VR's first online course, work with a Toltec elder, election healing
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happy october, friends!
this month, I'm tickled to introduce VR's verrrry first online course...woohoo!  also, some sweet sharings about an upcoming trip with a toltec elder, a helping hand for one of our community who passed last month, 2 fun classes to close out 2016, and a way to heal any grouchies around the upcoming election.

see you in circle soon!



journey to teotihuacan with a toltec elder

francis rico, wild spiritual wingnut and one of my favorite people in existence, is taking a small group to magical teotihuacan this dec 7-13 for a shamanic intensive.  here are some of his words:

"people who have been to the ancient university of spirit of teotihuacan, mexico, know that it is possible to move into alignment with the flow of life loving life - and from that place of irresistible joy, it is possible to create and experience heaven on earth.  it sounds radical – and it is!" (
read more & go adventurin!)

first ever VR online course

humanity and reiki are evolving - we’ve moved into an age where the physical pilgrimage is no longer so necessary for the community of the spirit.   lightarian reiki®, open to folks who have completed reiki master training, was designed to be transmitted distantly, via phone, or in person.  oho!

on tuesday, november 8 (election day), we'll meet online together to move through an ongoing training that moves us through lightarian reiki® levels I-VI.  teaching materials will be mailed via USPS to enrolled students before class, and all the
course information is here.  deadline to sign up is fri oct 21.  

reiki II:  sling reiki through space & time on nov 5-6
reiki II is a ridonkulous amount of fun...we meet 3 reiki symbols that are like magical reiki power animals, new buddies!  we'll play with crayons and crystals (reiki crystal starter grid included for you to take home) and stuffed animals and generally have a gigglefest for the weekend.

we'll learn how to send 6 different kinds of distant reiki healing, and close with a reiki share...
come play, lovies!

holding light during this historic election on oct 30
I've been seeing a lot of beloveds holding hurt, anger, rage, upset, outrage and pain around all things election.  although this is understandable for each individual, it's also a lot to carry around all the time, and can hurt our hearts.

at the shaman circle on sun oct 30, we'll each receive an individual healing around all things election, to clean up and get right with any heaviness we're carrying.  we'll then send unconditional, radiant love to the election with no attachment to outcome or agenda. there will be zero political discussion, just healing for ourselves and the collective at this historic time. 
come join our circle!


bright blessings, michele
one of our beloved reiki community members, michele turner, moved into spirit form on september 26 after her battle with cancer.  she was surrounded by love, and had a beautiful, honorable death.

her sister and best friend have started
a gofundme account to support michele's 2 young daughters, ages 15 and 11.  this is a really beautiful outpouring of love, and whether or not you were blessed to know her at VR, all assistance from our community is welcome.
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