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Sometimes you just need a little inspiration or an idea starter to help your marketing program break out of the same old routine. That’s what this is all about.  Some ideas you’ll find here are big in scope, some are simple and just plain smart.  File them away, then whip ‘em out when you need to concept a new project or impress the boss (that may be you) with a smart new tactic.

iPhoto Book makes a
BIG custom impression

Okay, so we’re Mac biased and Mac photo books are excellent, but similar books can be produced on PCs (or Macs) at (see photo above).

If you want to make a big impression with one or a few important people it’s hard to beat the personalized impact you can make with a high quality hardcover photo book. But you’re not limited to photos; add any important messaging you desire and images are virtually unlimited; use any jpeg you want... charts, illustrations, logos, anything.

Simply decide who you need to talk to, devise the message you want to tell them and create the book on your computer, using available design templates. Be sure to include a call-to-action. Then order as many of the books as you want and have them shipped to you or direct to your target audience in good-looking packaging with a custom cover letter that makes you look good.

Use these handsome books to get attention of a prospective customer, to generate a high-powered proposal, or to reward an existing customer with a memento or keepsake that they won’t forget. We’ve done them all and it works.




Sometimes you build it and they don’t come. You may think you’ve given a client a great creative piece or a great strategy, and they don’t buy it. But we simply see that as part of doing our job.
    We expect some marketing pieces and out-of-the-box marketing strategies to end up in the bottom drawer. As long as we always give clients our best insights, our best talent, and our best, beyond-the-usual creativity, then it’s good to sometimes push a little beyond their comfort zone. But, of course, we usually have an alternative that does sneak through. In our view it’s better to be too aggressive in marketing our clients’ products, than being too wedded to the ordinary.
    Then again, digging through that bottom drawer from time to time we realize some pretty darn good work never sees the light of day. So, we figured that once in a while, we’ll pull them out, dust them off and show them off here in touchpoints.
Ad campaign pitch to
Canadian Club. Strategy: Target a younger consumer and update the brand essence.
Corporate vision piece for biomedical implant company.
Landing page promoting knowledge of alternative fuel, vehicle manufacturing.
Web portal for international fire fighting equipment company.

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