Maersk Oil Rig by DOPPLER

December 2016
DOPPLER is honored to announce that the project “Maersk Oil Rig” won the first place in the contest “Project of the Year 2017”, in the category “Special purpose lifts”, organized by “Elevator World” magazine. It is of great importance for us, since for the specific project there was a thorough study due to the uniqueness of its requirements. 
The project started when Maersk Drilling Company invited DOPPLER S.A. to carry out a survey of the feasibility of manufacturing an accommodation lift on a Resolute Oil Rig. Maersk, is a global oil and gas production, which provides drilling services to oil companies around the world. The head offices are placed in Copenhagen, Denmark, however, the company has offices in eleven countries around the globe.
A Passenger lift was required for the transportation of bed linen and other goods, between the laundry rooms and the rig's cabins. After extensive research from our company’s departments, the elevator we produced was a 1250kg capacity of 5 stops, 13m travel and 0.63m/s speed enclosed in an Elevator Trunk Structure, complying with authority rules and regulations, such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Danish Maritime Authority, ISO8383 (lifts on ships) and Electrical Lines CEI-CENELEC .
Compliance to ISO8383 and ABS Guide for construction of shipboard elevators refers to Means of Escape, Specific Lighting solutions, Communications and Ventilations. The entire steel work, in primary load path, is made of High Grade S355J2 steel and extra guide shoes, brackets and rollers were supplied.
The Preassembled Electrical wiring includes LSF double insulated cables and flexes; IP65 rated connections, the biodegradable synthetic oil used in the power unit as well as the escape hatch and emergency ladders emphasize the EN81-72 lift compliance.
The special design tank is produced with a built in containment tray and it is also fitted with deflectors on top, in order to stop splash at 45 degrees, as required in ABS rules. Landing doors comply with EN 81 -58 (2 hour fire resistance) and they are manufactured to follow IS08383 (6)-Lifts for ships and Navy doors.
The lift passed its test both for EN81 -2 and the ABS stamp of approval.The lift was handed over to Client Maersk Oil on time and in full compliance to their requirements
The Helipad level which is the highest level reached by Doppler elevator. Fifteen meters of height totally allowing the staff of the rig to move with safety and accuracy, even in the worst weather conditions when traveling in the Ocean.
Plan view of the finished shaft. Top of the cabin covered with special Inox stainless steel  IP54 protected. The entire steel work is made of High Grade Steel, S355J2, conforming with the ISO8383, Lifts for Ships 
Special Navy lift doors supplied by Wittur. Full Fire protection and anti-vandalism operation. Wittur TUV SUD certified doors / sturdiness, liability and quietness guarantee the perfect product to comply with the ABS standards (American Bureau of Shipping).  
Special design tank unit produced with a built in containment tray with deflectors on top in order to stop the splash at 45 degrees. Landing doors comply with EN81-72 Fire fighting Norms, manufactured as per ISO8383.
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