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Internal public relations is also important

Companies rely on public relations to help establish a positive, personable and memorable association for their brand in the marketplace. However, companies often neglect to do the same thing with their employees. Internal public relations are also important, especially when it's critical to get employees on the same page in meeting internal goals.

This is especially true in the case of mergers and acquisitions, when combining different operating procedures, different cultures and different expectations. Fostering employee ownership in their jobs, setting common standards of quality and customer service, and effectively communicating expectations are tasks for internal public relations, along with maintaining high employee morale and motivation.

This could require, for one example, an internal website, where employees learn what's going on with different parts of the company and the vision and expectations the company has for each component of the business. Videos of management highlighting goals and expectations can be posted, along with other presentations and news that reflects the messages employees need to absorb and understand. Such a website can become a home where employees can feel connected to the company's vision and success.

So when you communicate, keep your employees in the loop as well. It will help everyone feel like they're on the same team pulling for the same goals.

Manufacturer builds successful team with employee-only website

One of our clients is a major manufacturer with a number of divisions across the country that had been obtained through various acquisitions. Each had its own specialties but little contact with each other. In addition, a difficult economy led to layoffs across the corporate spectrum. The company was faced with two challenges: How to improve morale among the employees, and how to get everyone on the same page as far as taking ownership in their individual jobs in finding ways to cut production costs while improving on quality and customer service.

We partnered to develop a plan that involved a mix of print and digital communications. This included print newsletters for all employees that were also enlarged as posters to put up around break areas and various exit and entryways.

Next came an employee-only website where management goals are more fully explained and re-emphasized with different examples. Employees could read news about each division, including positive changes, new contracts obtained, respond to employee surveys, and see how their division ranked with others in terms of meeting sales goals.

Most importantly, the corporate leadership made road trips to deliver personal presentations at each location, very frankly and clearly stating the company's financial situation and what each division needed to do to help the situation. These presentations were videotaped and then put on the employee website for all employees to watch.

As a result, the employees of all the divisions feel more included in the company's outlook on the present situation. A greater team ethic is developing, and employees better understand how their jobs connect to the company's goals. And the company has started achieving these goals!


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