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Mail to every household or business in a geographic area using Every Door Direct Mail®

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration or an idea starter to help your marketing program break out of the same old routine. That's what this is all about. Some ideas you’ll find here are big in scope, some are simple and just plain smart. File them away, then whip ‘em out when you need to concept a new project or impress the boss (that may be you) with a smart new tactic.

Here's a service offered by the U.S. Postal Service that you probably don't know about. If you want to reach a lot of people in a definable geographic area, such as a street(s), a town, a county, a zip code(s), etc. you can do this quite easily through direct mail without ever needing to develop or buy a mailing list.

If you have a retail business (consumers spend 85% of their disposable income within 5 miles of home), or a geographically defined customer base, the Every Door Direct Mail® service is truly a great resource. When you think about it, a postal worker visits virtually every business and household every day. This service takes advantage of that fact and here's basically how it works:

    •You define the people you want to reach in terms of streets, neighborhoods, etc.

    •You create the print pieces or packages you want to be delivered.

    •You give the pieces and the target information to the post office (and pay them per piece)

    •The post office delivers your marketing pieces to all households/businesses in the areas every mailbox on the route(s).

It's so simple, you don't need names or even addresses, yet everyone gets your marketing message.

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Effective direct mail can be as simple and affordable as post cards...if done well

At TaigMarks we have found that post cards offer businesses an affordable and effective way to reach any size database of potential customers. They are cheap to produce and relatively cheap to mail. However, there are a couple of things that must be done well.

First, although they are "cheap" as we've noted, post cards can't look cheap. Post cards are already perceived that way, so if you’re using them for marketing communications they need to reflect your brand with a strong message and an appealing visual design that both conveys quality and attracts attention.

Second, you need to deliver them to the right people. Assembling a well-targeted mailing list is half the job. With B2B sales, this includes targeting particular influencers and positions within a company and even customizing messages for different categories of contacts.

Champion Chair, a manufacturer of health care seating products, is a client of ours that has successfully used post cards, mailing them out four times a year and getting a noticeable sales bump with each mailing.

So start thinking about the different things you can do with a simple post card. You might be amazed at what you come up with!

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