The Vegfest Express bulletin - June 2016 edition
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Hi everybody,

As VegfestUK move into the summer, we are working towards a quality couple of shows later this year in London and Glasgow. With the amount of exciting features planned for both events, including brand-new summits and high-profile speakers, the educational component at VegfestUK has never been stronger.

Coupled with plenty of quality guest blogs and content on the Vegfest Express free online vegan magazine, contributed by a number of leading voices within the vegan movement, expect plenty to talk about and look forward to in the months ahead!

Visitor Numbers at VegfestUK London 2016 Expected to Multiply With Over 500,000 Vegans in the UK

Whether you love healthy food, street food, junk food, a mixture of everything, or you're just curious about what vegan food is like – VegfestUK provides something for all at their upcoming vegan food and lifestyle show at Olympia London (West Hall & Central Hall Levels 1 & 3) on October 22nd and 23rd 2016. 

With BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offers on advance tickets to the event running for a short period in August, there's never been a better time to invite a friend or two to a sumptuous vegan experience on the cheap!

Read full article on the show here

POLL: Should cats be fed a vegan diet?

On one hand, with the aid of a number of vegan options for cat food (including supplements) popping up in the market, there have been cases where cats have successfully transitioned to and thrived on vegan diets.

On another hand, there are also cases where cats, being “natural carnivores”, got ill on vegan diets and their owners had no choice but to re-introduce meat into their diets, after which their cats recovered their health.

In our quest to bring about a cruelty-free world as devoid of animal exploitation as possible, should we try our best to vegan-ise the “naturally carnivorous” cats in our households, or should we compromise and accept that some cats just don’t do well on vegan diets? Or treat this issue on a case-by-case basis?

Vote now in our poll here (poll ends on Saturday July 2nd 2016 at 6pm)

Pig Freud full performance at VegfestUK Bristol 2016

The world’s first guitar playing pig Pig Freud was performing live on the Buskers Stage at the recent VegfestUK Bristol

Pig Freud was busy entertaining our audience as well as promoting veganism and creative vegan education at the same time, whilst collecting funds for his very recent vegan billboard campaign in Bristol...

As to Pig Freud’s crowdfunder – combining contributions online as well as funds collected at VegfestUK Bristol, over £2,000 has been raised, matched by VegfestUK, meaning over £4,000 raised for the project. Well done Pig Freud and his hardworking team!

Watch Pig Freud's full performance here

Maidstone Vegan Festival - July 23rd 2016

The fever pitched interest in vegan festivals is showing no signs of abating, with Maidstone to host its own version this summer on July 23rd 2016. 

There will be vegan stalls, live music, talks and information, a vegan pop-up cafe, children's activities and more! 

Find out more here

Tim Barford - Reflections on the Close Down the Slaughterhouses demo

Saturday June 11th 2016 saw the 4th annual Close Down All Slaughterhouse demo in London – one of many similar events being held around the globe

Tim from VegfestUK was invited to speak at the event, and went up to Leicester Square to speak for around 20 minutes.

You can hear his speech and his full thoughts here


Dr. Casey Taft - Shaming in Animal Advocacy

The issue of “shaming” comes up often within animal advocacy. Vegans are often accused of shaming non-vegans in discussions of animal use, and some advocates have accused others of shaming them when criticising their approach to advocacy.

Dr. Casey Taft of Vegan Publishers gives his full thoughts on the subject here

Tony Bishop-Weston - Vegan Recipes Exceed Expectations of Leading UK Caterer’s and Restaurant’s Sales

Leading restaurant and café chains think they are being brave pioneers for trialling innovative new vegan options.

Mostly they are just copying what Vegetarian Cranks London restaurants did for 40 years from 1961 to Christmas 2001.

Nonetheless their efforts are appreciated and more people are becoming vegan as the consequences of greater choice and availability on the UK high streets.

Read Tony's full article here

Tony Bishop-Weston - Did ‘LazEatarian Paradox’ & ‘Free From’ Trick Chefs into Complacency on Developing Vegan Recipes?

