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Happy New Year, Friends!

Joyful blessings, beloveds!  As we navigate coming times with positive intent, good humor, and poise, I felt called to journey to the living consciousness of 2017 and ask for a message for our community.  Here’s a short version of what I received: 

{The landscape around me was wild, turbulent , and windy when I arrived in the elemental realms.  My helping spirit told me that our human minds are full of old, outdated ideas ready for release this year.  He replaced my human head with a truly beautiful gift-wrapped box, and told me to search for gifts everywhere in 2017, especially in each challenge. 

We traveled to the spirit of 2017, who appeared to me like a monolithic slate Buddha, huge and solid in the wild weather.  He said “It is a changing time.  What is old must fall away and die.  No full womb can conceive new life, and new life is coming.  Those who are resolute in their pursuit of kindness and peace will prosper.” 

I asked how we can help hold light in 2017, and the year shared that our power dwells in calling on our concept of the divine and the elementals, asking for guidance, and diligently acting on what we receive.}

I encourage all of us to follow our own path of direct revelation, be it through reiki, shamanism, or other healing and meditative arts. 
The Shaman Circle this month is focused on speaking with the sentience of 2017 for information and healing, and I welcome folks to come and help us uncover the puzzle pieces of the larger whole.  Joyful thanks to our helping spirits, and may we be resolute in our pursuit of lovingkindness and peace this year.  HO!


Slooow Your Roll: A Women's Retreat
(New sliding scale $111-$222)
Sun Jan 22, 10am-6pm

"Entering, our beautiful room is filled with soft lights, the warm sound of women’s voices and the sweet smells of yummy things bubbling away on the stove.  Radiant goddesses in comfy clothes are toddling around carrying cups of hot tea, padding about in stocking feet between mini altars with sunflowers and lit candles.  There are bursts of laughter, and an easy sense of camaraderie and joyful anticipation, even in the first moments.

As we begin, each woman shares her name and her story, unburdening herself about why she she's taking today for lovingkindness, tenderness, and a surrender to beauty and peace.  There is a sisterhood in the circle, an unspoken connection between each heart, and a burgeoning sense of warmth, welcome, and love.

Time feels as though it has slowed, as our circle of women moves through meditation, reiki, yoga, tarot games, yummy lunch, napping, journaling, and fire ceremony, with a sweet surprise at the end.  There are so many deep, nourishing breaths, so much time to expand and discover what we find in the stillness.  We are in solitude, we are in retreat, we are in sisterhood.  It is a magic day…

Each of us leaves feeling a renewed sense of wellness, purpose, a stronger sense of hope, and a deep, visceral remembrance of how we are all held..."

Join us for Slooow Your Roll...


Ritual Skills for Cultural Healing with Dr. Daniel Foor
Sat Mar 18, 10am-6pm

We’re getting closer and closer to Dr. Daniel Foor’s visit to the Bay Area in March, when VR hosts Ritual Skills for Cultural Healing.  We're very interested in resourcing people with immediately usable ritual tools to enact powerful change for social and environmental wellness, engaging the help of loving ancestors who have come before us, and honoring this beautiful land we are graced to live on.

Here’s what Daniel will cover at the workshop:
  • the role of the ancestors in cultural healing
  • skills for earth connection, including respect for Native cultures
  • importance of staying true to your personal destiny and unique gifts
  • basics of energetic protection and healthy boundaries
  • practices for personal cleansing and renewal
Join us at Ritual Skills...
Sacred Stones & Reiki
Sat Feb 18, noon-8pm

Our mission at VR is to help spiritual wingnuts and cheerful adventurers learn how to use practical spiritual tools to live a joyful, magical life.  Everyone has their own tickle, and some of us are…rock hounds and pebble puppies! 

Once a year, I teach a course on Sacred Stones & Reiki.  In it, each student receives 44 stones from
Ahhhmuse to take home, pendulum, teaching workbook, full-body stone healing mat, and a shamanic attunement that deepens our connection to the mineral kingdoms and stone nations.  We’ll learn how to work in harmony with crystals and reiki, and add beautiful tools to your healing basket. 

Next month, a peek at the stones themselves, currently on their way to California.  2 of 6 spaces are still available in this course, and reiki I training or higher is required.  

Join us for Sacred Stones...

New 2017 Calendar is Live...Woohoo!
We've been busily updating the VR calendar, so you can peek at one glance at all of our offerings each year.  Come check it out, and may these classes and circles provide useful tools for living your magical life...
Sloooow Your Roll: Women's Retreat
Reiki Clinic Sessions

Sacred Stones & Reiki

Reiki I
Ritual Skills for Cultural Healing
Reiki II

Reiki III


Equine Encounter

...stay tuned!

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