Educating our team!

March 2017
In DOPPLER we support the continuous training, which is crucial for organizational development and success. The rapidly changing social, technological and business landscape, constantly creates the need for updating existing knowledge and getting trained in the latest technological developments.
In our company, we recognize the importance of investing on the people who make up our work team. Through the continuous education and training we see our employees grow professionally and become an even more valued member of the team.

Common Training Topics 
Our people who attend training are going to a variety of different topics. Depending on the kind of work being done, there is always a need to stay up to date on changes in areas of specialization. We offer the chance for every employee, in every department, to take place in the training process. Some of the seminars we commonly attend are:
  • Materials optimization
  • Financial intelligence 
  • Logistics
  • Marketing 
  • Human Resource management 
  • Improvement and cost reduction in the manufacturing process
  • Pricing of industrial products
  • Internal audit 
What are the benefits?
We consider continuous training of high importance since we want our people to feel confidence and increase their participation and contribution in the company. Moreover, the new skills can keep them motivated and give them the ability to get involved in new tasks. 
A team of competent and knowledgeable employees is all that a company needs to compete successfully and hold a strong position in the industry. So, in DOPPLER we respect, value and invest on every person of our team!
Katerina Karfopoulou
Human Resources Director
Applied Psychology, M.Sc.

Polykastro Industrial Park, 61200, Greece
T. +30 23430 20140, 20150
F. +30 2343023701
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