Did the LazEatarian #Paradox & Free From Labels Trick Chefs into Complacency on Developing Vegan Recipes?

Tony Bishop-Weston -  author of ‘Vegan’ and ‘The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook’ - investigates this subject and explains the recent success by a number of high-street restaurant chains in introducing more vegan options into their menus, in his blog post here


Berty Justice - Everyone has a part to play  + FULL TALK at VegfestUK Bristol 2016

Berty gave a talk entitled ‘The Power of food. And the Power of the YOUniverse’.

In a (walnut) nutshell it’s about reminding people their actions have an impact, and that they can use their skills and time to positively affect our world and universe.

Watch Berty's full talk here


Sheila Hanney - Vegan chefing on Sea Shepherd's Operation Milagro 2016

Sheila Hanney of Sea Shepherd discusses her time on board the Farley Mowat in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

"Many moons ago I worked for a small Bristol company named Yaoh, lots of good things have happened since then, Yaoh is now huge and helps promote Veganism and animal rights issues to the masses via their Vegfests; and I met Sea Shepherd at the Bristol Vegfest in 2012, now I've become a  Sea Shepherd onboard the Farley Mowat in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez."

Read Sheila's full article on her experience here

Dave Sheahan - Food Shopping as a Vegan

"For many there is this false perception that eating as a vegan is difficult in terms of sourcing suitable foods but also that it is tasteless and just means eating like a bird. Such people are so wrong on both counts. A decade ago being vegan was reasonably difficult and choices were limited and vegans had to be a lot more inventive with their cooking and take a lot of time sourcing foods. Today wherever you live in the world it is getting easier and easier by the day as the plant based movement gathers pace."

Read Dave's full article here

Mel Rogers - Vegan in the wild! Experiments on a Bar-b-q

"I’m always looking for cheap ways to feed vegans, especially whilst travelling and working, and I've been wanting to try some seitan recipes cooked on a fire so a week long camp meant I had the perfect opportunity. 

I’ve made an oven baked seitan dish often so I didn’t follow a recipe, neither did I have my measuring spoons with me so the quantities are a bit of a guess!"

Read Mel's full recipe here

Dr. Roger Yates - A Campaign Lesson from Al Gore: Baby Steps Don't work

In advocating for veganism, should we:

A) employ a "foot in the door" approach, first advocating for more winnable intermediate goals / baby steps / gateways like meat reduction, vegetarianism, etc, then moving on to the real goal (i.e. veganism)?

B) be honest and up front right from the beginning, and promote nothing less than veganism?

Dr. Roger Yates discusses this topic in this recent article here


Carolyn Bailey - Banning Live Exports: Who Really Benefits and Who Suffers?

There is a petition circulating at the moment from Animals Australia asking that we help them to “protect animals including cattle, sheep and goats from the cruelty of live export” by signing yet another petition to the Prime Minister of Australia.

Animal Rights Zone podcast host Carolyn Bailey gave her thoughts on the subject here

Bournemouth Vegan Fair at Bournemouth International Centre June 25th 26th 2016

If you wish to find out more about the vegan lifestyle that’s hotter than wildfire at the moment, and mingle with like-minded and compassionate people and shop til you drop, the 2 day Bournemouth Vegan Fair is just right for you!

Full info and ticket purchase here

Dr. Alex Lockwood - Running is the New Activism

Can running really be a form of animal activism?

For sure, many more elite runners and sportspeople are now vegan and benefiting from a plant-based diet. And lots of people run to raise money for animal charities. But as a form of direct action and activism raising awareness about the exploitation of nonhumans?

Dr. Alex Lockwood explores in his blog here

Dr. Casey Taft - The Process of Advocacy

In this article, Dr. Casey Taft of Vegan Publishers explains the process of advocacy by drawing on his vast experience in the field of clinical psychology.

Casey stresses the importance of both a theoretical model that guides our work, and motivational interactions with our subjects, in bringing about genuine change.

Read his full article here

Tony Bishop-Weston - Did ‘LazEatarian Paradox’ & ‘Free From’ Trick Chefs into Complacency on Developing Vegan Recipes?

