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Mobile marketing takes off. Are you on board?

Mobile marketing is the latest frontier in marketing communications. Because so many people now browse and search for information on their smart phones, marketers should be considering mobile-specific tactics for building their brand and connecting with prospects. In other words, you might be able to find ways to “advertise” on your customer/prospect’s mobile phone, a place where many eyeballs hang out more than in front of TVs.

Some of the trending forms of mobile advertising consist of multi-dimensional display ads. These include web banners across the top of the mobile page and web posters across the bottom, with some banner ads including rich media (such as photos or video) and the ability to expand to provide more space for your message. Games can also be placed in banner ads for a fun, interactive user experience. Rich media also allows advertisers to run videos on a mobile web page or within a mobile application (called an in-app).

Regular text advertising, meanwhile, is estimated to account for more than 90 percent of mobile advertising worldwide. Other forms of marketing include in-game and mobile video advertising, and ads during mobile TV viewing. There are also full-screen interstitials, triggered by loading a website or a request of mobile content. Multi-media can also include audio advertisements, often in the form of a song, jingle or message in place of a standard ring back tone.

Performance measurements include impressions or views, click-through rates, conversion rates, and click-to-call rates. Ad space is sold on the basis of every one thousand views, click-through (cost per click) or action (cost per action).

Here are a few examples of new marketing options now being employed for mobile use.

    • AdWords Enhanced Campaigns have become tuned to mobile use by allowing you to reach people with a message tailored for their particular device, at a particular time and location, and allows you to manage your bids across all those variables. So, for example, you can bid higher for users on mobile devices who are in your market area.

    • Call Extensions allow you to include a click-to-call button in your mobile ad so users can call your business immediately and directly.

    • TrueView In-Stream ads let you reach users when they play videos on their mobile device. You only pay when the user chooses NOT to skip the ad.

    • Mobile Roadblock lets advertisers buy all available ad impressions on for a single day. No other ads can run anywhere else on the site for that day. More than 25 percent of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

A new era of multi-media mobile devices is definitely upon us and on track to surpass voice-intensive cell phones as the dominant medium of communication. There's no doubt about it: if you're marketing, you want to be mobile!

College reaches prospective students through the mobile route

TaigMarks recently completed a project for Goshen College that created a connection with high school students via their mobile devices. A special visual- and video-intensive website for these young mobile users was developed and then promoted through Google Ad Words, TV, cinema advertising, Pandora radio and direct mail. The site brings home the college's special features and outstanding success stories in an intimate, energy-filled presentation at, which was adapted from the desktop version to be appealing in the mobile format.

As a supplement to the college's regular website, engages students on mobile devices in the same way they are engaged by videos, games, photo sharing, music and the like. This distinctive presentation gives high school students an appealing taste of college life and the opportunities at Goshen College. Students can request more information and respond interactively to the site through a mobile-friendly form.

In our next issue we'll discuss concept vs. design and how they can help you communicate and build your brand (Until then visit: ).

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