EFTA NEWSLETTER N°12 - October 2013

NEWSLETTER 12 - October 2013

A word from EFTA's President

Welcome, dear colleagues and friends, members of EFTA.                         

In our 12th Newsletter we bring your news on EFTA’s three Chambers: CIM, TIC and NFTO.

We also include links to articles of EFTA members in various languages and information on recent Book and Journal Publications, along with a Calendar of Events in countries of Europe and abroad.

This month of October is an important month for EFTA: our 8th Congress, organized in collaboration with the Family and Marital Therapies Association of Turkey (AETD) is soon to be a reality.
For the past three years, the Scientific and Organizing Committees have worked with enthusiasm and zeal in preparing this event. To date, approximately 900 colleagues representing 42 countries from throughout Europe and internationally have registered to participate in our Congress.
The theme “Opportunities in a Time of Crisis: the Role of the Family” is one that we strongly feel is pertinent to the unpredictable and complex reality of today’s world and to the corresponding need to foster creative evolution in our scientific field.
We have devoted attention to bringing together prominent colleagues of family therapy and systemic practice from across Europe and the international community, to share with us their current work and ideas for the future.
We believe that the rich program of diverse presentations will meet your satisfaction, providing all of us with an opportunity to broaden our perspectives and integrate new developments into our practices.
In this Congress, our aim is to co-create – with you, our EFTA members and participants – an interactive forum for the exchange of professional and personal experiences.
Open conversations create connections.
Exchange of ideas creates interest.
Mutual interest creates novelty and inspires change in individuals,
families, communities and societies.
We invite you to actively contribute to the inter-connecting process of the Congress with the aim of co-constructing a foundation of resilience in a time where crisis is manifested in many significant fronts – in our relationships, in our homes and families, in our socio-economic realities.
We hope you will enjoy participating in our ‘Systemic Café Conversations’ which we organized especially for this purpose. After the Congress, these conversations will develop into ‘Specific Interest Groups’ so that EFTA members may continue their fruitful exchange on their areas of special interest.
The beautiful city of Istanbul – where East meets West – provides an exceptional context for us to enjoy our professional and personal exchange with colleagues of different cultural backgrounds.
It will be our pleasure to have you join us in Istanbul in an event
that promises to be worthwhile.
For those colleagues who will not be able to participate in this Congress, we will keep you informed on the EFTA website and in our next Newsletter.

October is also the time for Elections of the new EFTA Board.
I strongly urge you to vote for the representatives of your choice. The EFTA Board is your group of people who strive for the collective good of our professional field.
Get active in EFTA…Vote…Contribute to development and change!
Warm colegeal wishes,

Kyriaki (Polychroni)
EFTA President

EFTA 2013 Congress in Istanbul

Over 900 colleagues from 42 various countries will soon get together!
View Scientific program!

EFTA General Assembly
Anadolu Auditorium, Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention & Exhibition
Centre (ICEC), Harbiye, 34267
Istanbul - Turkey,
Friday 25th October at 5:30 pm
All EFTA members are warmly invited to participate in the General Assembly where full information on the Board activities over the past 3 years will be provided and visions for the future will be shared. Agenda

Elections for the new EFTA Board
It is time to vote for your EFTA representatives
for the CIM, TIC and NFTO Boards!
Get actively involved in YOUR Association. VOTE!

For more information contact:
CIM: Jacques Pluymaekers
TIC: Phil Kearney
NFTO: Maria Borcsa

Un mot du président d'EFTA-CIM

Chers membres,             See Words in English

Le congrès d'EFTA se tiendra dans huit jours à Istanbul. Ce sera l'occasion pour le millier de participants d'échanger sur leurs pratiques, leurs recherches. Nous découvrirons comment la clinique en thérapie familiale se module dans les contextes très variés de nos différents pays tout comme dans les champs spécifiques où nous rencontrons les familles.

Le congrès est aussi un moment important pour la vie de l'association. L'assemblée générale et le renouvellement du board aura lieu le vendredi 25 octobre de 17h30 à 20h. Pouvons nous vous rappeler d'exprimer votre vote sans tarder si vous ne pouvez être des nôtres à Istanbul.

Dès aujourd'hui, je souhaite la bienvenue aux nouveaux membres du board et j'adresse un grand merci à ceux qui, souvent depuis de longues années, ont travaillé au développement d'EFTA-CIM.