Did the LazEatarian #Paradox & Free From Labels Trick Chefs into Complacency on Developing Vegan Recipes?

Tony Bishop-Weston -  author of ‘Vegan’ and ‘The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook’ - investigates this subject and explains the recent success by a number of high-street restaurant chains in introducing more vegan options into their menus, in his blog post here


Tony Bishop-Weston - Business Investments: Who’s behind Vegan Friendly Zizzi and Pret Restaurants

Established over 25 years ago Bridgepoint is a leading European middle market private equity firm with over €20 billion of committed funds from a world class investor base.

Bridgepoint have €500 million tied up in Pret acquired in 2008 (including the 33% stake that McDonalds had) and €250million in Zizzi acquired from Gondola Holdings in 2014/2015.

Read Tony's full article here

Aisha Eveleigh - How to use Vegan Artwork as Activism

Established over 25 years ago Bridgepoint is a leading European middle market private equity firm with over €20 billion of committed funds from a world class investor base.

Bridgepoint have €500 million tied up in Pret acquired in 2008 (including the 33% stake that McDonalds had) and €250million in Zizzi acquired from Gondola Holdings in 2014/2015.

Read Tony's full article here

Mike Ashbridge - Len Till leads the way as vegan numbers surge!

Vegetarian for Life has launched a brand new veganimation.

Drawing attention to how older vegans may be overlooked by caterers in the care sector, it also highlights the many ways in which the charity can help.

"Len Till is the star of our feature: a well-liked older gentleman, a grandad, and a committed vegan. Len now has his meals provided for him and is facing a limited range of meals – often a sad and limp-looking salad."

Read Mike's full article on the veagnimation here

Dave Sheahan - The Truth about Dairy

Vegan triathlete Dave Sheahan​ (of Go Vegan Grow​) reveals the truth about #dairy products and why we are well advised to eliminate it

In Dave's own words, "The dairy industry like the meat, pharm and supplement industries has lied to you about the benefits of dairy products and is just designed to brainwash you into thinking we need it and it benefits us in many ways."

See Dave's full blogpost here


Ian Haywood - The Vegan Journey of a Composer and Pianist

"The seeds of veganism were sown at the dinner table, aged 10, when my mum suggested, out of the blue, that the meat we were eating could be horsemeat. I was shocked by this, and although at that age it seemed more horrific to think that it was horse rather than cow that I was eating, it was to have an effect on my mind that would start me on the road to questioning the whole animal product industry and to eventually becoming vegan. So the seed was sown!"

Read Ian's full vegan journey here

Dr. Roger Yates - Why Do Animal Rightists Engage in Animal Welfare Campaigning When it is Not Necessary?

Dr. Roger Yates explains why animal rightists can concentrate exclusively on animal rights campaigning:

"For a rights-based animal movement to grow and flourish, it must first be prepared to adhere to the philosophy of animal rights and stop sliding into welfare at virtually every given opportunity. There should be no fears that such campaigning is “leaving other animals to suffer in the here and now,” which is often said by welfare reform supporters."

Read his full thoughts on the subject here

Dr. Roger Yates - Advertising, Bullying, and Being Vegan

Dr. Roger Yates explains the power of advertising & social pressure on the food choices of certain people, who might then find it hard to follow a 100% vegan diet.

In Roger's own words, "Living vegan is now easier than ever before. And the justice-for-all philosophy of veganism is a bright light for the future. However, for some people, dietary veganism can be a struggle. It is a sign of strength, not weakness, to be honest and acknowledge that."

Read Roger's full article here

A Well-Fed World - feeding families / saving animals

A Well-Fed World chips away at two of the world’s most immense, unnecessary and unconscionable forms of suffering… the suffering of people hungry from lack of food, and the suffering of animals used and abused for food. In addition to advocacy, AWFW partner with and assist groups to distribute vegan food to people in need, build food gardens in low-income countries, and strengthen farm animal care/rescue. 

