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NEWSLETTER 14 - November 2014

A word from EFTA's President


Le mot de la présidente

Dear friends and colleagues,

This autumn marked not only the 25th anniversary of the “peaceful revolution” in Leipzig and the fall of the Berlin Wall, but commemorated also changes in Europe and beyond, resulting in the lifting of the iron curtain. For some of us these alterations still appear as a miracle. For the younger ones, Europe is experienced as a continent with open borders, travelling around freely seems “natural”.  We should not forget though that these achievements are results of concrete social and political activities.

Taking action accordingly, 15 colleagues from 9 European countries seized the opportunity in these times of change.  The former European Family Therapy Network, created in 1986 with its earlier foundations in conference meetings, initiated a European association. Established formally in 1990, EFTA will have existed a quarter of a century next year!

This association is growing year after year, playing a visible part on the global arena. Having now members from 29 European nations as well as from Israel is an accomplishment we wish to celebrate, with the founding and current members! Below you can read more information on this anniversary event.

Please find some updates from our members in this newsletter. You are also always welcome to share your news with us!

My warm wishes,

Maria Borcsa

12-15 February 2015, Leuven, Belgium
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Prof. Dr G. Bacigalupe, President of AFTA (American Family Therapy Accademy),
will join us!
G. Bacigalupe and M. Borcsa at the AFTA Conference in Athens, Georgia, June 2014
Cooperation between EFTA and SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research)

Dear Colleagues,
I have just been asked by the President of EFTA to be part of the Child and Family Therapy Research (CAFTR) Special Interest Group which falls under the ambit of the Society for Psychotherapy Research.
Details about the group and its aims are at:
 My specific role will be that of liaising with EFTA to help ensure that we have a good representation of family therapists involved in our activities.  SPR would very much like to promote themselves as a venue for child and family therapy researchers to meet, share ideas and build a professional community together.
Any interested researchers who would like to be part of this please come forward.
My contact details are
The annual SPR meeting will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) from June 24 to June 27, 2015.  We would like to encourage CaFTR members to create a strong presence at next year's meeting; toward that end, we are encouraging colleagues to submit papers, posters, and panel ideas to present at the conference.  The dates for submission will be November 3 to December 5 (Friday), 2014.

Angela ABELA
(Click on my name to see my profile)
GREECE: Report of the 5th Qualitative Research on Mental Health Conference which took place in Chania, 2-4th September 2014.
IRELAND: "Adolescents and substance use: the handbook for professionals " was highly commented at the British Medical Association  annual book awards on 22 September. Read press release

ROMANIA: The Newsletter 15 from the Asociaţia de Terapie Familială Sistemică Cluj.
focused on gay fathers families who have a child born via surrogacy.
information from the Research Team
see the flyer
Efficacy of systemic therapy on adults with mental disorders: A meta-analysis
read more
Se libérer des souffrances familiales
E. Trappeniers
InterEditions, 08/10/2014
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25th Issue of Metalogos (online).
Paul Watzlawick - die Biografie - Die Entdeckung des gegenwärtigen Augenblicks
A. Köhler-Ludescher
Huber Publisher, 14/06/2014
read more
Therapie Familiale
volume 35/n°3

