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NeoQIC Family Engagement Collaborative Newsletter
Hello Members of the NeoQIC Family Engagement Collaborative,

We are excited to announce that Aviel has returned this week from her maternity leave and has been onboarded on all our project processes!!! Aviel has shared such adorable pictures of Ezra (see above)!! We are so happy to have you back with us Aviel!!! We would also like to extend a big thanks to Mariana for all of her hard work on this project while Aviel was away. She will be missed! 

At this time, any questions or concerns regarding the NeoQIC family engagement project should be sent to Aviel

Stay well, 

Meg Parker and The NeoQIC Family Engagement Leadership Team
QI Team Spotlight! 
Above: Marilyn Valles, Gaby Cordova Ramos, Renee Ferraro, Meg Parker, Cheryl Slater, and Bernadette Levesque. Mona, Donna, and Aviel are not present in the photo, but have been amazing assets to the team! 
Boston Medical Center is located in Boston, MA, and has a level 3 NICU. The BMC Family Engagement QI team is led by Neonatologist and Project Lead of NeoQIC Meg Parker, Neonatologist Gaby Cordova Ramos, and NICU Medical Director Bernadette Levesque. Within the last seven months, the BMC team has submitted two outstanding family-centered PDSAs!! Both have focused on improving social supports by increasing standardized social needs screening of eligible NICU families using the THRIVE tool and increase parent participation in family-centered rounds by calling families not present in the NICU during rounds. This work overlaps with two of our key drivers-- social supports/services and communication. 
AWESOME work BMC team!! This is incredible work you all are doing!!
Above: Meg Parker and Pat Edmonds share a picture at Pat's retirement celebration. Pat was one of the nurses on the team that spearheaded the nursing delivery of the THRIVE tool! Thank you Pat for all that you have done to support this work! 
Our Collaborative 
We encourage you to connect with other members on our collaborative. We have created a listserv to support our teams! Feel free to use our Listserv @ 
        Team                        Lead(s)                 Key Driver                                                PDSAs                                     
Gaby Cordova Ramos, MD, Neonatologist
Meg Parker, MD, MPH, Neonatologist
Bernadette Levesque, MD, Medical Director
Aviel Peaceman, MPH, Project Manager
Social Support / Services
Increase standardized social needs screening of eligible NICU families using the THRIVE tool
  Communication Increase parent participation in family-centered rounds by calling families not present in the NICU during rounds
       Baystate Amy Blake, MD
Jennifer Marion, RNC-nic
Stephanie Adam, RN
Discharge Planning Improve discharge timeliness by creating a multidisciplinary discharge checklist
Hands-on Care
Increase the frequency of families providing Kangaroo care
        Beverly Iris Streimish, MD  Communication Increase the rate of family meetings within 48 hours after admission among Spanish-speaking families through the use of a communication checklist
   BID-Plymouth Esther Kisseih, MD   Hands-on Care Improve initial hands-on care by the parents within the first 72hrs of admission
 Newton Wesley
Alyssa Marshall, MD, Neonatologist   Hands-on Care Increase parent involvement in hands-on care by placing a whiteboard at every bedside with infant care times available to parents
 Communication Increase the # of Family Meetings within the first week of life by 80% for any baby that remains in the SCN after the mother is discharged.
           Tufts Ronnelle King,MD  Communication Inborn NICU families will participate in an interdisciplinary family meeting held within 72 hours of admission
   Winchester  Hospital  
Justin Goldstein, MD, Neonatologist
Communication Increase family awareness of developmental milestones and appropriate sensory care for their infant at each gestational age by placing an informational sheet at each bedside
  Hands-on Care To increase family awareness and involvement in age-appropriate sensory care of their infant during their SCN admission

Zuzanna Kubicka, MD, Neonatologist
John Fiascone, MD, NICU Medical Director
 Communication Increase participation in daily multidisciplinary rounds for non-English speaking families by creating a daily rounds participation capture card for non-English speaking families to track participation in rounds
Social supports/services Improve parental social support by increasing participation in weekly support group meetings to a minimum of one parent participation every week by the end of 2021.
          UMass  Kate Sullivan, MD
Nasim Gorji, MD
 Communication To increase the percentage of families updated each day at any time from a baseline of 28%
         BIDMC Marge Day, LICSW, CLC, NICU Program Manager,
Molly F. Wylie, NICU Program Manager
Increase the frequency with which we elicit the family goals prior to family meeting to 50% by April 30th, through creating a tool “Preparing for your First Family Update”
  Hands-on care Improve initiation of and regular sessions of skin-to-skin care from baseline of “during hospital stay” to within first 72 hours or as soon as medically stable by December 2021
  Southcoast –         Charlton Daphne Remy, MD, Neonatologist   Discharge planning Implement and complete a discharge teaching tracking tool for all babies discharged from the South Coast special care nurseries by August 2021.
       Emerson Rachel Kradin, LCSW, Social Worker Communication Improve the efficiency of multidisciplinary family meetings by standardizing the schedule of family meetings
Introduce a family engagement toolkit to decrease the length of family meetings
Improve accessibility of lactation services to SCN mothers by introducing initial infant feeding team meetings with families in tandem with Speech team’s introductions
Improve frequency of kangaroo care in the SCN by posting “Smart Phrases” to provide nursing with suggestions of how to offer assisting parents with performing Kangaroo Care
Using Parent Education Posters to Increase Frequency of Kangaroo Care in SCN
Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, August 4th, 2-3 pm 

Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 893 148 9667
This session will be dedicated to learning and supporting the amazing QI work we are doing collectively through PDSA team sharing. There will be 2-3 teams who will present on their PDSA. Feel free to reach out to us if your team wishes to present during this webinar! 

Fall Meeting Schedule 
Wednesday, September 8th, 2-3 pm 

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2-5 pm
Mass Medical Society

Wednesday, January 12th, 2-3 pm 
Project Updates 
The next homework forms will be due by September 6th, 2021. This includes working on a PDSA. Please fill out as much as you can on your PDSA, even if it's just part of a new plan or an update to your last PDSA! We truly appreciate all your efforts in helping us to understand your progress. We have also updated our PDSA template form (click on the tab below to download). Please use this form moving forward. 
Download PDSA Template
 Data Use Agreement (DUA) / Scope of Work (SOW) status
  • Please sign both forms at your earliest convenience.
  • Once signed, send both forms to Aviel Peaceman
  • Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process.
Update on RedCap Data Collection
  • We have launched our Chart Abstracted and Family Reported Measures surveys on RedCap! 
  • We have conducted 5 onboarding sessions already!!! Please be sure to submit your DUA/SOW in order to start imputing your data on RedCap.  

In the meantime, feel free to download a copy of our forms! 
Parent Enrollment Form
Chart Abstracted Measures Form
Chart Abstracted Measures - DOL Form
Immediate post-discharge Parent Survey (English)
Immediate post-discharge Parent Survey (Spanish)
4-8 week post-discharge Parent Survey (English)
4-8 week post-discharge Parent Survey (Spanish)
NeoQIC Webpage Edits
coming soon...
We the NeoQIC Family Engagement Collaborative Leadership Team have learned a lot from your feedback! We are excited to bring you some new advancements to our webpage. We will be adding sections for PDSAs, collaborative team sharing, and additional resources for your use. Our newly vamped webpage will go live next week! Feel free to check it out! 
NeoQIC Family Engagement Website
See you next month!  

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