More about AWFW here

Rebel Kitchen amazing coconut mylks - made with simple ingredients, suitable for all

Rebel Kitchen turns simple ingredients direct from nature into coconut mylks that taste amazing and are for everyone, anytime.

Rebel Kitchen mylks contain a base of three simple ingredients; organic coconut milk, Somerset spring water, and organic date nectar. The mylks are dairy free, and contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives.

More on Rebel Kitchen here

Bute Island Foods brings us smileys galore with their Vegan Sheese

Addicted to cheese? 

But thinking about being vegan?

Bute Island Foods provide sumptuous vegan alternatives to our cheese which is largely taken for granted in the Western diet. Whether you’re vegan or not, Bute Island Foods have a large range of their own Sheese brand of vegan cheese to suit a variety of tastes including even the most hard-core cheese addicts!

Read more about Sheese here

Koko Dairy Free yogurt alternatives

Koko Dairy Free's new range is dairy free, soya free and allergen free and you’ll be surprised just how much like regular yogurts they taste. The range consists of:

Original Plain 500g
Strawberry 2 x 125g
Raspberry 2 x 125g
Peach & Passionfruit 2 x 125g
Coconut & Lemon 2 x 125g

More about Koko Dairy Free's yogurt here

JASON Natural Care Coconut Oil - Your Must-Have Beauty Essential

There are SO many ways you can utilise coconut oil in your beauty regime. It’s a question that’s frequently asked, so JASON Natural Care would like to share with you the basics and a few recipes for you to try.

More about JASON's coconut products here

The Sun's out - you got the Yaoh?

Sunny days ahead and you know exactly what to get for the upcoming summer...  

With appetite quickly rising for sunblocks, suncream and after-sun lotions to greet the smiling sun, the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offers of Yaoh on all its hemp bodycare products at the upcoming VegfestUK events are such a godsend! 

Click here for their full range of products


Online TV station full of inspirational videos on the vegan lifestyle, ranging from cookery videos to interviews with celebrities. VeggieVision now includes a dating website for vegans too!

Foods for Life

Brainchild of vegan cookbook author Tony Bishop-Weston, whose recent collection of healthy plant-based recipes sold out in record time.

Vegan Life Magazine

Vegan Life Magazine is the first dedicated vegan magazine available on the UK’s newsstands. With features, fashion, product reviews, news, travel and of course delicious 100% vegan recipes, the magazine is a must for anyone who is already vegan, while helping those that aren’t, to adopt a meat free diet and compassionate lifestyle. Available from WHSmith, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, 100 of independent outlets and on subscription. Bringing Vegan into Vogue

All about Vegan Food

All About Vegan Food is a global website focused on spreading veganism and how easy it is to cook, eat, live and travel as a vegan. It features recipes, restaurants and products from around the world, interviews and articles. It is also home of Vegan Families, an open space for families raising vegan children to share experiences and recipes.

Barefoot Vegan Magazine

Barefoot Vegan is an award-winning digital magazine, which is the official publication of the Barefoot Vegan Farm & Sanctuary. The magazine promotes all aspects of conscious living; veganism, spirituality, holistic wellbeing, our connection and interaction with animals, conservation and systemic change. All profits from the magazine go to the Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary. Available via PDF, web browser or app.

Subscribe at

The Vegan Apprentice

The Vegan Apprentice is a brand new website dedicated to vegan culture in the UK. Not just aimed at vegans but all those interested in making their lifestyle cruelty free. Whether for health and fitness, medical or ethical reasons we're here to help.

Get stuck into articles, news, product reviews, recipes, books, art, music, ground breaking campaigns as well as advice from our professional nutritionist. Get the latest on events and win big in our competitions.

Vegetarian Guides

Vegetarian Guides are the world's leading publisher of vegetarian guidebooks. They publish vegetarian guidebooks to London, Britain and Europe, and mail order worldwide for guides to other countries, making it easy to find cruelty-free, healthy, planet-friendly food anywhere. As well as guidebooks, their website has links to useful websites for countries with no guidebook yet.

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