Editions Médecine et Hygiène, novembre 2014
Cahiers Critiques de thérapie familiale et de pratiques de réseaux
Couples homosexuels, familles homoparentales et question de genre.
n°52, 2014/1
Editions de Boeck Supérieur
International Journal of Psychotherapy
Volume 18 - Number 2- July 2014
The Challenge of Retirement
T. Murphy
Kindle Edition, 10/04/2014
read the press release
La vie à deux: mode d'emploi
A. Vansteenwegen
De Boeck Supérieur, Bruxelles, 15/11/2013
Adolescents and Substance Use: the Handbook for Professionals working with young people.
P. James, C. Kearns, A. Campbell, B. Smyth
Radcliffe, published nov. 2013
BMA Highly Commended
read the press release
S. Rolovic and M. Borcsa at the AFTA conference in Athens, Georgia, June 2014
Chers Amis et Collègues,
Cet automne a été marqué non seulement par le 25ème anniversaire de la « révolution pacifique » à Leipzig et de la chute du Mur de Berlin, mais aussi par la commémoration des changements, en Europe et au-delà, qui ont entrainé la levée du « rideau de fer ». Pour certains d’entre nous, ces bouleversements apparaissent encore comme un miracle. Pour les plus jeunes, l’Europe est vécue comme un continent avec des frontières ouvertes où la liberté de circulation semble « naturelle ». Nous ne devons cependant pas oublier que ces changements sont le fruit d’activités politiques et sociales très concrètes.
Lors de cette période de bouleversements, 15 collègues de 9 pays européens en profitèrent pour prendre des mesures en conséquence. L’ancien « Réseau Européen de Thérapie Familiale » (créé formellement en 1986 et bâtit lors de réunions informelles qui avaient lieu à l’occasion de conférences importantes) est devenu une association européenne. Etablie formellement en 1990, l’EFTA fêtera, l’année prochaine, un quart de siècle d’existence!
L’association s’est développée année après année en jouant un rôle visible sur la scène internationale. L’EFTA a aujourd’hui des membres dans 29 pays d’Europe et Israël. Nous souhaitons célébrer cet aboutissement avec les membres fondateurs et les membres actuels ! Vous trouverez ci-dessous des informations sur cet événement anniversaire.
Vous trouverez également dans ce bulletin des actualités de certains de nos membres. Vous êtes toujours les bienvenus pour partager vos nouvelles avec nous !
Avec mes sentiments les meilleurs,

Maria Borcsa

Lettre aux membres

Au sommaire:
- démission de Malvina Tsounaki
- nouvelles distribution des fonctions
- prochain répertoire
- publications des membres
- projet "CIM - Junior"
- 25ème anniversaire d'EFTA

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Letter to
EFTA CIM Members,
- resignation of Malvina Tsounaki
- new distribution of functions
- new directory
- publications by members
- project "CIM - junior"
- 25th anniversary of EFTA

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Report from EFTA TIC

  • Skype board meetings

  • 8th Trainer's Meeting

  • Membership
  • Trainers exchange Network
  • Directory

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- Work of the NFTO Board
- EFTA Board Meeting in Iasi
- Next Chamber Meeting
- Participation
- Reminder membership fees

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Read EFTA research projects on the EFTA website. I you want to join, please contact Peter Stratton for the EFTA Research Committee.
Consultez les projets de recherche d'EFTA. Si vous souhaitez vous impliquer dans un de ces projets, merci de contacter Peter Stratton au Comité de recherche.

Articles of EFTA members in various languages

Presidents' Breakfast at the AAMFT conference, Milwaukee, October 2014

Calendar of Events

  • Family Constellations Workshop. 15 November 2014, Nicosia (Cyprus).
  • Les secrets de famille. Quand et comment en parler? 24-25 novembre 2014, Lille (France). Informations
  • Etre adolescent au XXIe siècle: nouveaux contextes, nouvelles perspectives,  27-28 novembre 2014, Toulouse (France). Informations
  • L'intervenant et le thérapeute face au couple en difficulté: comment aider? 29 novembre 2014, Paris (France). Informations
  • Genre, sexe, identité sexuée. Comment se pose aujourd'hui la question de l'identité sexuelle?  5 décembre 2014, Genève (Suisse). Informations
  • L'expérience de la créativité, 5-6 décembre 2014, Bruxelles (Belgique). Informations
  • Confiance, estime de soi, optimisme, 11-12 décembre 2014, Lyon (France). Informations
  • Processi clinici tra vizi e virtù di pazienti e terapeuti : temi universali che ricorrono in psicoterapia, 27-28 marzo 2015, Padova (Italia). programma
  • Sex and attachment, coming together. 13-14 June 2015, New York City (USA). Information
  • 46th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research , 24-27June 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). Abstract Submission deadline: 5 December 2014.
  • 6th International Conference on Disabilities, 6-9 July 2015, Tel Aviv (Israel). Information
  • Social Systems and Family Systems between Crisis and Development, 16-17 October 2015, Milano (Italy). Information  Informazioni

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