Pics from Hawaii...and you living your magical life!
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Aloha, friends!

We're back from our Hawaii paradise...


The Banana Hut in Hana

...and it was amazing!  I talk all the time about how Vibrant Reiki teaches people how to live a magical life, and I'm so happy to share some of our magical trip to Maui with you this month!  Scott and I went snorkeling with a pod of 50 wild spinner dolphins, danced under the stars at a luau, watched the Giants win the world series (go, Giants!), snuggled through sunsets on Waikiki, drove the entire road to Hana through lush rainforests with the top down, sipped mai tais in balmy ocean breezes, snorfed it up at some of the world's most famous restaurants (Mama's Fish House, we love you!), I got some new ink, and we had adventures galore!

The Garden of Eden on the road to Hana

I'm sharing partly because I love sharing good things (we all benefit, woohoo!), and also because I'm living this magical, incredible, lustrous life thanks to the two technologies I build my life around...reiki and shamanism.  Between the two of them, I've created a life where I do what I love for a living helping people, live in a beautiful home in the woods with my beloved man and our fat white cat, am surrounded by the most loving friends and community, and am held by my spirit allies and creation a sweet embrace that has room for Hawaiian paradise.  YES!
Come play in the 16 month or a reiki class, friends.  Let's create your magical life! 

Anna and the Mustang in Hana (I love me some Mustang!)
In a bar...the Giants just won!!

16 magic months
Group Macaw is rocking along!  We're in month 14 and are currently using the tools we spent the last year learning to manifest one of our dreams by the end of the training.  Go, Macaws!!

Students are creating healing practices, buying new cars, getting new jobs, healing their children, funding dream trainings, losing weight, bringing in huge sums of money....the list is huge, and really incredible.  We finish our voyage in the East, where we learn how to change the trajectory we're traveling on, and literally how to dream down our heaven here on earth.  These skills last a lifetime...enter the magical life! 

In class this last weekend, we all took an amazing field trip for supplies, created shamanic power talismans by the fireside, and empowered them in a group Spirit Canoe.   We all become family in the 16 month...and this month our family shared weddings, sacred corn, poems, and gifts from sacred Mt Kurama in Japan.  Macaw, I love you!

Enrollment in the Shaman's Way, the 16 month training that teaches you how to live a magical life, is open, and the next wheel begins Feb 7, 2015.  Come join us, friends!

In Waikiki

Coming Up...
Nov 8-9
Learn 3 reiki symbols

Nov 22 and Dec 13
Affordable healing

Nov 23
Learn to journey

Dec 6-7
Learn reiki

Jan 10
Witness illumination

Feb 7
The adventure...begins!

Mar 15-May17
Learn 8 new symbols

Apr 18
Learn to attune people

Lots of love,


This class is so much fun!!  We learn 3 reiki symbols, play with stuffed animals and crayons, and build reiki crystal grids, slinging reiki back in time and into the future. 

Come join us!
Snorkelling off Oahu
Fancy a trip
to Maui?

So...before I even landed in Maui, I was offered a space on the island to host workshops.  Wow!

When we arrived in Paia, I fell completely in love...with the everchanging sky, the wee geckos squeaking harmonies at night, the lush green verdancy everywhere, the sweet whisper of the ocean, and the incredible vibration of the island itself.

It feels like the most natural thing in the world to do a reiki and shamanic adventure in tropical paradise, and we're already working in the background to make it happen for San Francisco community.  I'll be sharing details over the next year, but I'm thinking of offering a weekend retreat that shares with you what I learned from Sandra Ingerman, Medicine For The Earth.  One option is to work with a travel agent and offer y'all a package of flight, hotel, and retreat, and another is to offer the retreat and leave it up to you resourceful muffins to flap your own wings there.  Hmm!

If you're interested in a possible Vibrant Reiki community trip to Maui in the fall of 2015 (winter on the island, and cooler temperatures), please email me and let me know about it. 

If you have ideas or suggestions, holler...let's learn what magic we can create together!  Mahalo!


Featured Healer:
Preston Vargas

This newsletter is full of such good things!  I've saved one of the best for Preston!  I've been lucky enough to know him for years, and he's one of the most magical, sacred persons I've met on Earth.  Lucky for all of us, he's working his mojo in Berkeley...mayhap it's time to be fully supported by this truly wonderful being.  As Preston says so often...Live.  Laugh.  Love!

Preston wears a lot of different skins as he finishes off his PhD...shaman, priest-ess, reiki master, academic, queer person of color, counselor, and my valued friend.  I trust him deeply, and can't recommend him highly enough.  Please check out his awesome site,
Ensouled Awakenings, and go say hello.  Preston, I love you!
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