholesale, manufacture and distribute sustainable wholefoods, ecological house products and cruelty-free bodycare items in the UK and beyond.  As well as running two shops called Harvest in Bristol and Bath.

Fairtrade, vegetarian, vegan, organic and GMO free.
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