CDEM Updates, August 2015

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Alberto Rivas, Missionary and founder of CDEM

Abigail and Jonathan


Alberto Rivas' commitment to the mission and people of the Dominican Republic (DR) continues evident and steadfast.  Alberto, along with his children, Abigail and Jonathan, continue to live and serve from their home in the DR.
Following a difficult year personally, Alberto is fully engaged with all aspects of the mission work.  The Christian Dominican Evangelical Mission (CDEM) is strong and growing.
Abigail graduated from 8th grade and is starting high school.  She received two certificates of excellence, one in Bible Class and one in Spanish as the second language.  Jonathan successfully completed testing to enter 7th grade-Junior High

Ken Lund, Chairman of CDEM Board of Directors, reports:
Two new members, Amy Terrill and Rhonda DeBuhr, joined the U.S. board in July, 2015.  Both live in Iowa and have been active supporters of missionary work.  They have also both served on mission teams in the D.R. in recent years.
CDEM continues to see change and growth in the mission work of reaching and teaching the people of the D.R.  Churches in Monte Cristi and Barrero are transitioning to new leaders. We are thankful to God for providing capable men and families to carry on His work.  We are encouraged by the addition of the 4th grade class and the increase in the number of students from 84 to 105 in the school this year.
Part of the growth within CDEM is the addition of a board of directors in the Dominican.  The board is comprised of Godly men and women who participate or interact with CDEM on a daily basis.  They are tasked with helping to ensure that priorities in the D.R. are properly set and we are staying on the right track to best help the people there. We, as a board, thank all of you for making this happen through your prayers, financial support, time and service. We continue to be excited for the future of CDEM and the impact it is having on the people of the Dominican.

Church Updates

San Jose
Freddy and Cacilda serve at the San Jose church. Sadly, they recently lost their daughter to cancer. In addition to evangelizing and helping in the community, they teach people to plant and harvest vegetables for food.
Through multiple services throughout the week, 40 regularly attend.  Prayer services are also held in various homes in the community. 
 Barrero Church
Ramon and Rumalda serve at the Barrero Church. Using their wealth of music talent, their services are filled with joyful worship. More than 50 attend regular services with over 200 coming in for special events and celebrations.  Nine days of prayer are held each month, with services for men, women, and children’s ministries held throughout each week. Two times each month they meet in different homes.

Buenos Aires Church
Franclin and Rebeca continue to serve in the Buenos Aires church (with 100 in regular attendance) and at the school.  Serving in their administrative roles, teaching, and various needs of the community, they evangelize in the school and community. Exciting growth at the school is a result of their dedication and God’s blessings on their work.
Monte Cristi Church
Martin and Marta and their three sons, have faithfully served at the Monte Christi church and continue dedicated to their service for His Kingdom.  Their service has been fruitful in helping the church to grow spiritually strong with 50 attending regularly. When the van is back in service, they increase attendance with the ability to bring in more people who are not within walking distance.

School Update

The school continues to grow and serve children towards improved education and social skills.  Fourth grade has been added this year.  Offering this school helps to protect these small children from dangers in the community and reduce the percent of drugs in the community. Twenty-three parents of children who attend the school have been baptized.  More than 50 children from the school also attend the church now. In June, four were baptized. There are currently 105 students, 6 classrooms, 6 teachers, and 2 helpers.

Financial Update

Balances—August 2015                         Monthly Expense
Mission Fund- $ 7,364.90                         Mission-$5,215.00
School Fund-  $     250.63                        School-  $3,168.00
Savings           $         0
Van funds        $10,913.17

CDEM has been blessed with faithful and compassionate supporters, but there are still challenges.
  • CDEM currently operates on an annual budget of less than $100,000. That money is used to support the mission and school.This includes 12 full and part-time workers, with 4 ministers and churches, and 6 teachers with 2 helpers at the school.
  • The monthly expense for the school is $3,168 whereas only $700 is covered by regular monthly support (the rest is currently made up through one time gifts).
  • The monthly expenses for the mission, including missionary support and vehicle maintenance, totals $5,215 whereas we receive around $5,050 in regular monthly support.
Please consider donating--one time gifts, student or teacher sponsorships, or participating in a short term mission trip.

 Contributions may be sent to:
  • Nic Coers: 503 Hillcrest Drive, Emden, IL 62635
  • Through the website:
  • Short term mission trips may be arranged through Alberto Rivas @ or 319-248-9511.

Praises & Opportunities

PRAISE & Thanksgiving: CDEM has been blessed with faithful and compassionate supporters.

  • The church in Barrero has enlarged their building to accommodate larger numbers from the community for special events and celebrations.
  • The Barrero church received an amplifier to use with their electric guitar.
  • Security bars were added to the windows for the parsonage at Monte Cristi
  • Classrooms have been added to the school
  • The cafeteria and kitchen were added to the school.

Opportunities for partnerships: God continues to be faithful and work in the D.R.  Growth for His kingdom provides more needs for support from all of us. Priority needs include:

  • Windows and security bars to complete the construction of the new addition to the church at Barrero. ($2,700)
  • Additional monthly support for increased support for ministry workers.
  • Security bars around the Monte Cristi church and pastor's home. ($2,240)
  • Tables, chairs, stove for cooking, refrigerator, freezer for food storage, and sink for dishwashing in the school ($1,700)
  • Electricity is needed at the school.
  • A secure office area to store computer equipment and student records.($5,000)
  • Sponsors. for students.  Currently 6 of the 105 students are sponsored. ($35/child/month)
  • Classroom fans, bathroom doors, toilets, sinks and installation ($650)
  • Sponsors for teachers. Currently no teachers are sponsored. ($270 per month)
  • Food and additional school supplies for the students.
  • Administrative costs, including legal fees for teacher’s annual contracts, tax preparation, required government reports, health insurance. ($2,400)


  • Pray for the school situation as the government continues to consider requiring all schools to provide classes all day, which would double the cost of operating our school-currently half day.
  • Pray for the teachers and staff as they teach and shine for Jesus’ love in these children’s lives.
  • Pray for CDEM leadership—Both U.S. and D.R. boards will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the ministers, teachers, congregations, and communities in the D.R.
  • Pray for safety and health of the children who attend the school in Buenos Aires.
  • Pray that God will provide for all the needs.

Mission teams:

  • Build a block wall for security around the school--large project
  • VBS--work with children groups, or adult women groups
  • Community--house repairs including roofs, floors, bathrooms

Board Members

D.R. Board.

Alberto Rivas, Founding Missionary
 Martin Colon, Pastor at Monte Cristi
 Freddy Rodreguea, Friend and supporter
 Arismendi Vceta, Monte Cristi
Fior Marte, Barrero Church
Ramon Genao, Pastor at Barrero Church

U.S. Board

                                              Ken Lund, Chairman                                                    



                                                              Earl Allen                                                                     l

 Nic Coers

Rhonda DeBuhr


Ed Gillespie


Jeff Jewell


Adam Schwab


 Amy Terrill



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