August 2015

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No more hauling fees for PEI town after starting Geotube® sludge handling system

Hauling sludge was once a major expense for the small town of North Rustico, PEI, which trucked waste sludge up to three times per week to a neighbouring town for treatment and disposal. But when North Rustico commissioned its new SBR treatment plant in 2014, operators also started using an onsite Geotube® sludge handling system that captures, dewaters and composts sludge and eliminates the need for hauling. 

“We intend to use the composted solids from the Geotube® as landscape material,” said Allan Nisbit, operator at the North Rustico Wastewater Treatment Facility. Allan explained that the new plant is built on top of an old landfill; a five-acre site that couldn’t be used for any other purpose and offers plenty of space for distributing the solids. 

“We are very pleased with the Geotube® system; especially since it has helped us become self-sufficient for sludge handling and no longer have to pay hauling fees,” he said. 

The process is simple. Sludge from the plant, which treats incoming flows of about 300 m3/day during the summer, is pumped into two Geotube® containers positioned in a concrete lay down area. Polymer is also added to help separate water from the solids and prevent blockage of the pores in the Geotube® containers. As dewatering occurs, filtrate passes through the pores of the Geotube® containers, is collected inside the lay down area and directed back to the plant headworks for additional treatment. 

One additional Geotube® container is set up in a greenhouse during the winter months, enabling sludge to be pumped and dewatered year round. Outside, the other Geotube® containers freeze, but once thawed, they will release a significant amount of water and can often receive additional solids. Learn more about the benefits of freezing and thawing to Geotube® dewatering.

“Our Geotube® containers lost about half their volume in this past spring,” Allan said. “The height decreased by half, to about 15 inches. We’ve been pumping into them all summer and they are back up to about 30 inches again.” 

Learn more about Geotube® containers for sludge handling.

Contact us to discuss a Geotube® system for your wastewater treatment plant. 

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BioCord™ resilience tested in simulated wastewater plant outage

What happens to the biological processes in your wastewater treatment plant when everything stops… for a few days?

Despite the rarity of such an occurrence, prudent planners should understand how their treatment system will respond during and after power outages or equipment failure and what it takes to restart them. So, to test the resilience of BioCord™ reactors under failure conditions, we sabotaged our pilot system at the Renfrew Pollution Control Plant. 

A BioCord reactor is simply a modular frame that supports densely arranged strands of polymer fibres. These fibres provide a massive surface area for growth of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms that are ideal for enhancing secondary treatment process and maintaining regulatory compliance in activated sludge and lagoon systems—even in cold weather conditions. 

Earlier this summer, we shut off the power to our pilot system for several days; stopping aeration, feed pumps and circulation pumps. Over the next few days, BOD climbed to nearly 500 mg/L, TSS hit almost 2,000 mg/L and ammonia peaked at 7 mg/L. We also lost virtually all the biofilm that had grown on the BioCord reactor. It looked pretty bad. 

To restart it, all we did was turn the power on and watched what happened.

Within a week, the BioCord system had re-established a healthy, productive biofilm without any help from bioaugmentation or chemicals and was producing effluent that complied with permit requirements.

Our experiment shows BioCord can provide robust, self-regulating performance that can quickly recover from challenging conditions such as process upset or equipment failure. There’s no better way to achieve consistent, reliable wastewater plant performance without the high capital and operating costs of complex, mechanical systems. 

Learn more about simple, affordable BioCord reactors for wastewater treatment. 

Contact us to arrange a pilot study and see how BioCord reactors can improve treatment performance at your facility. 

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