April 2020

A total of 263 essential foods baskets to families in great need have been distributed in Brasil and Peru.
The courage of volunteering leaders is what makes this initiative very unique. We have heard reports of several miracles as volunteers went out to deliver the food baskets and share the love of Christ. Many people have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and others reported experiencing miraculous healings as our volunteers prayed with them. Read below the written report of Erick Stocchero who was in charge of delivering the food baskets in Curitiba, Brazil. 
Erik Stocchero - Curitiba, PR, Brazil
“My favorite visit of the night! God saved the best for last. In this home we saw the grandma accept Christ as Lord and Savior while a 6 year old boy had double vision and Jesus healed his sight. I believe Jesus also touched a 7 month old baby girl who was a sleep but had a tumor on her chest. Expectantly awaiting confirmation on that miracle. Finally, the husband, who is a drug addicted and was out doing drugs, called his wife soon after we prayed that Holy Spirit would grab a hold of him powerfully and set him free.  She was so happy! Jesus came in that house."
Hello Everyone,
As we know, light shines brightest during the darkest times, and there is no better time to shine than now. Individually or corporately, God has giving us an opportunity like no other to bring hope and love to a broken and fallen world during this pandemic. 

In the month of April in the city of Campo Largo near Curitiba, Parana, I had the opportunity, through a partnership with ANS Ministries, to bless over 10 families who were in critical need of food. ANS Ministries and its partners donated enough money to purchase 22 bundles of food almost equaling 500 pounds!! 

The food was gladly accepted by all the families and brought great relief, but what really made their day was the fact that they were remembered. Many people in their situation are completely written off by society and even shunned. We not only remembered them, we let them know they were valued. 

Many of us are constantly valued by parents, relatives, friends or even co-workers and it may seem like something insignificant, but to them it means the world. Some of these people won't feel valued at all during any point in their lives. Society and maybe a good chance sometimes even you and I have deemed them as dead weight, a lost cause, or worthless. But, I love buts, the cross tells a different story, The cross says that yet when we were all sinners, or in other words of no value, God loved us and gave us His only Son to die for us all. 

See, if it were not for that cross I would not be able to see the value in those people or any other people for that fact, much less love them and serve them. Yet because I was first loved, valued and the power of the Cross got a hold of me, I could fulfill my call to love my neighbor as myself and serve them as Christ desired.

Serving those people was such a blessing to me, because I got to supply both their material and spiritual needs. Thank you, ANS Ministries and partners, for allowing me to be part of the vision God has placed on your heart of taking the Gospel to every corner of the Earth. 

God Bless,
Erick Stocchero
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Testimonies During Food Distribution 

Curitiba, PR, Brazil
by Erick Stocchero
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Upcoming Report: Peru

April 2020: Pr. Jose Ocas (COMFAES) distributes food in his community, San Juan de Lurigancho, a poor district of Lima, Peru.  

Lima, Peru

"The people of God have been given an opportunity to humble themselves in the midst of this situation. The best way to humble ourselves is by opening our eyes to what God wants us to see. Peru has been greatly affected for having the country paralyzed in the fear of corona virus. Multitudes of people have lost their jobs and families are in great need. What better way to humble ourselves than to be able to serve the meek and the poor." - Ivan Flores, ANS Ministries Peru Pres.  (Full text on the next report)

Upcoming Events

Due to Covid-19 the event in Bethlehem, Israel with the Palestinian youth as part of the Israel Hope Tour project was rescheduled to September, 2020. More details to come.
Guatemala Hope Tour 2020 

June 3-9 - will be postponed and new dates will be announced soon.  
USA Hope Tour 2020  
Hawaii ANS Clinic

Keaau, Hawaii Soccer Clinic
June 25-29 is still scheduled as initially planned.
Brasil Hope Tour 2020  

July 8-14, 2020 is still the on calendar but subject to rescheduling. 
Angola Hope Tour 2020  

August 5-12, 2020 is still on the calendar as initially planned. 
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