Bien à vous,

Jacques Pluymaekers
Président d'EFTA CIM

Articles of EFTA members in various languages

  • Badanti: evoluzione di un ruolo. I. Ursini (Italiano) (PDF 96Kb)
  • La peinture ou la vie. La Neutralité n'existe pas. Pierre Soulages un peintre systémicien. P. Duterte (Français). Lire l'article (PDF 180Kb)
  • Nuove patologie adolescenziali o nuove emergenze sociali? L'hikikomori è solo giapponese? L. Mastropaolo (Italiano). (PDF 288Kb) Quest'articolo é sembrato in Terapia Familiare n.97 novembre 2011
  • ¿Nuevas patologías de la adolescencia o nuevas emergencias sociales? ¿El Hikikomori es solo Japonés? L. Mastropaolo (Español). (PDF 776Kb) Este articulo fue publicado en la revista REDES n°28 Barcelona mayo 2013
  • Separazioni altamente conflittuali tra alienazione di responsabilità e paradossi. R. Marinello, I. Ursini. (Italiano) (PDF 188Kb)

Calendar of Events

  • Humour et résilience dans le travail social et thérapeutique, Colloque le 26 novembre 2013, Lille (France) plus d'informations
  • Violences intra-familiales et conjugales, 7 février 2014, Harfleur (France) plus d'informations
  • 1st European Conference on Systemic Research in Therapy "Linking Systemic Practice and Systemic Research", 6-8 March 2014, Heidelberg (Germany) information
  • Congresso Internazionale: Technice e strumenti nella clinica sistemica, 21-22 marzo 2014, Torino (Italy) informazioni
  • International Conference on the Dialogical Self, 19-22 August 2014, The Hague (The Netherlands) more information

Exciting News: EFTA, in collaboration with the Department of Medical Psychology of Heidelberg University is co-organizing the 1st European Conference on Systemic Research in Therapy, “Linking Systemic Practice and Systemic Research”, March 6th-8th, 2014 in Heidelberg, Germany.
A number of important keynote speakers and presenters in Symposia, Discussion Panels and Brief Communications will offer their expertise in the field of Family Therapy, Systemic Practice  and Research.
For more information and the scientific program view the Conference website:

Report from EFTA-NFTO

Including :
Welcome Estonia!

Invitation to Heidelberg, Germany for March 2014!
EFTA-NFTO Elections 2013 - Presentation of Candidates
Download the report

Report from EFTA-TIC

Membership numbers and transition
Trainer's meeting
Election of new TIC Board
Training Standards
Training Networking Program

Download the report
BELGIQUE: Une loi sur la psychothérapie ?  Les dernières propositions font débat... Plus d'informations: projet de loi (PDF 9Mo), lettre ouverte Forum (PDF 96Ko), courrier ACF, réaction au pré-projet (76 Ko).

FRANCE : Au coeur du Havre, l’Association Havraise de Recherche en Thérapies Familiales (AHRTF), se consacre aux parent, aux couples et aux familles, qui rencontrent des difficultés ou des symptômes pour un ou plusieurs de leurs membres (addictions, troubles psychopathologiques et somatiques, délinquances, échecs scolaires et professionnels, détresses sociales). Les professionnels issus de la santé mentale et du travail social, peuvent être soutenus en cas de difficultés... lire la suite

GREECE: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Training: Introductory and Advanced Externships organized by  the EFT Greek Network with Dr. James Furrow (US).
Training is certified by the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). Contact:
GREECE: ‘Hold Me Tight Program’ – Conversations for Connection: a relationship enhancement group for therapists and their partners. Based on the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and the book ‘Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love’ by Dr. Susan M. Johnson, this experiential workshop aims at sensitizing therapists to the negative interaction cycle of couples and their underlying attachment emotions and needs. It uses demonstration videos, in-class practice of relationship building conversations as well as take-home exercises.
Conducted by: Kyriaki Polychroni, Couple and Family Therapist
Location: November 2013 – May 2014, Athens, Greece, 3-day Retreats in August 2014, Aegean Island of Paros
Contact:  Tel/Fax: +30-210 68898031

GREECE: Metalogos, the first Greek Systemic Therapy Journal published by the Systemic Association of Northen Greece (since 2002) is now on the web:

GREECE: Systemic Thinking & Psychotherapy is the NEW systemic journal of HESTAFTA:

Attachement et théorie de l'esprit, G. Attili, Ed. Fabert,15/09/2013

Cahiers Critiques de thérapie familiale et de pratiques de réseaux: Approche systémique des institutions, ed. De Boeck, n°50/2013

Creating Connection: the Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy by Susan M. Johnson, was recently translated into Greek by the Athenian Institute of Anthropos More information

The use of early recollections as a narrative aid in psychotherapy. Androutsopoulou, A. (2013). Counselling Psychology Quarterly. First published online  Free access for limited period

De l'incestueux à l'incestuel, J-P Mugnier, ed. Fabert, 15/03/2013

Réinventer les relations familiales, J. Byng-Hall (traduction: Jérôme Bucquois), ed. De Boeck, Collection Carrefour des Psychothérapies, 08/08/2013

Timpurile si miturile familie - translation of Maurizio Andolfi & Claudio Angelo`s book: "The Myth of Atlas: Families and the Therapeutic Story" (1989), Publisher: Ed. Mica Valahie (Bucuresti) 2013. More information

Systeme: Interdisciplinary Journal of Systemic Research and Practice in the Human Sciences. German/English abstracts of last issues

The contents of the EFTA Newsletter do not represent the opinions of the members of the EFTA General Board

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