Power animal retrieval for the group...our newest adoptee...lots of love!
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We're cheerfully poddling along here at Vibrant Reiki, and will be anchoring light and love for you through the holidays.  Over and over, we're seeing such beautiful gifts for our community from spirit, and from each of you.  My heart is so full as I write this...may you feel love wrapping you up in sweet arms.

Thank you for being part of Vibrant Reiki!  You are special and beloved!

May your holidays be full of deep peace, sweet contentment, and magical riches beyond your soul's wildest imaginings...

I love you,


As each of you know, the new 16-month adventure of the Shaman's Way is just about to begin in February 2015. 

I'd been calling the group 'buttercup,' and although it felt playful (which is such an important part of shamanic work!), it wasn't...quite right.  I felt called to do a power animal retrieval for the entire group that's forming for our journey through the medicine wheel, and the animal teacher who stepped forward is...LYNX.

When lynx spoke for the group, it told me it's medicine for the forming community is power, strength, and grace.  It requested that I make a donation to help it's kin, and through the honoring of this request, I met wonderful Conservation Northwest, working to preserve habitat on this continent for this majestic animal. 

More exciting news for Group Lynx is it's new home - thanks to a lovely community member and the medicine paw of lynx, we were guided to a truly lovely new space, Westside Art House.  It's energetically beautiful, and lynx tells me that this is a safe den for us. 

The new venue means that the Shaman's Way will now meet on
the first Sunday of every month (formerly the first Saturday).  Please note your calendars accordingly...and let the adventure begin

An invitation:  If you're interested in what the 16-month training is all about, come check it out!   You can meet the new venue and learn to journey yourself at the December Shaman Circle (this month, we build a shamanic chorus to give and receive) or join us for the Inkan Illumination Demo, one of the core technologies of the 16-month training. 

Dec 13, Dec 27
Affordable healing

Dec 28
Giving & receiving


Jan 17
Freshen your reiki

Jan 17
Witness illumination

Feb 1
The adventure...begins!

Feb 28 - Mar 1
Learn 3 reiki symbols

Mar 15-May17
Learn 8 new symbols

Mar 21-22
Learn reiki

Apr 18
Learn to attune people

Lots of love,

Come start 2015 off right with us at beautiful Table Asia Gallery, full of Japanese antiques from the 1920's when reiki was born on Mt Kurama.

Everyone will receive a refresher reiki I attunement, and enjoy a group reiki share. 

Please note:  reiki I training (or higher) is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED, please RSVP to save your space.  Woohoo!

MRS TAKATA'S GRANDDAUGHTER VISITS SF REIKI CENTER:  Magical Chris Tellez of the wonderful SF Reiki Center has created a really beautiful event for all of us to share in - thanks so much, Chris! 

Phyllis Furomoto is the granddaughter of Hawayo Takata Sensei, who is recognized as the woman who brought reiki to the western world, and the 3rd reiki ancestor in Vibrant Reiki's lineage.  If you've been attuned by me, this is a lovely way to connect with our lineage in a new way. 

I'll be at the event cheering Chris on, and basking in the teachings of Phyllis Furumoto Sensei on Saturday January 31, 10am-5pm at the LGBT Center in SF. 
Come join us!

VR GRADUATE OPENS PRACTICE IN SONOMA:  Beloved Scarlet Sanschagrin, VR graduate, super magical being and sister of my heart, has opened her reiki healing practice in Sonoma.  Scarlet, congratulations, and I couldn't be more proud of you!!

Her website is looking wonderful, and you can check it all out online
here.  What could be better than relaxing and recharging in wine country with a custom reiki treatment that uses aroma, music, and heat therapies?  (ps, she works on pets, too)

NEW OTTER ADOPTION:  As you know, Vibrant Reiki tithes to the International Otter Survival Fund, and we just adopted a new otter to end 2014 on a loving note.  You can meet all of the otters currently up for adoption here...Vibrant Reiki sent some otterly love and funds to Delilah, found in Cork County, Ireland.  Go, Delilah!

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