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Optimize your website for mobile use

Smart phones are everywhere! Rapidly increasing by the millions each year, smart phones have become the dominant form of personal and business communications, and are literally putting the marketplace into each person’s hand.

Statistics show that at least 50 percent of mobile phone users use their phone as their primary or only Internet connection. Mobile web adoption is happening eight times faster than web adoption happened in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. So if you’re not reaching customers through their mobile phones, you are simply missing a lot of potential customers.

Accordingly, organizations are discovering that it’s not enough simply to have a good website. They need to adapt that website to the “small screen” in a form that people can easily read and manipulate on their smart phones. Websites can’t appear too small to read or too big to quickly access. It’s not the place to explode big graphics, but the place to present key information in a way that’s easy to access and review in the palm of a hand.

Marketers should remember that how people use the web on their phones is different than on their computer. Smart phone use often doesn’t happen in quiet settings. It happens with people on the move, in the middle of one thing or another. They need to get to what they’re looking for quickly… your site needs to open in about three seconds, according to one study … and then they need it in easily viewable and scrollable form.

Furthermore, if customers can’t easily find what they’re looking for on their smart phone, they are much less likely to access your site on their PC later. The key thing to realize is that your mobile phone presence is your web presence for an increasing share of your customers and projects.

Certain demographic groups present targeted marketing opportunities for your mobile presence as well. With more mobile device usage comes real-time analytic data. You can even tailor specific functions of your mobile site to better reach a desired audience segment where traditional media falls short.

So it pays to optimize your website for mobile use as part of your communications platform. For some organizations this can mean a whole new design for the mobile market. But more often it’s possible to use a “responsive” design that automatically reorganizes your website for viewing on a smart phone. Your brand and web identity will still shine through on the small screen. And you can certainly say that nothing puts you closer to your customers than being right in their pockets! For many marketers, mobile web may well be a growth opportunity like they’ve never had before.

TaigMarks adds mobile website

Talking about mobile websites, TaigMarks has just updated its website and launched a mobile version as well, created by our web developer and design staff. The opening screen shows a simple lineup of starting points, through which you can access information about our mission, our work, our clients, our staff and our location/contact info. Each of these five section titles opens to an easy top-to-bottom scroll through the content, photos and videos that highlight who we are and what we’ve done. An extra touch or two should access the information you’re looking for. If you’re not already on it, you can take out your phone and check

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