Startup Edition: XVI - How do you turn your idea into a startup?

How do you turn your idea into a startup?

As entrepreneurs, new startup ideas come to us daily but how do you know which ones to pursue? Learn how these founders, marketers, and product people do it.

A litmus test for your idea

Nathan Kontny - Founder, Draft

Is my startup idea any good? Here's a simple test. read more

Got a Startup Idea? Ask These Questions First

Ryan Hoover - Director of Product, PlayHaven; Creator, Startup Edition

Before jumping into your next startup idea, ask yourself these two questions. They just might save you years and years of pain. read more

How to Choose a Startup Idea

Justin Mares - Director of Revenue, Airbrake

How do you narrow down your ideas? Competitive research is the easiest way to disqualify many of your ideas. This post will show you how. read more

Is Your Idea a Viable Business?

Teresa Torres - VP of Product, AfterCollege

It's fun to dream up new product ideas. But not all ideas should be products. And not all products make good businesses. How do you know which ideas to pursue and which should be left as fun what ifs? read more

Looking for Startup Ideas? First Pick the Market You Want to Serve

Kevin Dewalt - Founder,

People have many ways of coming up with startup ideas. The most successful approach for me has been to (1) pick the market I want to serve, and then (2) try to find a problem to solve for them. It has accelerated Customer Development, allowed me to use my time more efficiently, and made work more enjoyable. read more

Don't assume you can just hire a Sheryl

Karen Catlin - Co-Founder, Femgineer

Do you know how you're going to be operationally effective with your initial product offering? Hint: your plan should not be "We'll just hire a Sheryl." read more

Hobby, Science Experiment or Suicide: Where Does Your Startup Idea Lie?

Corey Gwin - Product Manager, Pokki

Want to know if your startup idea is worth pursuing? Ask yourself these three questions. read more

The Secret of Turning Your Idea Into a Startup

Sherman Lee - Founder, Good Sense

The biggest lesson I learned during that time: work on your product last. read more

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